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DNF 1.0.2 Has Many Bug Fixes, Minor Enhancements

A new point release to DNF 1.0 is now available that addresses the feedback of the Fedora community now that Fedora 22 has been out there a while and forces Yum users over to using this next-generation package management solution.

22 July 2015 - DNF 1.0.2 - 3 Comments
Doing Fedora Snapshots/Rollbacks With Btrfs & Snapper

All the way back to Fedora 13 has been work on supporting Btrfs system snapshots / rollbacks using this Linux next-generation file-system's CoW snapshot abilities. Those abilities were tied into a Yum plug-in for making a Btrfs snapshot whenever a Yum transaction would take place. Another alternative for Btrfs system snapshots on Fedora is by using Snapper.

20 July 2015 - Fedora Btrfs Rollbacks - 6 Comments
Fedora Is Still Looking For A Diversity Advisor

Back in March there was the announcement of Fedora looking for a diversity advisor as a volunteer position to help promote diversity within this popular Linux distribution. Unfortunately it looks like their initial search didn't yield any suitable applicants so they're back to looking for more people interested in that position.

1 July 2015 - Volunteer For Diversity - 12 Comments
Btrfs By Default Will Likely Not Be Pursued For Fedora 23

Last year there was talk of Btrfs potentially becoming the default file-system in Fedora 23 based upon Btrfs developer and Facebook employee Josef Bacik's plans to push it for Fedora 23 to replace EXT4 as the default file-system. However, it doesn't look like that will happen.

23 June 2015 - Fedora 23 Btrfs - 18 Comments
Fedora's Blivet Partition Manager Is Getting A New GUI

Vojtech Trefny has been working on blivet-gui for more than one year as a storage and partition manager for Fedora. Blivet-GUI's design was originally inspired by the popular GParted interface while using the Blivet back-end library for storage management that's used by Fedora's Anaconda Installer. Blivet-GUI is now in process of having an overhauled user-interface.

18 June 2015 - Blivet-GUI - 4 Comments
Fedora 23 Moving Ahead With Its Python 3 Plans

While Python 3 aimed to be the default Python version installed in Fedora 22 (that in turn was carrying over work from Fedora 21), that didn't pan out and now for Fedora 23 they once again have the Py3 goal.

11 June 2015 - Python 3 By Default - 5 Comments
Fedy Fedora Utils 4.0.1 Released As Full GTK3 App To Configure Fedora

Last week Fedy, formally Fedora Utils, quietly released version 4.0.1. Fedy, for those not in-the-know, is a graphical program for configuring and installing third-party applications and repositories on the Fedora desktop. Using Fedy, software like Adobe Flash, Android Studio, libdvdcss, Google Chrome, multimedia codecs, Steam, Skype, and the Oracle JRE are only a click away.

8 June 2015 - Fedora Configuration - 12 Comments
"PulseAudio Is Still Awesome"

Paul Frields, the manager of Fedora Engineering and former Fedora Project Leader, has written a blog post today about how "PulseAudio is still awesome." While this common Linux sound server has a bit of a bad reputation, he wanted to share how great it's been doing and working out for his needs.

4 June 2015 - PulseAudio - 98 Comments
Future Plans For Changing Fedora's Installer

Over the last couple weeks there has been an "Anaconda Wishlist" thread occurring on Fedora's desktop mailing list. The thread, and the associated Workstation Working Group meeting, are directed at the future of the Fedora Anaconda Installer.

29 May 2015 - Fedora Anaconda Installer - 10 Comments
Fedora's "Fedup" To Be Replaced In Fedora 23

Fedup right now is the command for handling in-place Fedora upgrades from release-to-release and it's been around since Fedora 17. However, with the Fedora 23 release due out in late 2015, that utility will likely be replaced with a new version to handle upgrading to new releases.

28 May 2015 - Fedora Upgrader - 15 Comments

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