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Fedora 23 Is Now Cleared For Release

While Fedora 23 failed its Go/No-Go meeting yesterday, at today's meeting this next installment of Red Hat's Fedora Linux was cleared to be released next week.

30 October 2015 - Fedora 23 - 7 Comments
Fedora 23 Met By Another "No-Go" Today

While Fedora 23 had been running on-time this development cycle while still being a feature-packed release, it's hit some snags at the last milestone. Last week a one-week delay of Fedora 23 was announced for bug-fixing, and now at today's go/no-go meeting, another no-go came up.

29 October 2015 - Fedora 23 NO-GO - 4 Comments
Fedora 23 Has Just Been Delayed By One Week

While Fedora 23 was looking good for doing an on-time release compared to some of their notorious delays of past releases, at the final go/no-go meeting it was decided to postpone the official release.

22 October 2015 - Fedora 23 - 13 Comments
Python 3.5 Planned For Fedora 24

Python 3.5 was released earlier this month with new functionality. Unfortunately, Python 3.5 is too late for Fedora 23 but is being planned for Fedora 24.

29 September 2015 - Python 3.5 - 3 Comments
Fedora's Flock 2015 Videos Posted

If you're curious what's on the horizon within the Fedora Linux camp, the videos from this year's Flock conference are now available online.

27 August 2015 - Flock 2015 - 2 Comments

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