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Has Power Management Improved With The Updates To Fedora 23?

Yesterday I posted some of benchmarks of Fedora 23 with available stable updates along with enabling the Rawhide Nodebug repository for easy access to the Linux 4.6 Git kernel. Those numbers weren't terribly interesting, but is it any better on the power consumption front with these kernel upgrades for a Lenovo ThinkPad ultrabook?

29 March 2016 - Fedora 23 Updates - 9 Comments
Fedora's Rawhide Nodebug Kernel Is Now On Linux 4.6

Here are some tests of Fedora 23, Fedora 23 with all available stable release updates that currently takes it to Linux 4.4 and Mesa 11.1, along with enabling the Fedora Rawhide Nodebug repository where an early Git snapshot of Linux 4.6 is present.

28 March 2016 - Fedora 23 Updates Tests - 2 Comments
The Wayland Issues Still Ahead Of Fedora 24

Back in January was a look at How Close Fedora Is To Switching To Wayland By Default while this week is an update about the issues still blocking Wayland from becoming the default for the next Fedora Linux release.

19 February 2016 - Fedora 24 Wayland Issues - 16 Comments
Fedora 24 Will Likely Be Delayed

While we are not even up to the alpha release yet of Fedora 24, there's a call to already push back the entire schedule by up to a few weeks.

7 January 2016 - Fedora 24 Potential Delay - 11 Comments

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