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Fedora 27 Looks To Add 32-bit UEFI Support

While Fedora was among the first Linux distributions shipping with UEFI support, it's only been supported with 64-bit UEFI as is the vast majority of the systems out there capable of. But there remains a minority of systems with 64-bit CPUs that only support 32-bit UEFI and Fedora 27 is looking to finally support that combination.

6 July 2017 - Fedora 32-bit UEFI - 20 Comments
Fedora 27 Aiming To Drop Out Alpha Releases

In a similar effort to Ubuntu itself not issuing alpha/beta releases the past few years as they focused on the quality of their daily ISOs instead, Fedora developers have been discussing a similar maneuver of beginning to drop alpha releases from their schedule.

20 February 2017 - Fedora 27 No Alphas - 13 Comments

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