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Compiz 0.8.10 Released

Following the in-fighting over the future of Compiz that happened back in November, Scott Moreau has proclaimed the release this week of Compiz v0.8.10.

9 January 2015 - Compiz 0.8.10 - 21 Comments
There's New In-Fighting Over The Future Of Compiz

Unless you're a user of Ubuntu with Unity 7, you probably haven't heard much about Compiz in quite some time. However, some developers are looking to further revive its development but not everyone is in agreement.

24 November 2014 - Compiz 0.8 - 31 Comments
The DDE 2.0 Desktop Is Looking Nice

This weekend marked the release of Deepin Linux 2014 along with the Deepin Desktop Environment 2.0 release that's powered using HTML5. In my testing of the release today, it's been working fairly well and is proving to be quite interesting.

6 July 2014 - Deepin Desktop - 21 Comments
LXQt Now Has Full Qt5 Support

The "LXQt" desktop that's a Qt version of the lightweight LXDE desktop can now be compiled using Qt5 where as previously there were still Qt4 dependencies.

30 June 2014 - LXQt - 76 Comments

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