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UBports' Fork Of Unity 8 Plans To Eventually Get On Wayland

UBports is one of the leading teams right now planning a fork of the Unity 8 desktop now that it's being abandoned by Canonical. While a lead Mir developer hopes Mir will stick around and see compatibility with Wayland and Mark continues to believe in Mir, the UBports team is looking at getting Unity 8 on Wayland.

9 April 2017 - UBports Unity 8 - 40 Comments
Gentoo Developer: Is The Linux Desktop Less Secure Than Windows 10?

Gentoo Linux developer Hanno Böck, who also writes for Golem and runs The Fuzzing Project as a software fuzzing initiative to find issues in software, presented today at FOSDEM 2017 over some Linux desktop security shortcomings and how Microsoft Windows 10 is arguably more secure out-of-the-box.

5 February 2017 - Linux Security Holes - 68 Comments
Budgie Desktop To Begin Decoupling From GNOME, Will Use Qt

The Solus desktop environment has delivered innovations on a number of fronts, including its work on the Budgie desktop that has a growing following. While Budgie Desktop started off as being based upon GNOME, now the developers are working to decouple from GNOME and begin making use of the Qt tool-kit.

24 January 2017 - Budgie Desktop 11 - 92 Comments

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