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Gentoo Developer: Is The Linux Desktop Less Secure Than Windows 10?

Gentoo Linux developer Hanno Böck, who also writes for Golem and runs The Fuzzing Project as a software fuzzing initiative to find issues in software, presented today at FOSDEM 2017 over some Linux desktop security shortcomings and how Microsoft Windows 10 is arguably more secure out-of-the-box.

5 February 2017 - Linux Security Holes - 68 Comments
Budgie Desktop To Begin Decoupling From GNOME, Will Use Qt

The Solus desktop environment has delivered innovations on a number of fronts, including its work on the Budgie desktop that has a growing following. While Budgie Desktop started off as being based upon GNOME, now the developers are working to decouple from GNOME and begin making use of the Qt tool-kit.

24 January 2017 - Budgie Desktop 11 - 92 Comments
Cinnamon 3.2 Desktop Officially Released

Earlier this month we wrote when Cinnamon 3.2 was tagged in Git while now finally the Linux Mint developers have formally announced this next version of their GNOME3-derived desktop.

21 November 2016 - Cinnamon 3.2 - 8 Comments
Cinnamon 3.2 Desktop Arrives

For fans of Linux Mint's Cinnamon Desktop Environment, the latest Cinnamon 3.2 release was tagged today in preparation for Linux Mint 18.1 shipping later this year.

7 November 2016 - Cinnamon 3.2 - 22 Comments
More Details On Enlightenment's Ecore_Drm2 Atomic Modesetting

Back in September the Enlightenment project's EFL library added atomic mode-setting and nuclear page-flipping support to provide a "perfect rendering" and a "buttery smooth" experience. Earlier this month was then an update on the Ecore_Drm2 state while coming out this week is a Samsung OSG blog post explaining more about the atomic mode-setting details.

27 October 2016 - Ecore_Drm2 Atomic Nuclear - 6 Comments
TigerVNC 1.7 Released

TigerVNC 1.7 was released today as the newest version of this open-source, high-performance, cross-platform VNC implementation.

8 September 2016 - TigerVNC - 17 Comments
Pithos 1.2 Improves The Open-Source/Linux Pandora Desktop Experience

Chances are if you've ever dealt with Pandora music streaming from the Linux desktop you've encountered Pithos as the main open-source solution that works out quite well. Released today was Pithos 1.2 and it ships with numerous enhancements for this GPLv3-licensed Pandora desktop client.

28 July 2016 - Pithos 1.2.0 - 5 Comments

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