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Librem 15 Rev2 To Ship With Coreboot

Following the guest post this past weekend about Purism's Librem laptop remaining "blobbed up", the crowd-funded company has put out new information.

30 July 2015 - Librem Coreboot Talk - 6 Comments
Coreboot Ported To A ~$30 AMD AM1 Motherboard

For those searching for a low-cost system/motherboard for experimenting with Coreboot, there's another new AMD motherboard that now works with Coreboot's upstream Git code. The board costs only about $30 USD and works with all modern AMD AM1 processors.

10 April 2015 - Biostar AM1ML - 20 Comments
Chromebooks Powered By The MIPS Pistachio, Linux Support Evolving

While Google Chromebooks up to this point have tended to be ARM-based along with some using low-power Atom x86 SoCs, it appears Imagination Technologies is working towards some MIPS design wins for these Internet-focused devices. Imagination has been working on MIPS improvements within Coreboot as a ChromeOS partner.

21 March 2015 - MIPS Pistachio - 10 Comments
The Binary Blobs Making Up Coreboot

While recently modern Intel hardware is negatively talked about the most when it comes to needing binary blobs / binary-only microcode to work with the open-source Coreboot, other hardware can be problematic too.

1 March 2015 - Coreboot Blobs - 16 Comments
Coreboot Ported To Another Lenovo ThinkPad

While Coreboot is most commonly used by Google Chromebooks, an increasing number of Lenovo ThinkPad laptops are becoming compatible with Coreboot for initializing and booting the system with open-source software.

3 January 2015 - ThinkPad - 7 Comments
Broadwell Support Marching Along For Coreboot

For months now there's been Coreboot developers working on Intel Broadwell support (primarily from Google and focused on future Chromebook support). With the start of the new year and hopefully seeing more Broadwell hardware on the market soon, that support is coming along in Coreboot.

1 January 2015 - Broadwell - 1 Comment

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