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OpenMP 4.1 Morphs Into OpenMP 4.5

While there's been a draft specification of OpenMP 4.1 out for public review since July and compiler developers have already been implementing OpenMP 4.1 support, this next version of the API for parallel programming is now going to be called OpenMP 4.5.

16 October 2015 - OpenMP 4.5 - Add A Comment
Why Samsung's Open-Source Group Likes The LLVM Clang Compiler

Samsung is just one of many companies that has grown increasingly fond of the LLVM compiler infrastructure and Clang C/C++ front-end. Clang is in fact the default compiler for native applications on their Tizen platform, but they have a whole list of reasons why they like this compiler.

13 October 2015 - Samsung Clang - Add A Comment
LLVM Is Pursuing A Community Code of Conduct

While the LLVM community tends to be very respectful to one another and I'm having a hard time thinking of when things have ever gotten out of hand in their mailing list discussions, they are now pursuing a Community Code of Conduct.

13 October 2015 - LLVM Code of Conduct - 22 Comments
Julia Language 0.4 Released

Julia, the high-performance, high-level technical computing programming language written against LLVM, has made it to version 0.4.

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Rogue Wave Software Acquires PHP's Zend

A month out from the launch of PHP 7, Rogue Wave Software has announced they've acquired Zend Technologies, the main company behind PHP for the enterprise.

6 October 2015 - Roge Wave Buys Out Zend Tech - 8 Comments
LLVM 3.7.1 Release Planned For Next Month

Tom Stellard of AMD has once again stepped up to maintain stable point releases of the LLVM compiler stack. He's laid out his plans now for doing minor updates to LLVM 3.7.

5 October 2015 - LLVM 3.7.1 + LLVM 3.7.2 - Add A Comment
An AVR Backend To LLVM Is Working Towards Being Mainlined

Earlier this month was an inquiry to upstream LLVM developers about including an Atmel AVR back-end in the mainline repository, which up to now has been developed out of tree. LLVM developers are now discussing this back-end and it's looking like it may be added once reviewed.

30 September 2015 - LLVM AVR - Add A Comment
Yeppp: A High-Performance Math Library

Yeppp! is a very fast vector math library that works with a variety of programming languages, designed to work on a vast array of hardware across multiple architectures, and with that is designed to be super fast.

17 September 2015 - Yeppp - 10 Comments

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