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Xamarin's 2016 Conference Starts, Open-Source SDK Available

As most Phoronix readers will certainly recall, Microsoft bought out Xamarin, the company co-founded by Miguel de Icaza and focused around Mono technologies, and last month announced they would open-source the Xamarin SDK. Microsoft is making good on their word this week.

27 April 2016 - Xamarin Open-Source SDK - 9 Comments
PHP's Composer 1.0 Released

For anyone developing with PHP for any length of time you've likely encountered Composer as a dependency management solution for PHP.

5 April 2016 - PHP Composer - Add A Comment
The State Of C++1z In LLVM / Clang

For those curious about the state of C++11 / C++14 / C++1z features in LLVM's Clang compiler, engineers from Google and Qualcomm have a brief yet nice overview of the recent additions to the C++ programming language and the current support state within Clang.

5 April 2016 - C++ Features - 19 Comments
Google's Lanai Backend Merged Into LLVM

Last month Google engineers posted patches to LLVM for "Lanai", an in-house (apparently network/communications oriented) processor as they were looking to upstream the code. This raised some concerns over Google looking to upstream the code when those outside of the search giant can't even benefit from the code due to the hardware not being public and other concerns, but nevertheless, the code was merged today.

28 March 2016 - Google Lanai - Add A Comment
LLVM Clang's OpenMP 4.x Support Continues Maturing

With LLVM Clang 3.7 came full support for OpenMP 3.1 at long last but with OpenMP 4.5 being the latest spec, Intel and others involved with the Clang OpenMP initiative haven't let up and continue working towards supporting the latest OpenMP 4.x interfaces.

3 March 2016 - Clang OpenMP 4 - Add A Comment

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