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GCC 7 To Have Better Test Coverage, Unit Testing

Red Hat developer David Malcolm has shared the work he's been doing on improving the GCC compiler's internal testing to ensure the GNU Compiler Collection is working as anticipated and is generating correct code.

14 February 2017 - GNU Compiler Collection - Add A Comment
LLVM 4.0 RC2 Steps Up

The second release candidate to the forthcoming LLVM 4.0 compiler stack and Clang 4.0 C/C++ compiler front-end are now available.

10 February 2017 - LLVM 4.0 RC2 - Add A Comment
GCC 7.0 Lands The BRIG Frontend For AMD's HSA

GCC 7 moved on to only bug/documentation fixes but an exception was granted to allow the BRIG front-end to land for AMD's HSA support in this year's GNU Compiler Collection update. As of this morning, the BRIG front-end has merged.

24 January 2017 - BRIG Front-End - 5 Comments
LLVM 4.0 Release Candidate 1

Hans Wennborg of Google, serving as the LLVM release manager, has announced the tagging of the first release candidate of the forthcoming LLVM 4.0.

18 January 2017 - LLVM 4.0 - 6 Comments
Google Developers Experiment With Plumbing Dartlang Into LLVM

It's been a while since last hearing much excitement around Google's Dart programming language that's an alternative to JavaScript. This ECMA-approved language is now being used with IoT devices, can still be source-to-source compiled for JavaScript, and the latest is that the Google developers have been experimenting with wiring it into LLVM.

17 January 2017 - Dart LLVM - 9 Comments
Jamey Sharp On Whether You Should Translate Your Code To Rust

Often times whenever mentioning a new security vulnerability in any piece of open-source/Linux software, it generally gets brought up in our forums "they should write that software in Rust" or similar comments about how XYZ project should see a rewrite in Rust for its memory-safety features. But is it really worthwhile porting your codebase to Rust?

3 January 2017 - C To Rust? - 79 Comments
NewGVN Merged Into LLVM

The long in-development "NewGVN" code to provide a new global value numbering (GVN) algorithm within the LLVM code-base has been merged to master.

26 December 2016 - LLVM NewGVN - Add A Comment
LLVM 3.9.1 Released

For those nervous about using LLVM Git/SVN of the current 4.0 development code but looking to have the latest fixes atop the stable LLVM 3.9 series, the LLVM 3.9.1 point release is now available.

23 December 2016 - LLVM 3.9.1 - Add A Comment
LLVM Confirms Its New Major Version Bumping Scheme

LLVM developers are moving ahead with their new versioning scheme where they will always be bumping the major version component with each six-month release. Thus LLVM 4.0 and LLVM 5.0 are expected in 2017.

15 December 2016 - LLVM 4, LLVM 5, LLVM 6 - Add A Comment

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