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Tumblr Is The Latest Company Boasting About PHP7 Performance

We've talked a lot on Phoronix about PHP 7 due to the mighty impressive performance improvements found in this major update that was released at the end of last year. Many companies have blogged about their positive performance experiences in upgrading to PHP7, many of which we've shared on Phoronix, and Tumblr is now the latest company to boast about their migration from PHP5 to PHP7.

11 November 2016 - PHP 7 Performance - 41 Comments
Corrode Making Progress On Translating C To Rust

Jamey Sharp, the developer known for some of his past contributions to X.Org, has been hacking a lot lately on his latest project: Corrode. This project is about automatically converting C source files into Rust.

2 November 2016 - Corrode Rust - 30 Comments
LLVM Still Looking At Migration To GitHub

For the past number of months the LLVM project has been considering a move from their SVN-based development process to Git with a focus on GitHub. That effort continues moving forward.

24 October 2016 - LLVM Git - 13 Comments
OpenBSD Founder Calling For LLVM To Face A Cataclysm Over Its Re-Licensing

For over one year there's been talk of LLVM pursuing a mass relicensing from its University of Illinois/NCSA Open Source License, which is similar to the three-clause BSD license, to the Apache 2.0 license with explicit mention of GPLv2 compatibility. As mentioned in that aforelinked article, this re-licensing is moving ahead. OpenBSD leader Theo de Raadt is predicting this could cause a major problem and is in fact hoping for it.

28 September 2016 - LLVM License Woes - 51 Comments
LLVM Cauldron 2016 Videos, Slides Published

The inaugural LLVM Cauldron conference happened earlier this month ahead of the GNU Tools Cauldron in Hebden Bridge, UK. All of the slides and videos from this latest LLVM conference are now available.

26 September 2016 - LLVM Cauldron - Add A Comment
LLVM Still Pursuing Apache 2.0 License + GPLv2 Compatibility

It's been a while since last talking about the discussions among LLVM developers about re-licensing the project. The re-licensing is moving forward and they are settling on the Apache 2.0 license plus explicitly stating compatibility with GPLv2.

19 September 2016 - LLVM License - 12 Comments

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