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Compiler News Archives

SafeStack Merged Into LLVM To Protect Against Stack Buffer Overflow Attacks

SafeStack was merged into LLVM this month as a new form of protection against stack-based memory corruption errors. The SafeStack pass for LLVM adds in protection against stack-based buffer overflows without causing any significant performance penalty.
28 June 2015 - LLVM SafeStack

Rust 1.1 Sharply Improves Compile Times

Rust 1.1 was released today as stable while Rust 1.2 has entered beta.
25 June 2015 - Rust 1.1

Eclipse 4.5 "Mars" Adds Docker Support, Early Java 9 Support

The Mars release (v4.5) of Eclipse is now available as the tenth annual release train. Eclipse Mars brings many new features to this popular, cross-platform integrated development environment.
24 June 2015 - Eclipse Mars

LLVM 3.7 Penciled In For A Late August Release

Hans Wennborg of Google's Chromium team is taking up the release management roles for LLVM 3.7 and has laid out his plans for releasing it at the end of August.
22 June 2015 - LLVM 3.7 Release Schedule

Kernel Address Sanitizer Comes To LLVM's Clang

LLVM's Clang C/C++ compiler now has initial Kernel Address Sanitizer support.
19 June 2015 - KASan

WebAssembly LLVM Backend Being Discussed

A WebAssembly back-end has been proposed for LLVM. WebAssembly is a new virtual ISA designed to run compiled code within web browsers.
17 June 2015 - LLVM WebAssembly

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed Switching Over To GCC 5.1.1

The current stable version of GCC 5, GCC 5.1.1, has been added to openSUSE Factory and in turn will see all packages rebuilt against this new compiler and this will become the default compiler in the openSUSE Tumbleweed snashot due out later in the week.
16 June 2015 - Tumbleweed GCC5

AMD GPU LLVM Back-End Renamed From R600 To AMDGPU

Last year upstream developers decided to rename the R600 AMD GPU LLVM back-end to "AMDGPU" and that move finally happened... But not to be confused with the new AMDGPU Linux kernel DRM driver.
13 June 2015 - R600 To AMDGPU

BPF Goes Through With Becoming An Official LLVM Back-End

Earlier this week I wrote about the BPF back-end seeking a promotion in LLVM to officially become a first-class back-end. The feedback was positive and now for LLVM 3.7 the BPF back-end is official.
10 June 2015 - BPF Kernel VM

BPF Proposed To Become A First-Class Backend In LLVM

When it comes to taking advantage of the Linux kernel's (e)BPF in-kernel virtual machine, LLVM has served as the compiler of choice for targeting this virtual machine
8 June 2015 - BFP LLVM

Apple To Open-Source & Support Linux With Its Swift Programming Language

Besides announcing OS X El Capitan, Apple announced today from their WWDC event that their Swift programming language will be open-sourced and they intend to support it on Linux too.
8 June 2015 - Apple Swift Language

GCC 4.9 vs. GCC 5.1 vs. GCC 6.0 SVN Compiler Benchmarks

Here's some new GCC compiler benchmarks on Linux x86_64 for your viewing pleasure this weekend.
7 June 2015 - GCC Linux Benchmarks

A Heterogeneous Execution Engine Might Make Its Way To LLVM

An intern from Qualcomm's Innovation Center has been designing a heterogeneous execution engine for LLVM that he's hoping to eventually upstream within the LLVM project.
5 June 2015 - LLVM Heterogeneous Computing

GCC's JIT Library Could Soon Be Around 5x Faster

David Malcom, the developer at Red Hat who has been spearheading the work on libgccjit, is making some progress on speeding up this embeddedable JIT compiler for the GNU Compiler Collection.
2 June 2015 - libgccjit

PyPy 2.6 Released, ~7x Faster Than CPython

Version 2.6 of the PyPy JIT-compiler-based interpreter for Python has been released. With PyPy 2.6 there's some Python compatibility improvements along with Numpy improvements and preliminary support for a new lightweight stats profiler.
1 June 2015 - Python

LLVM 3.7 Is Planned For A Late August Release

Hans Wennborg of Google has laid out plans for releasing LLVM 3.7 at the end of August.
26 May 2015 - LLVM 3.7

LLVM 3.6.1 Brings R600 & MIPS Fixes

The first point release to the LLVM 3.6 compiler stack is now available.
26 May 2015 - LLVM 3.6.1

AMD & Others Are Working On The LLVM SPIR-V Converter

AMD is among the companies working on adding a reader/writer for SPIR-V within LLVM.
25 May 2015 - SPIRV Reader + Writer

GCC 6 Gets Support For The IBM z13 Mainframe Server

The latest GNU Compiler Collection code now has proper optimization targeting/tuning support for the IBM z13.
23 May 2015 - GCC z13

Using The New LLVM/Clang OpenMP Support

As of this month, the mainline code for LLVM and Clang finally have complete OpenMP support (currently against the OMP 3.1 specification).
22 May 2015 - OpenMP 3.1

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