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FreeBSD Is Trying To Figure Out If Anyone Uses Its VGL Graphics Library

FreeBSD VGL provides a library for accessing graphics modes and carrying out basic drawing operations atop its syscons console driver. Not only is basic graphics output on a virtual console supported by libvgl, but mouse input is too handled. However, not many people seem to be using this library.

21 June 2016 - FreeBSD VGL - 42 Comments
LibreSSL 2.4 Released

It's been a while since last hearing anything out of the LibreSSL camp, but a new version is now available.

1 June 2016 - LibreSSL 2.4 - Add A Comment
FreeBSD Is Pursuing A Compatibility Layer To Make It Easier To Run Linux DRM Drivers

While for years developers working on FreeBSD have been porting DRM/KMS driver changes from the Linux kernel over to their kernel, they have trailed greatly behind the mainline Linux kernel driver state due to the amount of changes they have been making to the driver when re-basing it against a new Linux kernel release. Now they are pursuing a new approach of using a compatibility layer where they hope to be able to more closely follow the upstream Linux DRM/KMS drivers.

12 May 2016 - FreeBSD DRM KMS - 43 Comments
DragonFlyBSD's Intel DRM/KMS Driver Now On Par With Linux 4.3

While the FreeBSD's Intel kernel DRM/KMS driver is still dating back to the Linux 3.x kernel days and the state of other BSD distributions vary when it comes to their DRM/KMS support, DragonFlyBSD continues moving forward with their DRM/KMS driver porting from the Linux kernel. Their i915 DRM driver now is based off the relatively recent Linux 4.3 kernel.

6 May 2016 - i915 DRM - 14 Comments

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