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BSD News Archives

PC-BSD 10.1.2 Brings New PersonaCrypt Utility

PC-BSD 10.1.2 was released today as the latest quarterly update to the FreeBSD-derived operating system.
18 May 2015 - PC-BSD 10.1.2

DragonFlyBSD Now Supports Encrypted SWAP

For DragonFlyBSD users out there, the swap device with the latest Git kernel can now be encrypted.
17 May 2015 - DragonFlyBSD SWAP

Broadwell Graphics, HDMI 4K & Other Features Land In DragonFlyBSD

Earlier this month we wrote about DragonFlyBSD having experimental Broadwell graphics support and now this updated DRM driver code has landed in the BSD distribution. Besides supporting the new Intel Broadwell HD/Iris Graphics, there's also a number of other new features.
10 May 2015 - DragonFlyBSD DRM Update

GhostBSD 10.1 Beta Adds Vim To The Default Software Collection

The first beta of GhostBSD 10.1, the desktop-focused distribution using the FreeBSD kernel with MATE Desktop Environment, is now available.
7 May 2015 - GhostBSD 10.1

Experimental DragonFlyBSD Code Adds Broadwell Graphics

DragonFlyBSD developers continue porting over code from the Linux kernel's i915 DRM driver for supporting newer Intel graphics features on BSD. The latest work is for matching the DragonFlyBSD's ported Intel driver up through the code found in the Linux 3.14 kernel.
4 May 2015 - DragonFlyBSD Intel DRM - 6 Comments

PC-BSD Works Out Big Improvements For Its Lumina Desktop

PC-BSD developers have worked out some May Day releases of the first release candidate to PC-BSD 10.1.2 and they've also released a new version of their custom Lumina Desktop.
1 May 2015 - PC-BSD + Lumina - 3 Comments

OpenBSD 5.7 Released, Finally Brings USB 3.0 Support

OpenBSD developers are celebrating May Day by releasing OpenBSD 5.7, as previously planned.
1 May 2015 - OpenBSD 5.7

Microsoft's CoreCLR Now Works On FreeBSD

It was back in February that Microsoft open-sourced CoreCLR, the execution engine of the core .NET stack. Besides coming to Linux and other platforms, this MIT-licensed engine has now been ported and is working for FreeBSD.
24 April 2015 - CoreCLR .NET FreeBSD - 14 Comments

FreeBSD's Pkg 1.5.0 Released, Brings Initial Ports To OS X & NetBSD

The FreeBSD pkg tool for binary package management has been upgraded to pkg v1.5.0. The pkg 1.5 release brings with it a number of exciting imporvements.
14 April 2015 - pkg 1.5.0 - 6 Comments

DragonFlyBSD Updates Its ACPICA Implementation

DragonFlyBSD developers have updated their ACPI power management implementation against Intel's ACPICA code as of yesterday.
9 April 2015 - ACPICA

OpenBSD 5.7 Is Less Than One Month Out & Finally Has USB 3.0

OpenBSD 5.7 is planned for release in less than one month and it will be presenting a number of new features for this security-minded BSD operating system.
6 April 2015 - OpenBSD 5.7

AMD Catalyst Might Be Coming To FreeBSD

AMD tech support has allegedly confirmed that Catalyst is being ported to FreeBSD.
4 April 2015 - Catalyst On BSD? - 18 Comments

PC-BSD Updates Its Lumina Desktop (v0.8.3)

The PC-BSD developers responsible for their new Lumina desktop environment have released a new version of their custom interface.
31 March 2015 - Lumina Desktop

HAMMER2 Gets A Man Page

The HAMMER2 file-system has been slow to mature since being announced three years ago, but now at least there's a man page for HAMMER2.
28 March 2015 - HAMMER2 FS - 11 Comments

GhostBSD 10.1 Now In Alpha For A FreeBSD-Powered MATE Desktop

The first alpha release of GhostBSD 10.1 is now available, which is based on PC-BSD and FreeBSD. This BSD operating system also desires to deliver a first-rate desktop experience while setting it apart is the use of the GNOME2-forked MATE desktop environment by default.
19 March 2015 - GhostBSD 10.1 - 2 Comments

OpenBSD Sucks? Thoughts From One Of Their Developers

AsiaBSDCon 2015 happened last week in Tokyo, Japan. Besides learning about OpenBSD's custom-built HTTP/web server, there was also a presentation entitled "OpenBSD Sucks" by one of the OpenBSD developers.
18 March 2015 - "OpenBSD Sucks" - 24 Comments

OpenBSD's Custom HTTP Web Server Is Set To Replace Nginx

With the upcoming release of OpenBSD 5.7 in May, nginx is being removed from the OpenBSD base package set in favor of using OpenBSD's own, home-grown web-server by default.
17 March 2015 - OpenBSD 5.7 - 11 Comments

FreeBSD Now Supports DisplayLink Adapters

The FreeBSD kernel finally has support for USB-based DisplayLink graphics adapters.
14 March 2015 - DisplayLink On BSD

NetBSD Now Supports The Raspberry Pi 2

The latest BSD operating system now supporting the Raspberry Pi 2 is NetBSD.
10 March 2015 - RPi2 On NetBSD - 8 Comments

PC-BSD 10.1.2 To Add Tor Mode, LibreSSL & Other Features

The PC-BSD developers have shared some of the upcoming features for their next release, PC-BSD 10.1.2. While it's just a point release on top of FreeBSD, PC-BSD continues adding a lot of interesting, desktop-oriented innovations to their BSD distribution.
4 March 2015 - PC-BSD 10.1.2 Features - 10 Comments

269 BSD news articles published on Phoronix.
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