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AMD News Archives

AMD Catalyst 15.5 Beta Linux Driver Surfaces

AMD is finally out with a big Catalyst Linux driver update!
2 June 2015 - Catalyst 15.5 For Linux

The Latest AMD APU Linux System Being Added To The Farm

Another AMD APU box is being added to the LinuxBenchmarking.com automated Linux performance test farm in the basement makeover server room.
30 May 2015 - AMD Linux Setup

For AMD Users, Linux 4.2 Will Bring The New AMDGPU Driver & VCE1 For Radeon

Alex Deucher of AMD has filed his main pull request today for the Radeon DRM driver updates to be integrated in the upcoming Linux 4.2 kernel.
28 May 2015 - Linux 4.2 Radeon DRM Pull

AMD Teases Upcoming Radeon "Fiji" GPU Launch

Today AMD posted a new video entitled "It's Coming..." to tease their upcoming graphics processor launch.
28 May 2015 - Radeon Fiji

AMD Launches The A10-7870K "Godavari" APU

To no surprise, this morning AMD officially announced the AMD A10-7870K "Godavari" as the new high-end APU.
28 May 2015 - AMD Godavari

AMD's HSA Driver - AMDKFD - To See More Improvements In Linux 4.2

Besides Intel DRM updates landing today in DRM-Next for eventual merging into the Linux 4.2 kernel, AMD landed some changes to their HSA kernel driver named AMDKFD.
19 May 2015 - AMDKFD Linux 4.2

AMDGPU Open-Source Driver Code Continues Maturing

Nearly one month ago AMD published the open-source code to their new "AMDGPU" kernel driver and the necessary user-space driver changes too. That code is continuing to mature for the Linux 4.2 kernel and for supporting the RadeonSI Gallium3D driver that code is continuing to be polished.
17 May 2015 - AMDGPU

AMD Forms A Tiger Team For Catalyst Improvements, Including Linux

I've found out from various people in the know that AMD has assembled a "tiger team" to tackle outstanding Catalyst driver issues. This tiger team isn't Linux specific, but Linux driver issues will be fully evaluated and tackled by this new group of driver specialists.
13 May 2015 - AMD Catalyst Tiger Team

AMD Releases Open-Source VCE 1.0 Support

AMD has gone back and managed to provide open-source Linux users with support for the VCE 1.0 video encode engine.
12 May 2015 - AMD VCE

AMD Radeon GPUs With Linux 4.0 + Mesa 10.6-devel

On Friday I posted the results showing Ubuntu 15.04 Offers Faster OpenGL For AMD Radeon GPUs On Open-Source. For those wishing to run with a slightly newer kernel and Mesa driver stack, here are fresh open-source AMD Radeon benchmark results with Linux 4.0 and Mesa 10.6-devel.
26 April 2015 - Extra Benchmarks - 33 Comments

AMD FP3 Motherboard Ported To Coreboot

Another AMD motherboard has been ported to work under Coreboot.
25 April 2015 - AMD FP3 - 8 Comments

TearFree Option Lands In xf86-video-ati Git

As a quick follow-up to yesterday's article about a new TearFree option for the Radeon X.Org driver as the latest effort to eliminate tearing, that feature is now in Git.
22 April 2015 - No Tearing - 21 Comments

AMDKFD HSA Linux Driver Improvements Land Today

For those not too busy discussing and digging through the new open-source AMDGPU kernel driver that was published yesterday, out today are some new patches for AMDKFD, the HSA Linux kernel driver.
21 April 2015 - AMDKFD - 2 Comments

AMD's New Carrizo Graphics PCI IDs

With yesterday's release of the new open-source "AMDGPU" Linux graphics driver stack we finally have a look at some of the hardware enablement code for the graphics processors of the upcoming "Carrizo" APUs.
21 April 2015 - Iceland + Carrizo - 5 Comments

AMD Open-Sources "Addrlib" From Catalyst

As part of AMD finally releasing the AMDGPU kernel driver yesterday along with initial Iceland/Carrizo/Tonga support in Gallium3D, they also open-sourced a component formerly within the Catalyst proprietary driver.
21 April 2015 - addrlib - 26 Comments

AMD Releases New "AMDGPU" Linux Kernel Driver & Mesa Support

At long last the source code to the new AMDGPU driver has been released! This is the new driver needed to support the Radeon R9 285 graphics card along with future GPUs/APUs like Carrizo. Compared to the existing Radeon DRM driver, the new AMDGPU code is needed for AMD's new unified Linux driver strategy whereby the new Catalyst driver will be isolated to being a user-space binary blob with both the full open-source driver and the Catalyst driver using this common AMDGPU kernel driver.
20 April 2015 - AMDGPU - 138 Comments

There's Not Yet A Catalyst 15.4 Beta For Linux

Windows users this week saw the release of an AMD Catalyst 15.4 Beta driver, but if you're looking out for the equivalent Linux build, sadly it has yet to surface.
15 April 2015 - Catalyst 15.4 - 18 Comments

AMD's New "AMDGPU" Kernel DRM Driver Might Finally Be Close

It looks like AMD might finally be close to publishing the code to their new AMDGPU kernel driver that's key to their new unified Linux driver strategy where their open-source stack and Catalyst share a common, open-source kernel driver.
15 April 2015 - AMDGPU - 40 Comments

Radeon LLVM Code Generation Improvements Being Worked On

It's been a while since last having any major breakthroughs to talk about for the open-source Radeon Linux graphics driver stack, but steady work continues. Some recent Mesa commits to Git highlight some code generation improvements.
14 April 2015 - Radeon LLVM CodeGen - 17 Comments

R600g SB Now Supports Geometry Shaders

For those running older Radeon graphics cards with the R600 Gallium3D graphics driver, an important update landed in Mesa 10.6-devel Git this past week.
12 April 2015 - R600g SB GS - 16 Comments

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