22 April

NetGear Nighthawk X10 As A High-End Home Router

The past number of weeks I've been able to test the Nighthawk X10 router as my main home/office router and it's been working out great. This router is powered by a 1.7GHz quad-core processor and its wireless connectivity is great, but those interested in the device, it will set you back $450 USD.

22 April 12:00 PM EDT - Peripherals - 34 Comments
Heterogeneous Memory Management v20 Published

It's looking less and less likely like Heterogeneous Memory Management (HMM) will be mainlined for the Linux 4.12 kernel. This is the long-in-development effort by Jerome Glisse that would benefit CUDA, OpenCL, and more by allow device memory to be transparently used by any device process and for mirroring process address space on a device.

22 April 07:19 AM EDT - Hardware - HMM v20 - 4 Comments

21 April

Ubuntu 17.10 Release Schedule Published

In addition to the Ubuntu 17.10 codename of Artful Aardvark coming out this week, the release schedule for this next Ubuntu Linux development cycle has also been published.

21 April 08:07 AM EDT - Ubuntu - Ubuntu 17.10 Release Date - 13 Comments

20 April

Overclocking The Radeon RX 580 Under Linux

Yesterday I posted the initial Radeon RX 580 Linux benchmarks while now with having more time with this "Polaris Evolved" card I've been able to try out a bit more, like the AMDGPU Linux overclocking support. Here are the ups and downs of overclocking the Radeon graphics card under Linux.

20 April 04:19 PM EDT - Graphics Cards - 19 Comments
Wine 2.0.1 Stable Update, 47 Fixes

For those preferring stable Wine releases to the bi-weekly development snapshots, Wine 2.0.1 is now available as the first point release to this year's Wine 2.0 debut.

20 April 01:46 PM EDT - WINE - Wine 2.0.1 - Add A Comment
Mir Developers See The Door, No Commits In A Week

With switching back over to the GNOME desktop, Ubuntu is migrating to Wayland by default as presumed. But Mir is to be maintained for IoT use-cases, according to previous comments by Shuttleworth. However, it looks like multiple developers from the small Mir team were sent packing and there's been no public commits to Mir in the past week.

20 April 11:23 AM EDT - Ubuntu - Mir - 33 Comments
GCC 7 Has Been Branched, GCC 8.0 Now On Master

The GCC 7 mainline code-base hit the important milestone today of having zero P1 regressions -- issues of the highest priority -- and as such they branched the GCC7 code-base and GCC 7.1 RC1 is then being announced later this week as they prepare for this first stable release of GCC 7.

20 April 06:05 AM EDT - GNU - GCC 7.1 Coming Soon - 14 Comments

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