21 June

Vulkan vs. OpenGL On Linux With Core i5, Core i7, Ryzen 7

For those curious about the state of the Radeon Vulkan (RADV) vs. OpenGL (RadeonSI) performance with different Intel and AMD CPUs, here are some fresh benchmark results with the current Vulkan-supported prominent Linux game titles of Dota 2, Mad Max, Talos Principle, and Dawn of War III. During this opportunity for the tests across Core i5 / Core i7 / Ryzen 7 hardware were also CPU usage analytics.

21 June 12:00 PM EDT - Linux Gaming - 42 Comments
Radeon Instinct Accelerators Get Ready To Ship

Not only is AMD getting ready to take on Intel in the server space with their just-launched EPYC 7000 series, they are looking to battle NVIDIA now in the GPU server arena. Following their announcement at the end of last year, Radeon Instinct accelerators for GPU compute servers are getting ready to ship.

21 June 08:17 AM EDT - Radeon - Radeon Instinct - 6 Comments

20 June

AMD EPYC 7000 Series CPUs Launched

AMD has formally announced today their EPYC 7000 series line-up of processors, their server/workstation offerings based on Zen to finally battle Intel's multi-year dominance with Xeon and AMD's long-awaited successor to the Opteron family.

20 June 04:48 PM EDT - AMD - AMD EPYC - 17 Comments

19 June

Mesa 17.1.3 Released

Mesa 17.1.3 is now available as the latest stable point release to this important 3D user-space graphics stack.

19 June 07:52 AM EDT - Mesa - Mesa 17.1.3 - Add A Comment
AMD's GPUOpen Posts New Vulkan Memory Allocator

AMD's GPUOpen initiative has posted a number of Vulkan open-source projects over time from the Anvil Vulkan framework to a Vulkan-supported CodeXL and various code samples. Their latest open-source project is a Vulkan memory allocator.

19 June 06:29 AM EDT - AMD - GPUOpen - 5 Comments

18 June

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