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Phoronix Test Suite


April 2013 News Archives

Linux 3.9-rc5 Kernel Is Not Really Peculiar

Developer Offers Kickbacks For Wayland Alternative

Garry's Mod Being Released For Linux Today

More Features Of C++14 Are Covered

Hawaii Desktop Is Now Usable On Wayland/Weston

Intel Mesa Driver Gets KDE KWin Optimizations

Ubuntu 13.04 To Axe The Wubi Windows Installer

Valve Publishes Packages For Their Linux Distribution

RDP Back-End Merged For Wayland's Weston

Is Assembly Still Relevant To Most Linux Software?

LLVM/Clang 3.3 Planned For Release In June

Qt 5.1 Will Bring With It Several New Features

VIA Secretly Has A Working Gallium3D Driver

The Wayland/Weston Fork Is Now "Banned"

MATE Desktop 1.6 Brings New Features To GNOME 2

Firefox 20 Drops In New Private, Download Features

Intel Releases New "RAPL" Linux Driver Code

NVIDIA Has New Driver Update To Fix Security Flaw

0 A.D. "Magadha" Provides New Game Features

Intel Linux Driver Brings In Better Overclock Support

Digging Deeper Into AMD's UVD Code Drop

Linux Video Disk Recorder 2.0 Supports HDTV

Mozilla & Samsung Develop "Servo" Browser Engine

Google Forks WebKit As Blink Rendering Engine

KDE 4.10.2 Released, Fixes 100+ Bugs

Opera Will Switch To Blink Engine Too

LLVM Pushing Out Daily Compilers For Ubuntu

Another EXT4 Corruption Bug Gets Fixed

Gallium3D's "Heads-Up Display" Gets Some Early Love

Tiling Support For AMD's RadeonSI Gallium3D Driver

Activision & Raven Open-Source Two Games

Linux Kernel Port To TI-Nspire Graphing Calculators

Intel Ultrabook: Fedora 18 vs. Ubuntu 13.04 Tests

WebKit Looks To Drop Google Code, V8, Skia

Wayland's Weston Gets Color Management Framework

NVIDIA, Valve Share Lessons In Porting To Linux

Chrome 27 Beta: ~5% Faster, New HTML5 Inputs

Ubuntu's Unity Next Running On Mir Display Server

Midori 0.5 Released, Works Towards WebKit2

AMD Kernel Mode-Setting Progresses For FreeBSD

LLVM May Get A TGSI Gallium3D Compiler Back-End

Ubuntu 13.04 "Raring Ringtail" Beta Released

OpenShot Kicks Up With New Timeline Feature

Dell/Alienware Introduce Linux Gaming PC

AMD RadeonSI Driver Officially Gets Compute Support

Intel Driver Update Supports OpenBSD KMS

Talk Of Doing Point Releases For LLVM

OpenChrome Driver Is Far From Feature Complete

Mesa Gets Support For GL4's Separate Shader Objects

Watch How NVIDIA & Valve Ported Source To Linux

Is Valve's Steam Client Bad & Damaging For Linux?

Open-Source Doom 3 Projects Aren't Cultivating

PHP Slowly Progresses For GLib, Cairo, Pango

Spearmint, Macwerks/Watermint Engines Still Running

DarkTable 1.2 Handles JPEG2000, Profiled Denoising

Unvanquished Alpha 14 Enhances Its GL3 Renderer

SprezzOS Still Trying For A Faster Debian APT

Linux 3.9-rc6 Released; Linux 3.9 Will Come In ~2 Weeks

Qt 5.1 Alpha Is Out With iOS, Android, New Features

SUSE Releases Icecream 1.0 Distributed Build Tool

HP Launches Their Low-Power Moonshot Servers

2D Tiling For AMD's RadeonSI Is Stacking Up

Benchmarking The Performance Of PHP 5.5

X.Org/Mesa/Wayland In GSoC 2013

Why Canonical Is Using Android Drivers For Ubuntu Mir

Wayland Support For IBus Proposed

Systemd 201 Ushers In New Features

Facebook's HipHop 2.0 Virtual Machine Is Very Fast

Wayland 1.1, Weston 1.1 Pack Lots Of New Features

LLVM/Clang Makes Progress On Building LibreOffice

X.Org/Mesa Might Get Better GLAMOR, GLSL, Shatter

NVIDIA Has Major New Linux Driver: Optimus, RandR 1.4

Samsung Introduces "LAB" Linux Frequency Governor

2013 X.Org Board of Director Election Results

Linux DM-Crypt Being Parallelized

Linux Kernel Power Management Targeting Memory

Early Mesa 9.2 Benchmarks With Nouveau

Qt 5.0.2 Brings 600+ Improvements

Nouveau Improves Some Games With Linux 3.9 Kernel

Linux Kernel Closer To Having Apple IR Support

"Very Disruptive" Change Hurts ARM Linux Support

Intel Mesa Driver Gets HiZ Support For Haswell

New AMD Catalyst Beta Supports Linux 3.8, TF2 Fixes

Counter-Strike: GO Might Soon Be Out On Linux

Linux 3.10 May Have New Multi-Platform Support

Benchmarks Of NVIDIA's New Linux GPU Driver

Bitcoin Mining Comes To Radeon Open-Source OpenCL

Benchmarking PHP 5.5 Beta 3: Not Too Much Over 5.4

GCC 4.7.3 Released With 118+ Bug-Fixes

Phoronix Test Suite 4.6-Utsira Milestone 1 Released

Radeon UVD Support Merged Into Mesa

Jolla Brings Wayland Atop Android GPU Drivers

WebKitGTK+ 2.0.0 Released With Many New Features

NVIDIA vs. Nouveau Drivers On Ubuntu 13.04

PKSM: A New Data De-Duplication Method For Linux

Btrfs File-System Tuning Benchmarks On Linux 3.9

Intel OpenGL Performance On The Linux 3.9 Kernel

More Details On The HHVM Virtual Machine Design

Fedora 19 Alpha Gets Its First Delay Due To UEFI

QXL KMS Driver To Be Merged For Linux 3.10 Kernel

KLyDE: A New Lightweight KDE Project Started

Unigine OIlRush 1.34 Released, Now On Steam

ALSA 1.0.27 Released With Audio Improvements

Nouveau NVC0 Gets Multi-Sample Textures

NVIDIA Publishes Open-Source Stream Library

Wine 1.5.28 Improves PostScript Driver, Mac Driver

Mesa To Expose AMD Performance Monitor Extension

AMD Kernel Mode-Setting Continues On FreeBSD

Mir Display Server Now Supports VT Switching

DRI3000 Still Being Developed For New X.Org DRI

Tuning Btrfs vs. F2FS, EXT4, XFS File-Systems

Wayland Bindings Come To JavaScript (Node.js)

Radeon HDMI Linux Audio Might Be Restored Soon


SPGT: Open-Source Remote 3D Gaming

Freedreno Driver Begins Work On Adreno A320

IBM Pushes New SystemZ Back-End For LLVM

Linux 3.9-rc7 Might Fix A Rare 32-bit PAE Bug

LLVM Advances Tool To Auto-Convert Code To C++11

Nouveau Queues Up More Changes For Linux 3.10

Clutter Providing Acceleration For WebKitGTK+

Linux Foundation To Back Xen Virtualization

Red Hat Announces "RDO" OpenStack Distribution

X3: Terran Conflict Hits Steam On Linux

Ouya Game Console Performance Is Disappointing

Adobe To Contribute To Blink Rendering Engine

Intel Makes First Release Of Linux OpenCL Project

Benchmarking Fedora 18 Updates

Wayland 1.1 Officially Released With Weston 1.1

Linux Gets IDed For Intel's "Harris Beach" Ultrabook

Making A Code Compiler Energy-Aware

Modern Intel Gallium3D Driver Proposed For Mainline

More Criticism Comes Towards Intel's Beignet OpenCL

The First Radeon DRM Pull For Linux 3.10

Intel Enables Mesa Support For Bay Trail / Valley View

R600g Tests Show Little Change On Mesa 9.2-devel

Mir Display Server Now Uses XKB Common

Intel Releases NumaTOP 1.0 Tool

X.Org Servers Updated To Fix Security Flaw

NetworkManager's ModemManager Now Speaks MBIM

Intel i915 Gallium3D Driver Might Become The Default

Geometry Shaders Come To NV50 Gallium3D

KDE, GNOME, Unity, Razor-Qt Developers Met Up

Intel Does Fast Math With MKL On Linux

The State & Future Of The GNU C Library (GLIBC)

LLVM/Clang 3.3 Should Be Close To Building Linux Kernel

Debian 7.0 "Wheezy" To Release In Early May

NVIDIA Tegra DRM Prepares For Linux 3.10 Kernel

How-To Use Open-Source Radeon UVD On Ubuntu

Benchmarks Of The New ZFS On Linux: EXT4 Wins

Systemd 202 Starts Playing With D-Bus In The Kernel

Intel Graphics Will Change In The Linux 3.10 Kernel

Oracle Delays Java 8 To Next Year Over Security

Compressed Textures, Tiling Merged For RadeonSI

Shader Optimization Back-End Might Go In For R600g

Fedora 19 Alpha Cleared For Release Next Week

LLVM's Clang Compiler Is Now C++11 Feature Complete

Ubuntu 13.04-Based Touch Images Now Available

VA-API Updated, Now Works With GStreamer 1.0

The Focus Of Wayland's Weston Compositor

Intel's Valley View Should Be In Shape For Linux 3.11

LLVM/Clang Already Working On C++1y/C++14

Using zRAM On Ubuntu 13.04 Linux

Interesting Features, Changes In The Linux 3.9 Kernel

Sound Updates To Be Played In Linux 3.10 Kernel

Talking About Wayland Support On KDE's KWin

Linux 3.9 Kernel Delayed By One Week; 3.8-rc8 Released

A Very Early Gallium3D TGSI Back-End For LLVM

FLANG: Proposing An LLVM Fortran Compiler

Calculate Linux 13.4 Supports TuxOnIce, BFQ I/O

Manjaro: A Convenient Way To Play With Arch Linux

Fedora Is Testing Out Radeon, Nouveau, Intel Graphics

Wayland Gets Flavored With Weston SPICE Back-End

Fedora 19 Alpha Arrives With Many New Features

Numerous Improvements Heading Into GTK+ 3.10

Radeon Driver Gets Golden Registers In Linux 3.10

NGINX 1.4 Supports SPDY, Gunzip Filter

Red Flag Linux Does Its First Major Release In Years

Gears On Gallium Still Grinding The Latest Mesa

Plasma Worskpaces 2 On Wayland, A Converged Shell

First X.Org Server 1.15 Snapshot Released

GParted 0.16 Now Handles F2FS File-System

Arch-Based Manjaro Linux Runs Against Ubuntu 13.04

AMD Releases Catalyst 13.4 For Linux

Ubuntu 13.04 "Raring Ringtail" Released

New Steam Linux Client Beta Released

Ubuntu 13.10 Is Codenamed "Saucy Salamander"

ZFS vs. EXT4 On Linux Multi-Disk RAID Benchmarks

Linux x32 Is Made Easier With Ubuntu 13.04

OpenShot Switches From GTK+ To Qt

Left 4 Dead 2 Beta On Linux Coming Next Week

The State Of ARM SoC GPU Linux Drivers

Wine 1.5.29 Brings Better JavaScript Performance

KDevelop 4.5 IDE Offers More Integrated Unit Testing

The Good & Bad Of Btrfs In A Production World

Intel Sandy/Ivy Bridge Gallium3D Driver Merged

Nouveau In Linux 3.10 Kernel Isn't Too Exciting

Midori Web-Browser Ported To Wayland

Intel Linux Driver Gets Support For New Haswell IDs

More Linux Utilities Come For USB Logitech Devices

Blender 2.67 Nears With New Features

GDB 7.6 Supports AArch64 Linux, New Features

Rekonq 2.3 Rounds Up New Features

Linux 3.9 Kernel Released With Lots Of Features

Mir Display Server Gets A Demo Shell, New Demos

OpenMW 0.23 Brings NPC Movement AI, Item Repairing

Google Releases Linux Kernel Code For Google Glass

The Staging Pull Goes In For The Linux 3.10 Kernel

Intel Brings OpenGL 2.0/2.1 To Classic i915 Mesa Driver

AMD Optimizes Bitcoin Mining On R600 LLVM OpenCL

Intel Mesa 3D Driver Gets Some Performance Tweaks

Wayland 1.2 Release Planned For June, XWayland

Areas Where LLVM's Clang Still Needs Help

DragonFlyBSD 3.4 Has New Packaging System, USB, Compiler

Lightworks Linux Beta Is Finally Public

Open Build Service 2.4 Supports Arch, Secure Boot

Linux 3.10 Gets New ARM, AMD Power Improvements

OpenWrt 12.09 Brings Wireless Improvements

AMD R600 Gallium3D Optimizing Back-End Merged

Mesa 9.1.2 Fixes A Handful Of Graphics Driver Bugs

Sabayon 13.04 Readies Systemd, UEFI, TMPFS

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