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Phoronix Test Suite


August 2012 News Archives

VFIO Driver Merged Into Linux 3.6 Kernel

PathScale Working On DogFood, A New Dev IDE

Upcoming Linux Benchmarks For August 2012

Nokia Reportedly Selling Off Qt

KDE 4.9 Released With Many Enhancements

NVIDIA Linux Driver Hack Gives You Root Access

Pixman Keeps On Pushing & Optimizing Pixels

Wayland Losing OpenWF Display Back-End

Valve's L4D2 Is Faster On Linux Than Windows

Showing Off The Linux-Friendly Unigine Renderer

Xi Graphics' Proprietary X Server, Drivers Have Faded Away

Qt's Lars Knoll: "It's Really Sad To See This Happen"

Intel Continues Gaining Ground For Linux Graphics

Urban Terror Prepares For 4.2 Beta

Nokia's Actions Already Harm Qt 5.0 Release

openSUSE 12.2 RC2 Ready For Testing

Linux 3.6-rc1 Kernel Released, Many New Features

Disk Improvements Within GNOME 3.6

X.Org Foundation Issues Hasty CFP For XDC2012

Intel Updates VA-API Video Acceleration Code

AMD RadeonSI Gallium3D Driver Runs A Bit More

Intel Lands Some Haswell Commits For X.Org Driver

Oracle Releases VirtualBox 4.2 Beta 1

Intel Hacks On Tablet Shell For Wayland's Weston

Intel X.Org Update Restores 830GM/845G Acceleration

NVIDIA Fixes Linux GPU Driver Security Hole

id Software: Linux Hasn't Produced Positive Results

Dante: Open-Source Doom 3

Dell Talks Linux Virtualization Tips

Talking Phoronix On The Linux Action Show

MythTV 0.26 Goes Into Beta

Basic Texture Support, Multi-Tile For Freedreno

Intel Works On Haswell HDMI/DP Audio Linux Support

Coreboot: Replacing Intel's Binary Video BIOS Blob

The Huge Nouveau Kernel Driver Rewrite Surfaces

Khronos ASTC: Royalty-Free Next-Gen Texture Compression

OpenGL 4.3, OpenGL ES 3.0 Specifications Unveiled

Fedora 18 Picks Up Last Features - There's No Btrfs

OpenGL 4.3 Support Is A Ways Out In Mesa

Qt Developers Work Out Plans For Time-Based Releases

Intel Lists 36 Variants Of Haswell Graphics

The Top Features Of Fedora 18 "Spherical Cow"

How To Help Improve, Develop Mesa Drivers

Intel Continues With Mesa Changes For Valve

X.Org Server 1.13 Nears: Baking Cookies

Debian Now Defaults To Xfce Desktop

LibreOffice 3.6 Open-Source Office Suite Released

ARM Still Tackling Linux Xen Virtualization Support

Retina MacBook Pro Graphics: OS X Is Okay, But Linux Breaks

Valve Announces Steam Goes Beyond Gaming

Mesa Support For OpenGL 3.1 Core Contexts

Celebrating 20 Years Of OpenGL At SIGGRAPH 2012

Digia Buys Out Qt From Nokia

Here Is Valve's Source Engine Left 4 Dead 2 On Linux

Intel Announces OpenGL ES 3.0 Plans For Mesa

MSAA Anti-Aliasing For AMD Radeon Evergreen GPUs

HelenOS 0.5: Micro-Kernel Multi-Server OS Release

How Valve Made L4D2 Faster On Linux Than Windows

FlashROM 0.9.6 Released For Open-Source BIOS Flashing

X.Org Foundation Joins Open Invention Network

GLAMOR 0.5 Acceleration Library Released

Mesa Release Shake-Up: Mesa 8.1 Is Now Mesa 9.0

NVIDIA To Meet With X.Org Developers Next Month

A Linux LiveCD To Play With Wayland/Weston

A New Round Of Enlightenment EFL 1.7 Alphas

Updates To OpenBenchmarking (Search & Comparisons)

2012 MacBook Air Isn't Trouble-Free On Linux

Mainlining XWayland To Be Discussed Next Month

Valve's L4D2 Linux Presentation Slides

Linux Benchmarks This Weekend: Btrfs, VMware, Cloud

A Look At OpenGL ES 3.0: Lots Of Good Stuff

ETC2 Texture Compression Looks Good For OpenGL

Qualcomm Atheros Publishes New Network Driver

GCC Moves Forward With Conversion To C++

Open-Source Doom 3 Comes To Android

Rootbeer: A High-Performance GPU Compiler For Java

Wayland Support For Cursor Themes

GDC Europe: Linux Gaming Announcements This Week?

Calligra 2.5 Office Suite Released

NVIDIA 304.37 Linux Driver Brings 41 Official Changes

Mono 2.11.3 Packs In Microsoft's Entity Framework

AMD Open64 4.5.2 Supports Piledriver, Other Features

Radeon PRIME Import/Export Support For Libdrm

Features Coming Up For Xen 4.2 Virtualization

GCC Compiler Is Up To 7.3 Million Lines Of Code

Oracle Already Puts Out VirtualBox 4.2 RC1

Khronos: 20 Years Of OpenGL

Arch Linux Is Switching To Systemd

Integrating Videobuf2 With DMA-BUF Still Being Done

Linux Display Switching Support For Apple MacBooks

Talk Of Qt 4.9, Backporting Qt 5.0 Features

GCC 2012 Cauldron Covered Fission, Cilk, C++11, Etc

New Humble Bundle Launches With Android Focus

Marek Lands Radeon Gallium3D MSAA Changes

AMD Publishes "Southern Islands" ISA Documentation

Apple's Dominative LLVM, Clang Statistics

ARM Calxeda Highbank Ubuntu Linux Benchmarks

GNOME-Ubuntu Flavor Looking At "GNObuntu"

Freedreno: Complex Fragment Shaders, VBOs

AArch64/ARM64 Linux Kernel Work Still Ongoing

Ubuntu 12.10 Drops Unity 2D Desktop

NVIDIA Releases $299 Kepler Graphics Card

AMD Catalyst 12.8 Driver For Linux: Not Exciting

ZFS File-System On Linux Moves Along

Linux 3.6-rc2 Kernel Released: Ignoring The Big & Scary

Valve's Steam Linux Beta: "Fairly Soon"

Portable OpenCL 0.6 Released, Implementing OpenCL 1.2

A Power Saving Schema For The Linux Kernel Scheduler

Qt 5.0 Beta Not Here Due To Difficulties

Radeon Driver Begins Stacking Changes For Linux 3.7

Planetary Annihilation Plans To Come To Linux

Wine 1.5.11 Kills Big X11 Lock, Brings Multi-Channel ALSA

Talk Of NVIDIA Looking At Wayland Support

Canonical Comments On The Unity 2D Defenestration

GLAMOR 0.5 Delivers Performance Improvements

Some Enlightenment EFL Components Hit v1.7 Beta

Intel 2.20.4 X.Org Driver Brings More Fixes

A Book On Linux Graphics Driver Development

KMSCON Is Getting Ready To Kick The Kernel Console

Valve Releases New CS: Global Offensive Trailer

Adaptive Tickless Kernel Still Being Adapted

LanyardFS: A New Linux File-System

Link-Time Optimization To Speed Up The Linux Kernel

Intel Rewrites Mode-Setting Graphics Driver Code

COGL 1.11.2 Supports SDL2, Betters GLES 2.0, Fixes Bugs

Hacking On An X.Org Driver For The First Time

GDB 7.5 Supports Google Go, x32 ABI

Building Gentoo Linux With LLVM/Clang

Liberated Pixel Cup - Free Software Game Reviews

Going From OpenGL ES To OpenGL Over EGL Is Easy

AMD Catalyst Will Not Support Wayland Anytime Soon

Fedora 18 Granted Some Feature Freeze Exceptions

Linux 3.4 Kernel Will Be Supported For The Long-Term

PowerTOP 2.1 Presents New Power-Saving Features

Intel Mesa Now Officially OpenGL ES 2.0 Conformant

Systemd To Secure Logs With "Forward Secure Sealing"

Phoronix Test Suite 4.0.1-Suldal Released

Mesa 9.0 Branching Delayed So More Features Can Land

One Week To GStreamer Conf, LinuxCon San Diego

New X.Org Server 1.13 RC Bumps The ABI

NAG Fortran Compiler Can Now Do OpenMP 3.0

OpenGL ES 2.0 Support Merged Into Compiz

Humble Bundle Recycles More Games In New Offering

Canonical Promoting Ubuntu Software Center To Game Devs

Merging LightDM Log-In Manager For KDE Workspaces

Linux 3.6-rc3: Nothing That's "OMG! Scary!"

Fedora 18 "Spherical Cow" Has Been Delayed

Alien Arena Boosts Frame-Rates, Enhances Graphics

Genode OS 12.08 Gains ARM Support, NOVA Work

Mesa Set To Lose OpenVMS Support

Radeon Gallium3D Gains Greater MSAA Support

Shader Optimizations Greatly Speed-Up Wayland

PowerTOP Can Still Extend Battery Life On Linux

FlightGear 2.8 Betters Open-Source Flying

Unified Parallel C (UPC) Proposed For GCC 4.8

MacBook Pro - Ubuntu Linux: 21 Watts, OS X: 9 Watts

Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS "Precise Pangolin" Released

Linux Kernel: "Drop Support For x86-32"

Quad-Core ODROID-X Tested Against PlayStation 3

MPlayer2 Patches To Support Wayland

Fedora 17 Doesn't Change The Apple MacBook Pro

Unreal Engine 3 Now Sort Of Works On Linux

XDC: Hardware-Independent Graphics Driver & More

PixelLight Open-Source 3D Framework Hits v1.0

Twitter Is Set To Join The Linux Foundation

Mesa's DRM Library Finally Builds VMWGFX By Default

It's The End Of August, Qt 5.0 Beta Is Still Not Ready

Unvanquished Still Looks Amazing For Open-Source

Steel Storm 2 Development Update: Not Too Fast

More Of What's Landing For The GCC 4.8 Compiler

Wayland/Weston 0.95 Land In Ubuntu 12.10

Yet Another Intel 2.20.x Graphics Driver Release

FreeBSD 9.1 RC1 Finally Surfaced This Week

MPlayer2's Latest Development Activities

Intel Makes More Driver Improvements For Valve's L4D2

Comparing Intel HD 2000/3000/4000 Linux Graphics

Intel Releases New Version Of Their GPU Tools

Radeon Gallium3D Now Does MSAA On R600

KDE 4.10 KWin To Properly Support AMD Catalyst

NVIDIA 304.43 Driver Brings New Support & Fixes

GStreamer 1.0 Is Looking To Finally Be Released Soon

Video 4 Linux 2 (V4L2) Continues With New Features

Blender On Android With OpenGL ES Now Works

Linux Kernel Proposal For Dropping Keyboard Support

The C Back-End To LLVM Is Back To Being Revived

Canonical Plans To Drop Alternate Ubuntu CDs

NVIDIA To Discontinue Linux Support For Some GPUs

X.Org Integration Test Suite For Spotting Regressions

Haiku OS Ported To 64-bit, Picks Up OpenJDK Support

Can Linux Succeed As A First-Rate Gaming Platform?

FreeBSD Struggles To Gain UEFI Boot Support

Blender Can Do Simulations With Bullet Physics

RadeonSI Gallium3D Driver Gets A Big TODO List

Firefox 15 Does Better On WebGL, Debugging, RAM Usage

GStreamer 0.10 Is Dead, But 1.0 Has Lots Of Good Stuff

TI Shows Off Impressive, Experimental Wayland Demo

Extending DRI2 For Video Handling Still Desired

Wayland 1.0 Coming "In A Month Or Two"

Intel Aims To Hit On Performance, Plans LLVM Compiler

Workspace Support for Wayland's Weston

ALSA: Audio Compression Offloading, Power Savings

Tear-Free, Hardware-Accelerated Video On Wayland

GStreamer Conference 2012: ALSA, OpenGL, Wayland

Building The Linux Kernel With LLVM/Clang Continues

Qt 5.0 Beta Released

Canonical Recently Visited Valve To Talk About Ubuntu

OpenGL 3.0 Now Handled For All Of R600 Gallium3D

Intel Continues Banging On Haswell Driver Support

A Call For Deprecating The Linux Frame-Buffer FBDEV

Going To Mesa 9.0 Is Official With Intel OpenGL 3.1

Qt Brisbane Developers Bid Farewell

Intel Is Ready For Merging Cilk Plus Into GCC

Fedora 18 Is Delayed Again

A Linux Port Of Baldur's Gate Is Being Looked At

NetBSD 6.0 RC1 Released

LGP Begins Pushing Their Outdated Crap In Ubuntu

Mesa Will Not Support GL_ARB_compatibility

R600 Gallium3D Driver Still Missing Features

OLPC Releases OS With GTK3, Text-To-Speech, Sugar

Wine 1.5.12 Carries Direct3D, RandR Improvements

What Excited Linux Enthusiasts In August: Apple, Valve

Open WebOS Beta Released With OpenEmbedded Build

NVIDIA Confirms It's Working On Optimus Linux Support

LLVM-Based LLBMC 2012.2 Has New Features

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