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July 2012 News Archives

A New Linux Game To Try And Benchmark

One Week To DebConf 2012 Managua

Gdev Open-Source CUDA Runtime Is Still Running

UKSM For Data Deduplication Of The Linux Kernel

Unvanquished: A Very Promising Open-Source Game

Using USB Redirection With QEMU/KVM

Old X Drivers Get Updated, GPU Hot-Plug Refreshed

Gabe Newell Showing Valve On Linux To Partners

id's Former Linux Guy Joins Another Game Company

The State Of Gentoo FreeBSD: Gentoo Sans Linux

HTC Desire HD, Xoom Linaro Benchmarked

Intel Drops Mode-Setting Rework Patch Bomb

Wine 1.5.8 Improves Bits Of C++ Runtime

OpenPhoneux / GTA04 Still Going As Niche Phone

GNOME & Mono Made Love At Microsoft Last Week

Gentoo-Based Calculate Linux 12 Goes Into Beta

Linux Devs Begin Looking At Windows 8 Multi-Touch

PCC: Portable C Compiler Isn't Quick To Advance

Xen Virtualization On ARM Hits New Milestone

To No Surprise, X.Org Server Progress Is Slowing

The Most Popular Linux Happenings From Q2'2012

Collide: A Dead Google Project Now Open-Source

The New RandR Should Come To X Server 1.13

Proposal For Wayland With Virtual Terminals

Marek Works On OpenGL 4.0 Transform Feedback

Wayland Development Continues Picking Up

Tryst: The Forthcoming Unigine RTS Will Be On Linux

GNOME 3.5.3 Bulks On Changes For GNOME 3.6

Last Minute GLX Extensions For X.Org Server 1.13

Intel Winning Over NVIDIA For Linux Enthusiasts

Marek Posts Another Important Mesa Patch-Set

AMD Releases New Catalyst Linux Legacy Driver

Intel Updates Its -Testing Branch For, Well, Testing

EXA Support Finally Comes To The R128 Driver

Send/Receive Support For Btrfs Published

Optimizing Marvell Graphics With iwMMXt

Alien Arena Reloaded - Renderer Improvements, Etc

Ubuntu Still Aims For Wayland System Compositor

Mozilla To Shaft Thunderbird Next Week

ARM Delivers 64-bit ARMv8 Linux Kernel Support (AArch64)

Valve Software Finds Bugs With Linux Kernel

Intel Implements CMS MSAA For Ivy Bridge Driver

DebConf Managua 2012 Begins Tomorrow

Linux 3.5-rc6: Getting Close To Final

RadeonTop: A New Utility For Open AMD Users

2012 Red Hat Summit: RHEL Roadmap, Intel, Etc

Proposal: A DRM SoC Framework

Features Coming For FreeBSD 10

KDE Issues Statement Regarding Future Use Of Qt

Enlightenment E17 Is Going To Be Released

Intel Loses One Of Their Linux Driver Developers

Imagination Releases New PowerVR GPUs

PRIME DRI2 Offloading Pulled Into X.Org Server

Debian Team Still Deciding On Wheezy Successor

CentOS 6.3 Spin Released Of RHEL 6.3

Fedora 18 Will Get 256 Color Terminals

Debian Developers Discuss UEFI SecureBoot Plans

KDE's Akademy 2012 Developer Notes

DisplayLink USB GPU Hot-Plugging On Linux

Dance Around The Fire: X.Org XAA Is Burned

AMD Using GLAMOR For Open HD 7000 Series 2D

Debian Wheezy To Take Up 73 CDs Or 11 DVDs

KDE's Rekonq Web-Browser Nears 1.0 With Beta

Marek Files 22 Gallium3D / R600g Improvements

X.Org Server 1.13 RC1 Packs In Many Changes

Video: Wayland's Weston Gains Sliding Support

OUYA: A $99 Android Linux Game Console

It's Time For A New Phoronix User Survey

Silicon Motion Extends Linux Graphics Driver

Intel Merges Mesa Hardware Context Support

How To Recruit Open-Source Developers

GCC 4.8 To Improve Diagnostics Abilities

DMA-BUF Synchronization With PRIME

Debian Works Towards ARMv8 AArch64 Support

KDE Stamps Out KDE SC 4.9 RC2

Decoupling GCC From Debian By Using LLVM/Clang

Reverse-Engineering USB Keyboards For Linux Support

Gummiboot: A Simple UEFI Boot Manager

GLAMOR Radeon Shows 2D Acceleration Promise

The OpenGL Support State For Mesa 8.1

GNOME 3.x Shell Isn't Yet Primed For FreeBSD

A GCC Proposal To Build It Better, Faster

Intel Driver Now Builds SNA Support By Default

openSUSE 12.2 RC1 Surfaces

Entangle: Controlling Your DSLR Camera From Linux

Debian Wants To Work With Its Offspring (Ubuntu)

Intel Driver Modes-Set Rework Hits 81 Patches

KDE's KWin Loses Window Tiling Support

NVIDIA Puts Out Hefty Linux Driver Update

R600g Gallium3D HyperZ Defeats Developers

Debian Looks To Improve Linux Gaming

Major Open-Source ARM Announcement Coming

Intel Provides Linux PCI Express NTB Support

Emdebian Grip: The Smaller, Embedded Debian

HyperZ: Errata & The Catalyst Command Stream

Debian Wants To Play In The Mobile Space Too

SDL 2.0 Is Coming Very Soon With New Features

Linux 3.5-rc7 Kernel: Not Cool, Guys. Not Cool.

PowerVR Driver Gets New Site, Little Progress

Frame-Buffer Log Driver Wants To Go Mainline

New Intel Driver Takes SNA Accel Mainstream

KVM-QEMU Provides Support For USB 3.0

Nearing Autonomous Linux Benchmark Selections

Mesa LunarGLASS: Not Much Is Happening

Fedora 18 To Support KDE Plasma Workspaces 4.9

Mesa Support For ETC1 Texture Compression

Valve Writes About Their Linux Client Plans

What Should Valve Do For Linux & Open-Source?

OpenGL ES 2.0, GLSL Support For Open Doom 3

A Round Of 27 X.Org Graphics Driver Updates

Unigine Hosting Open Air Game Conference

The Best Features Of The Linux 3.5 Kernel

Wine 1.5.9 Supports RandR 1.2/1.3, Better HLSL

Nero CD/DVD Burning Software On Linux Is Dead

Gallium3D's LLVMpipe Now Handles Wider Registers

With Valve On Linux, Has LGP Lost All Relevance?

Serious Sam 3 Ported To Linux, Running On Ubuntu

Intel Linux Driver Finally Handles 8x MSAA

Ubuntu's Unity Desktop Comes To Fedora 17

MythTV 0.26 Gets Ready For Video Playback

ARMv8 AArch64 Support For GCC Keeps Coming

Android-Based Ouya Already Pulls In $5 Million USD

KDE 4.9 Is Faster & More Responsive

Mesa, ALSA At GStreamer Conference 2012

G-WAN Web Server Claims Speed Records, Features

Valve & Intel Work On Open-Source GPU Drivers

Fedora Still Doesn't Know About Future Names

AMD Proposes LLVM Back-End Staging Area

AMD Prepares "Bobcat 2" Compiler Support

X.Org Foundation Confirms 501(c)(3) Status

Cinnamon Desktop Comes To Fedora 17

Intel X.Org Driver Explodes Thanks To Chris Wilson

Finding Bottlenecks In Your Linux Game, Application

Electronic Arts Lacks Exciting Linux Strategy

Linux 3.5 Kernel Officially Released

Gatling: High-Performance Open-Source Server

Nouveau X.Org Driver Less Than 30k Lines Of Code

Talking Linux Gaming On The Linux Action Show

Running The Radeon Driver With GLAMOR

Intel 2.20.1 X.Org Driver Closes Critical Bugs

Open-Source OpenCL Isn't Even Ready For Fedora

Suldal Is Out; Randaberg & Unterschleissheim Are Next

Arch Linux Install Media Updated For July 2012

Fedora 18 Is Hot, Supports Network Teaming, SecureBoot

Qt 5.0 Beta Likely Coming In Early August

VIA's OpenChrome 0.3.0: "A Major Step Forward"

RadeonSI Gallium3D Gets New State Handling

Intel Releases 12.07 Linux Graphics Package

TI Releases Linux Kernel Support For "Keystone"

Mono Working Close With Microsoft, Gets $12M USD

Valve's L4D2 "Zombie Penguins" Coming This Year

Wayland 1.0 With Weston Is Near: v0.95 Is Released

Radeon Driver Commit Activity Is On The Decline

Binary Driver Blobs Aren't Yet Ready For Wayland

Serious Sam 3 Will Be On Steam For Linux

Valve's Gabe Newell Really Hates Windows 8

DRM Drivers On Linux 3.6 Kernel Aren't Too Fun

Apple OS X Mountain Lion vs. Linux

Valve On Linux To Be Presented In Two Weeks

Ex-NVIDIA Engineer Patent Issue With Open-Source

Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal Alpha 3 Released

VIA Puts Out Some Linux Kernel, Boot Loader Code

Btrfs Filesystem In Linux 3.6 Kernel Has Big Changes

Open-Source Doom 3 Running On Wayland

Another Intel Linux Graphics Driver Release

VMware Has VMCI Ready For The Linux Kernel

Linux 3.6 Kernel Adds EFI Handover Protocol

Intel Rewrites TurboStat Plus IVB CPU Idle Support

Mesa Support For OpenGL Geometry Shaders

Warsow 1.0 To Be Released Tomorrow

QML Support For KDE KWin Window Decorations

Testing Intel Sandy Bridge LLC Cache Controls

Will Blizzard Be Bringing Their Games To Linux?

GNOME Is Losing Relevance On The Linux Desktop

EXT4 Updates Go Into The Linux 3.6 Kernel

Oracle Rewrites Linux ZCache Compression Code

AMD Releases ACPI Header For Open-Source GPU Driver

Development Stats From Trondheim To Suldal

Intel Mesa Driver Ups Counter-Strike Performance

GNOME 4.0, GNOME OS Coming In 2014 & Other Crazy Plans

Mesa Support For OpenGL Core Contexts

Haiku Looks To Leverage More Of Mesa

AHCI vs. IDE Linux Performance Benchmarks

One Week To SIGGRAPH OpenGL Announcements

GLAMOR 0.5 To Advance 2D Over OpenGL

Richard Stallman Comments On Valve For Linux

Freedreno Driver Gets Working Shader Assembler

AMD Open-Source S.I. Botched, Hope For The Future

Intel Driver Integrates BRW Assembler

Talk Of A "Massive Power Regression" In Linux 3.5

Debian 8.0 Is Codenamed "Jessie"

Ubuntu 13.04 Planning To Happen In Copenhagen

RadeonSI Gallium3D Driver Can Now Handle Gears

Fedora 18 To Get MATE Desktop, Samba 4, Etc

NVIDIA 304.30 Supports FXAA, X Server 1.13, K10

Warsow 1.0 Is A Nice Game, Decent GL Benchmark

Apple's Retina MacBook Pro Causes Linux Woes

MATE Desktop 1.4 Offers GNOME2 Improvements

KLANG: A New Linux Audio System For The Kernel

Wayland's Weston Gets Output Configuration File

The Future Of GNOME: Very Optimistic?

Linux Isn't Alone With OpenGL Driver Issues

Wine 1.5.10 Defaults To D3D Off-Screen Rendering

Linux 3.5 Kernel Power Regression Spotted

Nokia Slams Office Working On Qt Components

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