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Phoronix Test Suite


June 2012 News Archives

Finally: More DRM Driver Documentation

Google's Linux Video Acceleration API: VAVDA

AMD Catalyst Linux 12.6 Beta Has Arrived

AMD: Experimental "ShadowPrimary" Acceleration

EXT4 In Linux 3.5 Gets CRC32 Meta-Data

Crossing The Line: $2 Million USD In One Day

AMD Evergreen Compute Support Lands Mainline

SNA Is Doing Well For Vintage Intel Hardware

Reasons Why You Should Not Use FreeBSD

Nouveau Work On The Fermi Scripting Engine

ACPI Updated For The Linux 3.5 Kernel

Facebook Releases Folly C++ Open-Source Library

ioquake3 Developers Working On "baseio" Game

NetBSD: Will It Stand As A Light Desktop?

Auto-Vectorizing LLVMpipe For Performance Gains

Btrfs In Linux 3.5 Is Not Too Exciting

Linux 3.5-rc1 Kernel Has Been Released

Valve's Gabe Says "Yes" To Steam Linux This Year

A New Open-Source GPU Comes About

KDE 4.9 Goes Into Beta

Microsoft Hosts: GNOME & Mono Festival of Love

Linux Game Publishing Still Silent On New Titles

An AMD Legacy Driver With X Server 1.12 Support

Humble Bundle V Crosses Three Million Dollars

Happy Birthday - Phoronix Turns Eight Years Old

Mozilla Firefox 13 Does Some Redesigning

VA-API In Wayland Is About Ready For Videos

AMD R600g Still Tackling Hierarchical Z

LLVM/Clang Gains x32 psABI Support

The Most Popular Linux News Of Eight Years

Netflix Open Connect Network: FreeBSD, Not Linux

That Exciting Game Is Coming To Linux

After 21 Alphas, Samba 4.0 Finally Enters Beta

Samsung Goes Platinum For Linux Foundation

CoreBreach Aims To Go Open-Source

MPlayer 1.1 Magically Surfaces With New Features

X.Org 7.7 Katamari Finally Surfaces

Chromium Aura Under Wayland Published

Gentoo Does An x32 Stage 3 Release Candidate

Compute Code For AMD Cayman Lands In Mesa

Preview: A Cheap 12-Core, 30-Watt Ubuntu Cluster

Chris Mason Of Btrfs Is Leaving Oracle

Canonical Touts Its New Microsoft Partnership

Ubuntu 12.10 "Quantal Quetzal" Alpha 1 Released

Radeon 6.14.5 Linux Graphics Driver Released

DRI2 Offload Slaves, Output Slaves For September

A New Post From Valve; More Linux Love Needed

Ubuntu 12.10 Looks To Use Intel SNA Acceleration

Will Unreal Engine 4 Games Come To Linux?

Wine Begins Work On Direct3D Shader Compiler

Phoronix Meet-Up - Next Week - Boston/Cambridge

Fedora 17: Beefier Than Ubuntu 12.04 LTS?

Humble Indie Bundle V Runs Strong At $4M USD

Linux 3.5-rc2 Released In "Fairly Good Shape"

New Feature To Wayland's Weston: A Clock

Sabayon Linux Gets Behind ZFS File-System

Upcoming Linux Hardware Benchmarks For June

GLX_ARB_create_context Called For Pulling

Gallium3D R600 Shader Variant Caching

Provider Object Support For RandR 1.5

PRAMFS: Persistent & Protected RAM Filesystem

What Are The Biggest Problems With Linux?

Lightspark Now Handles Desktop AIR Applications

X.Org 7.7 Goes Into FreeBSD, KMS Is Ready

AMD R600g LLVM Back-End Is Working A Bit Better

Clang Compiling Against GCC On Ubuntu ARM Linux

Magenta Pairs Linux With Darwin/BSD, Is Like iOS

Qt 5.0 Is Using More C++11 Features

X.Org Is Now A 501(c)3

Intel DRM Begins Queuing For Linux 3.6 Kernel

Intel Ivy Bridge - Mesa 8.0 vs. 8.1-devel

Wayland Can Now Handle Virtual Workspaces

Linux On The 2012 MacBook Air, MacBook Pro?

OpenBSD Is Now Forked As Bitrig

Support Begins For Intel's New Haswell Audio

Most Open-Source Game Artwork Is Awful

A Second Beta Of KDE SC 4.9 Released

AMD To Put An ARM Core On Future Fusion APUs

Intel Open-Sources "Knights Corner" Linux Code

KDE's Rekonq Browser Nears 1.0 w/ New Features

X.Org Applications On Wayland Are Working

NVIDIA Releases L4T Linux 15

openSUSE Has A Problem, Is Seeking New Direction

Opera 12 Web Browser Packs Many Features

NVIDIA Releases New Linux Binary Driver Update

GCC Update Brings More Than 100 Bug-Fixes

Skype 4.0 For Linux Officially Released

Humble Indie Bundle V Generates Five Million USD

Canonical Posts More Wayland Patches

Radeon UMS Support To Be Dropped

Unigine Engine Is Now Even More Beautiful

An LLVM/Clang Server Proposed

i.MX DRM Support Called For Staging

Fedora Discussion: "ARM Is A Dead End"

Wine 1.4.1 Brings A Load Of Bug-Fixes

Wayland Gets Support For Animated Cursors

NVIDIA Releases Its Stable 302 Driver w/ RandR 1.3

GOG Game Service May Come To Linux

Google Wants To Make C++ More Fun

X.Org 7.8 Will Not Come For A While

Shooting Towards Xonotic 1.0

These Are The Biggest Problems With Linux

Improving OpenCL On CPUs, Building Linux

Linux 3.5-rc3 Kernel Released, Still A Bit Much

Linus Torvalds Calls NVIDIA The Worst Company Ever

FBLOG: A Frame-Buffer Driver Just For Kernel Logs

Unity 4 Game Engine Has Native Linux Support

Nouveau X.Org Driver Finally Releases Version 1.0

Lightworks Is Almost Ready For Linux Release

Mesa Does A Bit More Of OpenGL 4

Fedora 18 Will Preview A New Package Manager

Radeon DRM Finally Has HD 6000 Series HDMI Audio

Years Later, Intel Poulsbo Remains A Bloody Mess

Intel's Knights Corner Turns Into The Xeon Phi

RandR 1.5 Works: GPU Offloading, USB Hotplugging

RIFS-ES Linux Kernel Scheduler Released

NVIDIA PR Responds To Torvalds' Harsh Words

R600 Gallium3D Expands On Stream-Out By Default

Valve Picks Up Another Key Linux Developer

AMD Has No Plans To Suspend Catalyst For Linux

Merging The GNU D Compiler Into GCC, Again

AMD To Open-Source Its Linux Execution & Compilation Stack

Wayland On Android Is Continuing To Come Along

Beefy Miracle Is Now Lean Enough For ARM Release

Calxeda Claims 15x Advantage Over Intel Xeon

New GPU "Output Slaves" Patches Posted

Using Clang To Auto-Convert Qt 4 To Qt 5

Linux Driver Support Still Leaves A Lot To Desire

Showing The 96-Core Ubuntu ARM Cluster In Action

Radeon Gallium3D LLVM Now Uses VLIW Scheduler

New Input Method Support In Wayland

Debian 7.0 "Wheezy" To Be Frozen Soon

Sponsoring Open-Source Drivers For $1 Per Day?

Ubuntu's Plans To Implement UEFI SecureBoot: No GRUB2

DNF: The New Package Manager Of Fedora 18

Intel Ivy Bridge Borked On FreeBSD, Debian BSD

Using GPU Video Acceleration Under Linux

Wine 1.5.7 Has Dynamic Device Support

NVIDIA Loses Huge GPU Order Due To Linux Blob

NVIDIA GeForce OpenCL Performance Comparison

AMD Radeon HD 7970 GHz - Is It Worth It On Linux?

Intel Keeps On PCI Express D3 Cold Power Savings

Upcoming Linux Benchmarks For July 2012

Intel Publishes Ivy Bridge Programming Documentation

GCC 4.8 Compiler - Is It Faster Yet?

OpenFIMG Graphics Driver Slow To Advance

NVIDIA Wants To Be A Better Linux Patron

Linux 3.5-rc4 Kernel: Small & Insignificant

Xonotic Aims To Be The Best Open-Source FPS

Mesa's Rate Of Git Development Is Slowing

DirectFB 1.6 Brings OpenGL, Android Features

An Overview Of Qt 5.0 Features

Fedora Is Unsure About 256 Color Terminals

CrossOver 11.2 Brings New Microsoft Software To Linux

Systemd Support For Managing User Sessions

Wayland, Weston 0.95 Pre-Release Is Available

Apple iPad Tethering Now Works With Linux

AMD Comments On XvBA Video Situation

Freedreno 3D Driver Hits Rendering Milestone

KDE No Longer Competitive? Developer Calls It Quits

Open-Source Radeon Tries Again For PCI-E 2.0

Qt 5.0 Beta Is Due Out Soon

Open Shading Language Continues Making Progress

Enlightenment's EFL Gets Its Own Physics Library

Chrome 20 Takes Over Adobe Flash On Linux

Intel Gallium3D Gets sRGB Textures

Intel OTC Still Playing With Atomic Mode-Setting

GRUB 2.00 Boot-Loader Release Is Imminent

Eclipse 4.2 Released With Juno

KDE 4.9 RC1 Released

Wine Developers Fight Over PulseAudio Driver

Qt Looks Towards Using OpenGL 3.x, ANGLE

UEFI SecureBoot Comes To QEMU-KVM

Kinect With Qt Makes Cursor Out Of Your Hand

GRUB 2.00 Boot-Loader Officially Released

Bringing DRM Drivers Back To Older Linux Kernels

DragonflyBSD 3.0 vs. Debian GNU/kFreeBSD Wheezy

The Latest Details On Intel's Valley View Atom SoC

MIPS Loongson 3A Benchmarks On Debian

Open-Source Radeon HD 7000 Series Still Lacking

Ubuntu 12.10 "Quantal Quetzal" Alpha 2 Is Here

Potential Good News For NVIDIA Optimus On Linux

AMD Catalyst 12.6 For Linux Disappoints

Intel Puts New Haswell Code At Parity With Ivy Bridge

Fedora "Beefy Miracle" Comes To IBM Mainframes

The Last ATI/AMD Radeon UMS Driver Release

Alien Arena Reloaded Coming Next Week

PanoVRama: Open Multi-Projector Image Rendering

Better Radeon DRM Code Documentation Comes

The Most Energy-Efficient Linux Computers

Phoronix Test Suite 4.0-Suldal Milestone 4

Pymothoa: JIT'ing Python Over LLVM

VIA Kernel Mode-Setting Code Might Merge Soon

Open-Source Freedreno Hits New 3D Milestone

Linux 3.5-rc5 Kernel: "Nothing Really Worrisome"

GNU C Library 2.16 Brings Many Features (GLIBC)

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