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Phoronix Test Suite


May 2012 News Archives

Qt 5.0 Final Release Delayed To August

Tizen 1.0 Larkspur SDK, Source Code Is Out

Fedora 18 Is Codenamed The Spherical Cow

OpenBSD 5.1 Released

Xamarin Ports Google's Android To Mono C#

Intel Releases 2.19 X.Org Driver To Fix Bugs

Nouveau NV10-NV20 Can Now Handle S3TC

Maximal: A New Open-Source License...

The Most Awesome But Least-Advertised F17 Feature

NVIDIA's 302 Linux Driver Finally Has RandR 1.2/1.3

A Virtual KMS Driver For QEMU Comes, Again

Upcoming Linux Hardware Tests, Benchmarks

Electronic Arts At Ubuntu Summit; Linux Games Coming?

Did Hell Freeze Over? GIMP 2.8 Released

Reiser4 For New Kernels? Don't Hold Your Breath

Intel Ivy Bridge Continues To Grind Quickly On Linux

KDE 4.8.3 Update Ships

NVIDIA 295.49 Fixes Linux Performance Regression

Humble Botanicula Generates $822k USD

Using DisplayLink USB Graphics On Ubuntu 12.04

OpenGL 3.1 Not Likely In Mesa Until 2013

Google's Chromium Running On Wayland

Blizzard's Diablo III On Linux?

LibVNCServer 0.9.9 Brings IPv6, TurboVNC Encoder

Thunderbolt On Linux Not Yet Primed For Success

NVIDIA Releases Tegra Hardfp Pack

Intel Ivy Bridge - Linux: GL 3.0, Windows: GL 4.0

ZFS File-System For Linux Is Still Around

LLVM's Clang 3.1 Compiler Betters C11, C++11

Linux 3.4-rc6: The Final Linux 3.4 Kernel Is In Sight

GCC 4.6/4.7 vs. LLVM-Clang 3.0/3.1 Compilers

A Migration Guide From X11 To Wayland Brought Up

Calxeda Shows Off 192-Core ARM Ubuntu Server

Shuttleworth Talks About Ubuntu 12.10

Fedora 18 To Get User Mode Migration, Xfce 4.10

Doom 3 Progresses On OpenGL ES 2.0, EGL

Canonical: Ubuntu To Soon Ship On 5% Of PCs

The Biggest Problem For A Linux PC Vendor

Ubuntu 12.10 Working To Play A Sound Theme

Ubuntu 12.10 To Target Linux 3.5 Kernel, Maybe 3.6

Qt 5.0 Is Going To Like LLVMpipe, Wayland

Ubuntu Still Trying To Lock Down Third-Party Debs

EA Begins Their (Sad) Ubuntu Game Push

Unity 2D To Go Away In Ubuntu 12.10

A Look At Why Linux Graphics Drivers Have Issues

Ubuntu Friendly Wasn't So Friendly After All

GCC vs. LLVM/Clang Compilers On ARMv7 Linux

The X.Org Plans For Ubuntu 12.10

NVIDIA Announces Open-Source CUDA Compiler

Ubuntu 12.10 Grows Ambitious Wayland Plans

EA Talks About Gaming At UDS: It's Boring

Test Automation With PTS, OpenBenchmarking.org

The Generic Mode-Setting Driver Updated

The Biggest Quality Problem At Ubuntu 12.10 UDS

Btrfs File-System Plans For Ubuntu 12.10

Compiz, Merging, Forking - Other UDS-Q Notes

EA's Open-Source Site Is Disappointing

NVIDIA Ships The GeForce GTX 670 Kepler

Ubuntu TV Is A Popular Topic This Week

MSAA For Mesa Finally Moves Closer

Mageia 2 On Approach, Rocks 6.0 Released

BCache For The Linux Kernel Still Being Tackled

NVIDIA Tegra With Dedicated Quadro/GeForce?

PowerTOP 2.0 Finally Sees Release

OpenCL Gallium3D State Tracker Merged Into Mesa

ConnMan 1.0 Released For Linux Networking

PulseAudio 2.0 Runs On HURD, Has Jack Detection

Ubuntu Plans For A Future With Upstart

A GNOME Flavor Of Ubuntu - "GNOME-buntu"

Ubuntu 12.10 To Further Binary Blob Handling

Wine 1.5.4 Brings OpenGL For The DIB

Ubuntu Developers Discuss Using Mono AOT

Ubuntu Plans For Linux x32 ABI Support

DMA-BUF PRIME Coming Together For Linux 3.5

FreeBSD Achieved A Lot In Q1'2012

FreeBSD 10 To Use Clang Compiler, Deprecate GCC

Linux 3.4 Kernel Should Be Here Next Week

The v2 Rotary Interactivity Favor Scheduler

Radeon Gallium3D OpenCL Is Coming Close

Five Updates For Vintage X.Org Drivers

A Two-Second Boot Time With systemd

LLVM For Code Decompiling?

Ubuntu System Compositor: Wayland Plug-In, Not Fork

Wasteland 2 To Run On Unity Game Engine

The New X.Org Server Driver API Is Coming

Fedora To Remain Monogamist Towards GCC

AMD RadeonSI HD 7000 Gallium3D Still Being Raised

Fedora 18 Approves Controversial Feature

OpenChrome Now Defaults To EXA

Wine-Mono: Marrying Mono With WINE

VMware Preps To Push More Mainline Kernel Code

X.Org: "A Wasteland of Unreviewedness"

A New NVIDIA Linux Binary Driver Released

Mandriva Linux Turned Over To The Community

Lightspark For Open Flash Inches Forward

NVIDIA Issues New 302 Linux Beta

Linux 3.4 Kernel Released With Many New Features

Wayland Gains New Zoom, Transition Features

ARM Publishes New Universal Linux Graphics Driver

LLVM 3.1 Has Been Quietly Postponed

Microsoft DirectX Back-End Support For Qt

Phoronix Test Suite 4.0 Slides Closer To Release

LinuxTag 2012 Gathers Linux Stakeholders In Berlin

OpenMoko's New Endeavor: Giving Out IDs

ownCloud Four Brings New Features

Mageia 2 Linux Released

LLVM 3.1 Officially Released

The Open-Source Graphics Card Is Dead

VIA Is Still At It: They Launched A $49 ARM PC

The Linux USB Library Has Been Forked

Canonical Makes Rare X.Org/Wayland Contribution

Linux Support Finally For Creative Sound Core3D

Fedora 17 For ARM Goes Into Beta

Libc++ Has Landed

New DDX X.Org Server API Changes Are Pushed

2013: A Good Year For Open-Source AMD?

Better Input Support In The Linux 3.5 Kernel

Wayland's Weston Running On Android

Fedora's Hot Dog Marketing Strategy

Where systemd Came From & Where It's Going

Linux Gamers Are Going Crazy For This New Game

Xonar DGX, Other Soundly Linux Enhancements

X.Org To Pay For Better Nouveau GPU Reclocking

The Portal Cube Shown On Open-Source Linux

Microsoft: The Unlikely Sponsor Of Linux

Kanotix 2012 Updates: Hellfire & Dragonfire

FFmpeg 0.11 Has Blu-Ray Protocol, New Encoders

Wine 1.5.5 Supports Mono As An Add-On

RPM 4.10 Release Supports The Tilde, 7-Zip

DMA-BUF In Linux 3.5 WIll Get MMAP, VMAP

Intel Publishes Massive "Fastboot" Patch Set

The Facebook Phone Will Use Linux

OpenGL ES 3.0 Will Be Here This Summer

Open-Source ARM Mali Driver Update (Lima)

LinuxTag Berlin 2012 Wrap-Up

NetBSD 6.0 Is On Approach With New Features

LLVMpipe Still Doesn't Work For Linux Gaming

Better Power Savings With ZPODD On Linux

Wolfire Overgrowth Game Makes Its Linux Debut

Why The Open-Source Graphics Card Failed

VIA Receives A "Best Choice Award"

Today Is Fedora's Beefy Miracle Day (F17 Release)

AMD Admits It Has Linux Problems

One Week To E3 Expo - Linux Gaming News?

Fedora 17 Released With Its Quirky Announcement

X.Org Server To See More API/ABI Breakage

Wayland's Weston Now Supports Video Capturing

Phoronix Linux Meet-Up - 30 May - Munich

DRM Changes In Linux 3.5 Are Huge

Another X.Org EVoC Proposal - OpenCL

ARM Is Raised For The Linux 3.5 Kernel

Ubuntu Demotes Its Migration Assistant

AMD Radeon OpenCL On Linux - Is It That Bad?

What's New In DragonEgg 3.1 For Optimizing GCC

The Open-Source Snapdragon Driver Wasn't Killed

Opus Audio: Pairing Skype's SILC With CELT

One Of The New Valve Linux Employees Is...

Genode OS 12.05 Brings Interesting New Features

The Android Back-End For Wayland's Weston

XBMC Gets Its New HD Audio Engine

Booting Fedora 17 In Less Than Three Seconds

Why Should You Use FreeBSD? Here's Some Reasons

The Extra DMA-BUF PRIME Patches For Linux 3.5

AMD Linux Catalyst: Hardware Owners Screwed?

Humble Indie Bundle V Launches

The UEFI SecureBoot Saga For Linux Continues

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