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April 2012 News Archives

Quake2World Goes Into Beta With Nice Graphics

Linux 3.4-rc1 Kernel Released

Gentoo 12.1 Released With ZFS Support

Q3-Based Reaction 1.0 Beta Released

Trine 2 Linux Client Released

Xfce 4.10 Goes Into Preview State

An In-Kernel x86 Disassembler For Linux Kernel

OpenCL/Clover Is Closer To Mesa Merging

Icculus Grows Fond Of Open-Source GPU Drivers

Samsung Continues On With Exynos DRM Development

Linux Tycoon: A Game Where You... Build A Distro

Speed Boost: The Linux Kernel Can Run On Zero CPU Cores

Fedora 18 Will Go For Tmpfs

Humble Bundle Android 2 Ends At $682k USD

Kubuntu Could Be Open To External Sponsors

Automatic GPGPU Code Generation For LLVM

Ryan's Tools For Linux Game Porting, Development

Qt 5.0 Alpha Tool-Kit Released For Testing

Non-Linux OSes Still Playing In An Intel UMS World

GIMP 2.8.0 Is Finally Near With RC1 Release

Android As A First Class Citizen To Linux Kernel

KDE 4.8.2 Fixes A Number Of Bugs

Google Does Sandy/Ivy Bridge In Coreboot For Chrome OS

There Exists A Native Linux Port Of CryEngine 3

X/Wayland Is Coming Along Nicely, But Work Is Left

Linux 3.4 Kernel Has x32 ABI Support

GCC 4.8 Aims To Switch To C++ Mode By Default

AMD Finally Publishes New Gallium3D Driver (RadeonSI)

An Experimental GNOME Shell Running On Wayland

Oracle Continues With DTrace On Linux

Fedora 17 Continues In The Tradition Of Delays

Oracle's Chris Mason Talks Up Btrfs Features

The Growing Number Of Open-Source Projects

The Good Stuff Out Of GCC 4.7, C++11

UEFI On Linux Is Like A Pathogen

Unigine Pushes Engine Changes; More Mesa Friendly

A Linux Driver For USB-Based Projectors

LF Collab 2012: Killing Blobs, Wayland, DTrace, Etc

The Wayland Redux From This Week

Linus Releases Easter Linux 3.4-rc2 Kernel

Radeon, Nouveau Power Usage On Ubuntu 12.04

Gallium3D LLVMpipe Driver On LLVM 3.1

Linux 2.4 Kernel Is Done

More Linux Games Kick Up On Kickstarter

Wayland Running Various GTK Applications

MythTV 0.25 Is Finally Released With Many Changes

Intel Lines Up Graphics Changes For Linux 3.5

Kubuntu Gets New Backer, Parting Ways With Canonical

A Proposal To Change The Default I/O Scheduler

New Linux Gaming Benchmarks Published

Debian kFreeBSD vs. Debian Linux vs. FreeBSD 9

Red Hat Legal Delays F18 Codenaming

Wayland Gets A "Super" Repository For C.I.

NVIDIA 295.40 Closes High-Risk Security Flaw

A NVIDIA Tegra 2 DRM/KMS Driver Tips Up

The Best Looking Open-Source Game?

KDE's Calligra KOffice Fork Sees Its First Release

PTS4-Suldal Milestone 1 Packs Exciting Features

Open-Source ARM Mali Graphics Driver Achieves...

The Impact Of KDE On 3D Gaming

Lightspark 0.5.6 Brings New Flash Features

openSUSE 12.2 Milestone 3 Brings Some Highlights

Improving Linux DRM For Embedded Systems

Nuanti C++ Compiler For More .NET On Linux

Unigine Engine Looks To Wasteland 2

Valve Gets Into Wearable Computing, Blogging

A Massive Nouveau Code Push Happened Today

AMD Radeon HD 7000 Series Gallium3D Merged

OpenIndiana Is Still Around, New Update Coming

The Oddest Non-FPS Title Powered By ioquake3

Nouveau Gallium3D Kepler Is Already Here

ErLLVM: High-Performance Erlang For LLVM

Nouveau Kepler Works, But May Fill Your Hard Drive

Linux 3.4-rc3 Fixes Two Obscure Bugs

X.Org 7.7 Release Candidate 1 Finally Emerges

GLX-Dock / Cairo-Dock 3.0 Released

MATE Desktop 1.2 Released

Wayland Support For Pinging, Fading Clients

Did The NVIDIA 295.40 Linux Driver Fall Off A Cliff?

Ubuntu 12.04 Still Trying For 64-bit By Default

LLVM 3.1 Branched For May Feature Release

NVIDIA Confirms Linux Driver Problems

Fedora 17 Beefy Miracle Goes Into Beta

GIMP 2.10 To Be Fully Ported To GEGL Core

The Most Popular Linux Stories Of Q1'2012

Mesa Makes Way For Assembly Shaders To GLSL IR

A Crazy Demo Showing The Ilixi Compositor In DirectFB 1.6

The Top Contributors To Wayland

Mageia 2 Is Nearly Done With Last Beta

The Humble Bundle Botanicula Debut

Fedora 18 Might Be A Frankfurter Or Spherical Cow

What Ubuntu 12.10 Won't Be Codenamed

Generic Buffer Formats, YUV For Wayland

Next Week Is Looking Phenomenal For Linux

AMD Evergreen Gallium3D Officially Does GLSL 1.30

DRM Changes Pooling For Linux 3.5 Kernel

Systemd Gets A Bunch Of Changes

Verbose GPU, CPU Information Under Linux

LightDM-KDE 0.1.0 Released

AMD R600/R700 Gallium3D Confirms GLSL 1.30

Linux 3.4 Is On Track, But Things Aren't Yet Calm

New "NV30" Nouveau Driver Still Causes Pain

Running The OMAPDRM On Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Many FSF Priority Projects Still Not Progressing

ADWC: A Tiling Window Manager For Wayland

Ubuntu 12.10 Release Schedule Published

A New GLSL Backend For Doom 3

GPU Lockup Recovery For The Nouveau Driver

Linux Hardware, Software Trends Over One Year

Ubuntu 12.10 Codenamed The "Quantal Quetzal"

A KMS Driver Arrives For AST Hardware

FreeBSD Gets A New X.Org With Intel KMS

Overgrowth Publishes Linux Game Teaser

R600 Gallium3D LLVM Shader Compiler Hooked Up

The Most Interesting GSoC 2012 Projects

A New Game Engine Comes To Linux

NGINX 1.2.0 Web Server Released

Cube 2's Tesseract Vastly Improves Graphics

A Video Of The Source Engine On Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS "Precise Pangolin" Released

R600 Gallium3D Compute Moves A Bit Closer

AMD Catalyst 12.4 Linux Graphics Driver Released

AMD Releases New gDEBugger For Linux

Another New KMS Graphics Driver Tips Up

First Signs Of Wayland Running On Android

Wine 1.5.3 Brings Various Changes

Intel Pushes Out Glamor 0.4 Release

NVIDIA Publishes New PTX Back-End For LLVM

id's Rage Linux Port Not Actively Pursued

Image Quality: Intel Ivy Bridge vs. Radeon Gallium3D

Interesting Discussions For Ubuntu 12.10 Summit

Xfce 4.10 Desktop Feature Release

The Moose File-System Remains Tasty

EXA Acceleration For The Old ATI Rage Driver

Suldal Improvements; New OpenCL, VDPAU Benchmarks

Linux 3.4-rc5: Annoying, But Not Hugely Scary

Ryan Gordon's MojoShader Sees New Mojo

Collabora Keeps Pushing PulseAudio For Android

Ubuntu 12.10 Open For Development With GCC 4.7

Another Video Demo From Last Week

CodeWeavers Is Working On A New Web Browser

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