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Phoronix Test Suite


February 2012 News Archives

Raspberry Pi's Nonchalant Graphics Stack For Linux

Introducing Wayland's Weston Launcher

Using An OpenCL Kernel In GStreamer

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Alpha 2 Released

Wine 1.4 Gears Up For Release With More Bug Fixes

Compiz Is Likely To Get The Boot From Fedora 17

Coreboot Is Set To Start Booting Laptops

The First Shots Of "Limare" Running On Linux

Unity: Very Intrusive & A Nightmare To Maintain

Radeon R600 Tiling Patches Are Ready

Is Compiz On Its Deathbed?

What The New Linux Game Publishing Will Look Like

Wayland 1.0 Is Set For H1'2012 Release

KMS For FreeBSD Is Still A Work In Progress

Intel's Brewing New Linux Graphics Driver Features

Talk Of A Brand New API For KVM Virtualization

Don't Get Excited Over Coreboot Laptops Yet

Intel Haswell Graphics Driver To Be Opened Up Soon

ASPM Linux Kernel Fix To Land Finally In 3.2 Series

Xonotic 1.0 Is On The Linux Gaming Horizon

NVIDIA Releases New Driver For X.Org Server 1.12

Nouveau Can Do OpenCL Compute For Open-Source NVIDIA

Canonical To Drop Support For Kubuntu

DMA-BUF Is Ready To Push Forward Linux Drivers

Intel's Lynx Point Chipset Is Getting Ready On Linux

Video: An Interesting Wayland Tech Discussion

Fedora 17 Is Still Trying For Btrfs By Default

Intel Is Planning To Drop PowerVR Graphics

Major ReactOS Release: Themes, Shell, ACPI, WiFi

X Input 2.2 Multi-Touch Is Feeling Good

Sabayon 8 Is Now An "Extreme-Rolling" Release Distro

Tizen's Dawati Is Using A Hybrid X-Wayland

Nouveau Working On Video Decoding & More

Radeon Gallium3D Hierarchical-Z Updated (R600)

Linux 3.3-rc3 Has No Big Surprises

Planning the X/Wayland Marriage, X Server 1.13

SPICE On KVM/QEMU Works Towards Gallium3D

The Virtual GEM Provider Is Still Being Hacked

First Wayland Release: Wayland 0.85 With Weston

OpenSUSE Enters The Beer Business With "Old Toad"

Mesa 8.0 Advances Open-Source Linux Graphics Drivers

Canonical's New Spin: Ubuntu Business Remix

oVirt Manages Its First Release

Chrome Plays Around With More GPU Acceleration

Open-Source ARM Mali Code Published

OpenChrome Picks Up New VIA Support, But Still Lags

Linux Distributions Described In Terms Of Beer

VMware Virtual GPU Driver Gets Fake Page-Flipping

Demo Of The Lima Driver On The KDE Spark Tablet

Miguel de Icaza Calls For More Mono, C# Games

VA-API Video Decoding Support For Wayland

The Gujin Boot-Loader Was Updated

Intel Tries To Fix RC6 Support Once Again

After BFS, Now Comes The BLD Linux Scheduler

Image Quality Comparison: Radeon Gallium3D vs. Catalyst

NVIDIA Releases 295.20 Linux Drivers

The Document Foundation Releases LibreOffice 3.5

Intel Hardware Context Support Patches Arrive

Myths About Secure Boot: Security, Microsoft, Etc

AMD Catalyst A.I. Useless Under Linux?

MythTV Is Now Forked As Torc

Scientific Linux 6.2 Finally Released

Using LLVM As The Compiler Within Fedora?

Changes To Merging Feature Work In Mesa

Intel Ships A MeeGo Update For Cedar Trail

Wine 1.4 Moves Closer To Release With RC4

OpenSUSE 12.2 Milestone 1 Released

Blender 2.62 Brings New Render Engine Features

A Patch That Can Make Btrfs 5~10% Faster

First Release Of The New Mode-Setting Driver

The Technical Plans For Making Wayland 1.0

FOSDEM 2012 Summary, Videos To Watch

Humble Bundle Mojam: Games Made In One Weekend

Linux 3.3-rc4 Kernel Fixes A Peculiar 32-bit Bug

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Will Try For Intel RC6 By Default

VLC 2.0 Twoflower Media Player Released

LZ4 For Btrfs Arrives While Its FSCK Remains M.I.A.

There's Hope For DMA-BUF With Non-GPL Drivers

x32 Support For Linux Kernel Called In For Review

Phoronix Test Suite 3.8 Update Pokes OS X 10.8, Etc

OpenChrome VIA KMS Has A Goal For This Summer

DisplayLink KMS Driver Arrives, Supports Hot-Unplug

KWin May Drop Support For Catalyst, Vintage GPUs

Tomes of Mephistopheles Alpha Released

The Btrfs File-System Repair Tool Is Available

Proposals To Split KMS & GPU Drivers, 2D Kernel API

Apache 2.4 Comes Out As Web Server On Steroids

Image Quality Comparison: Nouveau Gallium3D vs. NVIDIA

Mageia 2 Reaches Beta State

Adobe Announces Plans To Abandon Flash On Linux

Flashrom Update Handles Flashing More Hardware

FlightGear 2.6 Rotates With Many Changes

A Pleasant Surprise In Mesa 8.1 Radeon Gallium3D

DragonFlyBSD 3.0 Released With Multi-Core Boosts

Linux 3.4 Kernel Set To Speed-Up Intel's GPU Driver

DRM Base PRIME Support Part Of VGEM Work

Intel 12.02 Package Proclaims Stable Ivy Bridge

Oracle Puts Out A New Version Of DTrace For Linux

Open-Source Radeon HD 7000 Code Coming Soon?

Intel Releases 2.18 X.Org Linux Graphics Driver

The Fallback Mode-Setting Driver Is Improved

Wayland Work Towards State Machine For Display Control

Moving Linux Kernel Drivers To User-Space? Nope.

New Version Of Gnash Flash Player Published

XFS File-System Speeded-Up, Cleaned-Up Last Month

DragonflyBSD Developing The HAMMER2 File-System

State Of NVIDIA's VDPAU, A New Community List

Wine 1.4 Makes It A Step Further In Fermentation

AMD Will Properly Support KWin With Catalyst

Linux 3.3-rc5 Kernel Is Pretty Boring

New Wake Locks Patches Published For Linux Kernel

Mesa's Piglit May Move Forward This Summer

What Would You Like To See Out Of Mesa 8.1?

Genode OS Framework 12.02 Released

Unigine Tests Key Enhancements To Unigine Engine

Fedora Clarifies Stance On Forks Like Cinnamon, Mate

Fedora 17 "Beefy Miracle" Is On The Alpha Menu

KDE 4.9 Plans For Early August Release

Gallium3D VDPAU State Tracker Gets Ready For Action

Minix 3.2 Released, Uses LLVM/Clang, SMP, ELF

Mephistopheles: Not All Linux Games Sell Well

LightDM-KDE Is Ready For Testing

The Effect Of Desktop Effects On Graphics Performance

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