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Phoronix Test Suite


December 2012 News Archives

Coverity Uncovers More Problems In Mesa

The State Of XReaL, OpenWolf Game Engines

Ryan Gordon On Valve's Steam, Linux Porting

New Online Game Distribution Client Coming To Linux

An In-Kernel Virtio Block Device Accelerator For Linux

Arch Linux Install Pulls In Systemd 196, Other Updates

ET: Legacy - Reviving The Old FPS

DARPA Project Using LLVM For Better Code Security

You Still Have A Chance To Share Your Thoughts On GNOME

LLVM 3.2 Release Candidate 2 Arrives

R300 Gallium3D HyperZ Is Finally In Good Shape

xf86-video-intel 2.20.15 Takes Care Of More Fixes

Radeon X1000 GPUs (R500) On Linux Finally Get HyperZ

FlashFire: Buffer-Based Write Reordering For SSDs

Linux 3.7 Kernel Delayed By One More Week

NetBSD 5.2 Brings Small Updates

Unvanquished Alpha 10 Supports x32, Better Renderer

Git 1.8.1 Adding New Features, Fixes

QEMU 1.3.0 Picks Up Many New Features

Linux Kernel To Get AIO Performance Improvements

AMD Catalyst 12.11 Beta 11 Released For Linux

A New Build Of Qt 5.0 Surfaces For Testing

ARM Cortex-A15 GCC Compiler Tuning Performance

OpenACC Still Not Loved By Open Compilers

DRM Library Gets Open-Source NVIDIA Tegra Support

The PengPod Linux Tablet Is Becoming A Reality

KDE 4.10 Beta 2 Brings Further Polishing

Enlightenment E17 Alpha 8: "It's A Good One"

Freedreno GPU Driver Still Being Actively Developed

Intel Still Sorting Out Haswell On Linux

Gallium3D LLVMpipe Isn't Yet Fit For ARM

Running Debian With The Linux x32 ABI

KDE 4.9.4 Ends Out The 4.9 Series With More Fixes

RHEL 6.4 Beta Improves Microsoft Support

OpenGL Transform Feedback For LLVMpipe

Imagination Publishes 28k Lines Of Linux Kernel Code

Fedora 18 Will Stick To Using Tmpfs

Intel Proposes Tool To Auto-Convert Code To C++11

DarkTable 1.1 Supports OpenCL For Images

LLVM Developers' Meeting 2012 Videos Posted

Gallium3D UBO/TBO Support Emerges - More GL 3.x

Qt 5.0 Release Candidate - Final In About One Week

Phoronix Meet-Up - New York City - 21 December

Ubuntu 13.04 "Raring Ringtail" Alpha 1 Released

Fedora Being Talked About For "Software Collections"

New MIPS Architecture Does Virtualization, SIMD

NVIDIA Publishes PRIME Helper Patches

X Input 2.3 Patches Bring Pointer Barrier Events

Marek Takes On MSAA Gallium3D Improvements

Nouveau Lights Up The GK106 Kepler

X.Org Server 1.14 Feature Window Closing

Enlightenment E17 Goes Into Beta

Valve Expands Their Linux Beta Program

Lima GPU Driver Faces Changes, Advancements

A Deep Look Into GPUs & Linux Graphics Drivers

Wine 1.5.19 Has Performance Improvements, More C++

Richard Stallman Calls Ubuntu "Spyware"

Intel Merges ETC2 Texture Compression In Mesa

Radeon On Linux 3.8: Minor For Now, New Code Coming

Ubuntu Continues Focusing On The Nexus 7 Tablet

Trojita Is Pulled In As A KDE Project

A NUMA Linux Kernel Performance Comparison

Upstart 1.6.1 Brings New Changes

Looping Through LLVM's New Loop Vectorizer

Ubuntu Linux Considers Greater Usage Of zRAM

ArchBang Gets Banged Up For The Holidays

Valve Source Engine Linux Benchmarks Are Imminent

A New Project To Run Mac OS X Binaries On Linux

The Future Of Fedora Gets Debated, Again

Gabe Talks More About Valve's Next-Gen Linux Console

The Cortex-A15 Continues Running Strong On Linux

Loongson Hardware Is Still A Tough Find

The Grinch That Delayed FreeBSD 9.1

An Overview Of The Linux 3.7 Kernel

XBMC 12 Frodo Beta 3 Released

X Input 2.3: Pointer Barrier Events, Barrier Releases

KDE Amarok 2.7 Coming Very Soon With New Features

SUSE Enterprise Considers Btrfs Production Ready

Another Qt 5.0 Release Candidate Is Needed

SparkleShare 1.0 Released For Git-Based File Sharing

Cypress Trackpad Linux Driver Still Aiming For Mainline

AMD Releases New Radeon Code: A-Sync DMA Engines

SLAX 7.0 "Green Horn" Released: ~200MB KDE Linux OS

Fedora Needs Help Testing Out NetworkManager

Freedreno Gallium3D Driver Begins To Work

Linux 3.7 Kernel Officially Released

AMD Puts Out APP SDK 2.8, CodeXL 1.0

Linux Works Towards True CPU Hotplug Support

ACPI Power Management Gets Improved In Linux 3.8

Samba 4.0.0 Officially Released

Blender 2.65 Fixes 200+ Bugs, Couple New Features

XFS File-System Gets Fixed Up In Linux 3.8 Kernel

Marek Further Improves Radeon Mesa Performance

64-bit ARM/AArch64 Continues To Bake In Linux 3.8

CPU Scaling On DragonFlyBSD, Ubuntu, CentOS/RHEL

Last Call To Provide GNOME With Useful Feedback

The Staging Pull Goes In For The Linux 3.8 Kernel

Videos Of Qt Developer Days Berlin 2012

Linux Kernel Drops Support For Old Intel 386 CPUs

New Features Coming Up For PulseAudio 3.0

NVIDIA 313.09 Linux Driver Packs New Features

AMD's A-Sync DMA Code Makes For Fast Performance

AMD Catalyst 12.12 For Linux Released

Zswap: Compressed Swap Caching For Linux

Gallium3D Driver Comes For Intel Sandy/Ivy Bridge

GCC Developers Look At Dropping i386 Support

Intel Still Hacking On Atomic Mode-Setting / Flipping

V4L2 Support For DMA-BUF Will Come In Linux 3.8

Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition Is Coming To Linux

Valve Has A Christmas Present For Linux Gamers

Qt 5.0 Final Is Targeting A Release Next Week

CodeWeavers Puts New Features In CrossOver 12.0

Radeon R600 Back-End Merged Into LLVM

A Slew Of Performance Improvements To Hit Compiz

The Linux 3.8 Kernel Can Save A Lot Of RAM

Linux Begins To Support Windows 8 Multi-Touch

Linux Audio Driver Improvements On The Horizon

Thunderbolt Support Still Has Problems On Linux

AMD R600g HyperZ Support Is Now In Better Shape

X.Org Server 1.13.1 Pulls In The Fixes

Lightworks To Have Public Linux Beta In Q1'2013

Intel Makes Cryptography Faster On Linux

Enlightenment Releases E17 "Lucky Rubber Ducky"

Amarok 2.7 Music Player Enters Beta

Samsung Exynos DRM Prepares For New Kernel

Security Problem Discovered In Btrfs File-System

Radeon 3.8 DRM Picks Up Last Round Of Features

Suricata 1.4 Brings New Security Features

LLVM 3.2 Vastly Improves Processor Support

Testing Out KVM Nested Virtualization

Wayland 1.0.3 Released, Plans For Wayland 1.2

Linux Begins To Support IBM's Next-Gen POWER8

Intel Finally Delivers Stable i830GM/i845G Driver

FUSE Gets I/O Performance Improvements

The 3.8 Kernel Is An Amazing Gift To Linux Users

How Last Year's Linux Events Played Out This Year

There's A New Linux CPU Scheduler Based Upon BFS

Forcing Multi-Sample Anti-Aliasing With Gallium3D

GemRB Is Still Advancing As An Open Infinity Engine

Trying Out DRM-Next With Intel Sandy Bridge

What's Holding Up The Free NVIDIA Tegra Driver

BFS 426 Scheduler Released For Linux 3.7 Kernel

NVIDIA 313.09 Linux GPU Driver Benchmarks

THQ Is Looking At Bringing Their Games To Linux

UBO+TBO Support Comes To Radeon R600 Gallium3D


Phoronix NYC 2012 Winter Meet-Up

DRM Pull Request Goes In For The Linux 3.8 Kernel

TI Publishes New Open-Source DRM Graphics Driver

0 A.D. Alpha 12 Loucetios Released

EXT4 In Linux 3.8 Brings Inline Data, Seek Hole/Data

Gentoo Announces Eudev Project -- Its Udev Fork

Canonical "Won't Fix" GTK+ Wayland For Ubuntu

2D Support On Old Intel Hardware: Nothing But Misery

VLC 2.0.5 "Twoflower" Has Experimental Blu-Ray Support

W3C Finishes HTML5, Begins Work On HTML 5.1

Btrfs Gets Improved Performance On Linux 3.8 Kernel

Balance NUMA Merged For Linux 3.8 Kernel

Linux Dynticks Being Extended For Performance Wins

Intel TurboStat Can Now Read CPU Temp, Wattage

Opera 12.12 Web-Browser Released

PulseAudio 3.0 Released With New Sound Features

OpenGL May Take On A Greater Role Within Qt

DRM Render Nodes Published, Better Graphics Security

OpenSUSE 12.3 Milestone 2 Is Heavy On Updates

Enlightenment E17 Is Being Released This Friday

Qt 5.0 Tool-Kit Needs Some Last Minute Testing

Linux Kernel Still Picking Up AVX Optimizations

Digia Officially Releases Qt 5.0

KDE 4.10 RC1 Released

OpenMW 0.20.0 Brings New Gaming Features

Open-Source Doom 3 BFG Ported To Linux

AMD Made OpenCL A Bit Faster This Year On Linux

Humble Indie Bundle 7 Launches, New Linux Games

X.Org Server 1.14 Development Closed, RC1 Released

TI OMAP5 Support Comes To Their DRM Driver

ARM CoreSight Support Published For Linux

VirtualBox 4.2.6 Carries Many Virtualization Fixes

Phoronix Test Suite 4.2-Randaberg Officially Released

Mesa, EGL Support For The Buffer-Age Extension

XWayland Is Still Being Worked On

The First Unreal Engine 3 Game Ships For Linux

PureDarwin Is Back To Improving Apple's OS X Darwin

AMD's Catalyst A.I. Is Good For Few Linux Games

Mageia 3 Beta 1 Surfaces For The Holidays

NVIDIA OpenCL Linux Performance Benchmarks

The Most Popular Linux Stories Over Eight Years

Xoreos: An Open-Source Engine Of BioWare's Aurora

The Steam Linux Client Is Now Available To Everyone

ROSA Desktop 2012: "The Experiment Has Succeeded"

NVIDIA Publishes Their Next-Gen Tegra 4 Code

LLVM 3.2 Released

Enlightenment E17 Officially Released

Wine 1.5.20 Improves C++ Runtime

Linux 3.8-rc1 Kernel Released: Lots Of New Stuff

F2FS File-System Merged Into Linux 3.8 Kernel

ADA 2012 Is Now An ISO Standard

Hot-Data Tracking Still Baking For The Linux Kernel

What Features LLVM/Clang 3.2 Bring To The Table

Radeon R600g HyperZ Support Improved In Mesa

VIA DRM/KMS Driver Still Not Ready For Linux 3.8

OpenGL ES 3.0 Support In Mesa Is Getting Close

Unvanquished Prepares For A Great 2013

GNU Grep & Sed: Fallout Within The GNU FSF Camp

Awesome 3.5 Window Manager Released

FreeBSD Jumps Quickly On LLVM/Clang 3.2

BLAKE2: A New Alternative To MD5 & SHA-2/SHA-3

Prequengine: Another Open-Source Game Engine

The Feature Overview For The Linux 3.8 Kernel

Humble Bundle 7 Approaching Two Million Dollars

OpenRA: Command & Conquer On Linux, Powered By Mono

What Didn't Make The Cut For The Linux 3.8 Kernel

Intel Quiet System Technology (QST) Support In Linux

Debian Brought Back To Life On M68K-Based Amigas

REAPER Audio May Be Coming To Linux

Happy Holidays & What's Popular So Far This Month

Ubuntu 12.10 Now Unredirects Fullscreen Windows

Glibc 2.17 Supports 64-Bit ARM, Improved Features

Ubuntu In 2013: Mobile, Unity, Deep In The Cloud

Intel's Cilk Plus Still Waiting To Get Into GCC

LibreOffice 4.0 Beta 2 Is Looking Good

Torque 3D Engine Is Wanting To Come To Linux

KDE To Get Improved Multi-Monitor Handling

Intel Still Playing With i830GM/845G Stability

MorphOS Still Being Toyed With For PowerPC

OpenMP Support For LLVM/Clang Still Being Drawn

Radeon Driver Enables Full 2D Acceleration For HD 7000

NetBSD 6.0.1 Released, Brings Bug-Fixes

Multi-Process Support For GTK's HTTP Back-End

Humble Indie Bundle 7 Offers Up More Games

Valve Beginning To Look At Steam Linux Not On Ubuntu

Gentoo-Based Calculate Linux 13 Released

The State Of Linux Distributions Handling SecureBoot

OUYA Android-Based Game Console Starts Shipping

Automake Looks To Drop MS-DOS, Windows 95/98/ME

Free Software Foundation Thinks It Can Stop SecureBoot

Views Expressed Over The Health Of GTK+

Intel Mesa Patches For ARB_texture_multisample

14 Years & Kicking: FreeDOS Is Still Alive

2013 Is Going To Be The Year Of Linux Gaming

Nine Years Later, ResidualVM Sees Its First Release

A Shader Disassembler For Radeon Gallium3D

The Most Popular Linux Benchmarks Of 2012

Features Being Planned For HTML5 GTK+

Unigine Now Does "Seamless Forest Rendering"

The Most Popular Linux Hardware Of 2012

Linux On The Microsoft Surface Won't Be Easy

The Problems Right Now For Gaming On Linux

Unpleasant: LLVM/Clang 3.2 On The ARM Cortex-A15

Red Orchestra 2 Might Be Ported To Linux

Rekonq 2.0 KDE Web-Browser Brings New Features

Unvanquished Lays Out Open Game Plans For 2013

Nouveau Gets More Improvements For Linux 3.8

FreeBSD 9.1 Officially Released

KTAP: A New Dynamic Tracing Tool For Linux

Phoronix 2012 Year-End Summary

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