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Phoronix Test Suite


November 2012 News Archives

Hybrid Graphics In Ubuntu Are Still Lackluster

Handling Command Submission For The Intel DRM Driver

There Might Be Another EXT4 Corruption Bug

Ubuntu Still Unsure On Using XZ Packages

X.Org, Wayland Plans For Ubuntu 13.04 Are Drawn

Ubuntu Desires Lower Audio Latency For Gaming

OpenBSD 5.2 Released

Radeon R600 Gallium3D Enables 2D Color Tiling

Fedora 18 Is Challenged By Yet Another Delay

Ubuntu TV Gets Some Plans For Ubuntu 13.04

Libvirt 1.0.0 Released After Seven Years

AMD Is Indeed Losing More Linux Developers

CoreCode's CoreBreach Game Goes Open-Source

Linus Torvalds Switches Back To KDE

Arch 2012.11.01 Switches To Linux 3.6 Kernel

Talk Of Fedora As A Rolling-Release Distribution

A New Language Implemented Atop LLVM

Ubuntu Tries To Attract New Developers

What Wayland's Development Looks Like

The AuroraUX Operating System Is Dead

DragonFlyBSD 3.2.1 Battles Against Linux For Speed

Tizen's Dawati Shell Has Gone Dormant

Moving Towards Building The Linux Kernel With Clang

Linux 3.7-rc4 Kernel Released

Visualizing X.Org Server, Mesa Development

Unvanquished Reaches Alpha 9 State

Enlightenment 0.17 (E17) Reaches Alpha State

GCC 5.0 Compiler Might Be On The Way

Ubuntu 12.04 Needs New Drivers For Valve's Source

Opera 12.10 Browser Improves Extensions

Marek Continues Improving Radeon Performance

GCC 4.8 Compiler Development Is Over

Radeon Driver Is Now KMS-Only, 7.0 Released

openSUSE 12.2 Is Now On ARM Hardware

ARM, Imagination Technologies Take Over MIPS

NVIDIA 304.64 Driver Fixes Performance, New GPUs

KDE 4.9.3 November Update Fixes 86 Bugs

The Steam Linux Beta Begins...

XWayland Gets Updated

AMD Closes The Operating System Research Center

LLVM's Clang Is Finally The FreeBSD x86 Compiler

Linux Kernel Ported To The Synopsys ARC700

A KDE4 Operating System In Less Than 200MB

Intel's Haswell Introduces VECS, VEBOX

Wayland's Weston Brought To The Raspberry Pi

Humble Bundle Hires Full-Time Linux Game Porter

Fedora 18 Is Delayed Into 2013

Pixman 0.28 Packs In Major Features

It's Time To Test Out GNOME 3.6

Qt Creator 2.6 Development Environment Released

OpenSUSE 12.3 Being Prepped With Numerous Changes

Fedora 19 Will Have Another Unique Codename

Mesa Picks Up Another OpenGL 4 Feature

Qt 5.0 Is Getting Into Shape On Android

VMware's Virtual GPU Driver Is Still Advancing

Intel VA-API Video Support Takes In New Features

Not All Hope Is Lost For AMD CPU Support On Linux

Two Years Later, Ubuntu Isn't Running On Wayland

GNOME 3.8 Is Dropping Its Fallback Mode

WIne 1.5.17 Improves DIB, ActiveX, OpenGL

Debian Switches Back To GNOME From Xfce

E17 Release Day Set For 21 December 2012

Intel Continues Work On ETC2 Texture Compression

Wayland 1.0 With Weston Has Been Branched

NVIDIA Tegra DRM Driver Might Appear In Linux 3.8

LM_Sensors 3.3.3 Improves Linux Hardware Sensors

Lightworks Is Not As Open As Some Would Like

KWin Moving Towards XCB, Better Performance

The Wayland LiveCD Now Supports XWayland

Linux 3.7-rc5 Kernel: It's A Small One

VIA Kernel Mode-Setting Still Not Ready For Mainline

Intel 2.20.13 Driver Update Carries More Bug-Fixes

Linux Consumers Should Still Avoid S3 Graphics

Features Coming In For The GNOME 3.8 Desktop

LLVM 3.2 Was Branched Last Night

OpenMW Open-Source Game Remake Sees New Release

A Popular Open-Source Game Still Years From Beta

ROSA Server, A New Russian Red Hat Enterprise Clone

Valve Is Working On A New Game Engine

Haiku Release 1 Alpha 4 Is Now Available

LLVM Seeks New Code Owners

NVIDIA, AMD Push High Performance GPUs

Debating Continues Over Possible Kernel GPL Violation

Should There Be A Unified BSD Operating System?

Intel Pushes Their Linux-Friendly Xeon Phi

Qt 5.0 Beta 2 Released As The Final Approaches

A Template For Writing Linux Kernel Drivers

GCC 4.8 Has More Optimizations

NVIDIA 310.19 Linux Driver Carries Enhancements

Enlightenment E17 Alpha 2 Released

LLVM 3.2 Release Candidate 1 Is Out There

Unity 4.0 Game Engine Released

Join In On Testing Out KDE 4.9 Tomorrow

Shumway: Mozilla Does An Open-Source SWF Runtime

Mageia 3 Alpha 3 Is Ready To Go

Skype 4.1 For Linux Released

Canonical Releases Upstart 1.6

CGit Maintainer Disappears, Security Hole Found

Intel Introduces PowerClamp Driver For Linux

Valve's Steam License Causes Linux Packaging Concerns

Tiny C Compiler Is Still Around, But Not Quickly Moving

The 2012 GNOME User Survey Begins, Take It Now

AMD Is Still Contributing Code To Linux

Mesa: Thread Offloading, Asynchronous SwapBuffers

Netflix Comes To Linux Via Silverlight On Patched Wine

Lenovo UEFI Only Wants To Boot Windows, RHEL

Intel Makes Microsoft's C++ AMP Cross-Platform

NetBSD 5.2 Release Is On Approach

Fedora 19 Codename Has Been Determined

XBMC 12.0 Beta Packs Exciting Features

Unigine Continues Improving Engine Quality

Why LLVM/Clang Was Ported To A Super Computer

Gentoo Developers Unhappy, Fork udev

New Catalyst For Linux Driver Improves Performance

Enlightenment E17 Alpha 3 Brings Many Changes

Valve's Linux Beta Is Ramping Up

Linux 3.7 Kernel Is About Two Weeks From Release

OpenGL ES 3.0 Support Soon Going Into Mesa

Clang Can Analyze Code Comments, Generate Docs

FreeBSD.org Has Been Penetrated

Automatic NUMA Balancing Is Quick To Balance

Pairing A C Compiler With QEMU's Code Generator

What's Exciting About FreeBSD 9.1: Intel KMS

Egosoft Wants To Bring Games To Steam On Linux

Ubuntu 13.04 Is About 13% Complete

LLVM Developers Prefer Git Over SVN

Wayland 1.0.1 Has Been Released

QEMU 1.3 Is Packing Interesting Features

Linux Foundation Struggles With Microsoft UEFI Signing

OpenSUSE: Gaming, Wayland, USB Hacking & ARM

Mozilla Firefox 17.0 Brings More Social Features

The State Of 64-Bit ARM (AArch64) On LLVM/Clang

One Year Later, Open-Source Doom 3 Is Moving Slowly

Google Parsing Of LLVM's Clang Compiler Errors

Open-Source GPU Drivers Improved For Linux 3.8

Enlightenment E17 Alpha 4 Released

Intel Acquires Creative's ZiiLabs (3DLabs)

Systemd 196 Brings New Features

Calling For A Fork Of GNOME 3's Fallback/Panel Mode

Jolla Presents Sailfish OS MeeGo-Fork

KDE Ships 4.10 Beta: Better Performance, More QML

Bringing Wayland To Proprietary Platforms

Samsung Arndale Board Exynos 5 Dual Benchmarks

GNOME 3.x Will Bring Back Some GNOME 2 Features

Gdev Still Happening While PSCNV Driver Is Stalled

Fedora Begins Bootstrapping ARMv8

Nouveau Work On Kepler. Optimus, Gets A Falcon

Steam Linux Beta Opens Up To More Gamers

Intel Driver Changes Building Up For Linux 3.8 Kernel

Phoronix Test Suite 4.2-Randaberg Hits Final Milestone

Fedora 18 Beta Finally Ready For Release

Radeon HD 7000 Series Open-Source Still A Mess

Presenting The Common Display Framework

Wine 1.5.18 Improves Windows Codecs

Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A15 Linux Benchmarks Continue

Enlightenment E17 Alpha 5 Works On Its Default Theme

NVIDIA: New Features, Support For Linux For Tegra

The Dark Mod For Doom 3 On Linux

LLVM 3.2 Improves PowerPC Compiler Support

Qt Developer Days 2012 Slides: KDE 5, Qt Quick, Ports

Upcoming Linux Benchmarks For The Holidays

NVIDIA Still Working On Open-Source For Tegra Driver

LibreOffice 4.0 Alpha 1 Is Freed For Testing

AMD Geode Open-Source Driver Updated For X 1.13

Linux Users Might See A PowerVR Holiday Surprise

Linux 3.7-rc7 Kernel Is "Slightly Scarier"

Intel Driver Update Improves Old Hardware Support

OpenELEC 3.0 Enters Beta With XBMC 12.0

NVIDIA Publishes Open-Source 2D Driver Code

Oracle Wants To Embed JavaScript In Java Code

More Open-Source Projects Eyeing Up C++11

GNOME 3.7.2 Kills The GNOME Fallback Mode

id Software Releases Doom 3 BFG Source-Code

Guix: A New Package Manager & GNU Distribution

AMD R600 LLVM Back-End Still Being Tried For 3.2

Firefox 18 Beta Brings The IonMonkey Engine

Upstart Now Available In Debian Unstable

LF: There's Less Concern About ARM UEFI SecureBoot

Intel 2012Q4 Graphics Driver Is Good For Valve

Ekiga 4.0 VoIP Program Adds In Many Features

Fedora 18 "Spherical Cow" Beta Finally Released

Sauerbraten Update Coming, Tesseract Still Going

RadeonSI Gallium3D Driver Sees A Few Fixes

Enlightenment E17 Alpha 6 Packs Many Changes

Splashtop For Linux Claims 10x Performance Advantage

Compiz To Unredirect Fullscreen Windows By Default

Dear Esther: Another Source Engine Game On Linux

The Back Story On The Open NVIDIA Tegra Driver

Fedora 19 Planned For Release In Late May

Qt 5.0 Release Still Planned By Year's End

Linux Kernel Development Is Slow On The Xbox 360

A Basic Look At How The LLVM Compiler Works

Mesa State Tracker Now Handles GL 3.1 Core Profiles

Ubuntu Prepares To Kill Off Metacity, Ups Compiz

Digia Releases Qt 4.8.4 With 170+ Improvements

Samsung's Exynos DRM Driver Keeps Advancing

Genode OS 12.11 Is Now Self-Hosting

Rocks Cluster 6.1 Adds In ZFS File-System Support

Unified Parallel C (UPC) Comes To LLVM/Clang

Why KDE Is Great For Gaming On The Linux Desktop

Another Enlightenment E17 Alpha Already Tips Up

Avoiding Frame Jitter With GNOME's Mutter, Weston

Using AddressSanitizer & ThreadSanitizer In GCC 4.8

Wayland & Weston 1.0.2 Released

Alien Arena 7.65 To Bring Huge Renderer Enhancements

ARM & Steam Continue Exciting Linux Enthusiasts

SecureBoot Is Now Easier For Smaller Distributions

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