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Phoronix Test Suite


October 2012 News Archives

Python 3.3 Now Available

Xen For ARM Is Set For The Linux 3.7 Kernel

OpenShot Video Editor 1.4.3 Packs New Features

Concerns Emerge Over Qt Project vs. Digia

ARM64/AArch64 Support Going Into Linux 3.7 Kernel

WebKitGTK+ Accelerated Epiphany On Wayland

Linux 3.7 Supports The Nintendo Wii Balance Board

OpenSUSE On ARM Hits Release Candidate Stage

Perf Sees Big Changes With Linux 3.7 Kernel

Intel Mesa Driver Now Handles Register Spilling

Git 1.8 Is Being Readied With New Features

The Staging Pull Goes In For Linux 3.7 Kernel

Intel SMAP Comes To Try To Better Secure Linux

September Brought Good Valve, ARM, Linux News

KDE SC 4.9.2 October Update Ships

Wine Mono Project Still Integrating Mono's .NET

Valve's Steam Begins Selling More Than Games

Linux Now Supports Oracle's SPARC-T4

Linux 3.7 May Help Radeon Users With Power

Intel's DRM Driver Is Heavy On Changes For Linux 3.7

Early Boot Speed Results For Ubuntu 12.10

One Kernel Can Now Handle Multiple ARM Platforms

MythTV 0.26 Advances The Open-Source HTPC

Humble Indie Bundle 6 Ends At $2 Million USD

OpenSUSE 12.3 Now At Milestone 0

JFS File-System Can Now Handle SSD TRIM Discard

The First Release Of AppStream-Core

Blender 2.64 Brings Improvements For Open Movie

Open-Source Game Advancing Its GL3 Renderer

The DRM Graphics Pull Goes In For Linux 3.7 Kernel

New & Updated Linux Benchmarks

Nouveau Changes Will Make Features Like SLI Easier

LLVM/Clang vs. GCC On The Intel Atom With Linux

Oracle Solaris 11.1 Brings 300+ Enhancements

The Linux 3.7 Kernel Is Going To Be A Beast

Samsung Introduces New Linux File-System: F2FS

Compiz Being Re-Retired From Fedora

Linux Kernel Support For The Loongson-3

Ubuntu Unity 6.8 Aims To Fix Performance Problems

Ubuntu: Open X Bugs, Nouveau In A "Funky State"

Cairo 1.12.4 Brings Worthwhile Changes

EXT4 In Linux 3.7 Improves Online Resizing

An Easy Way To Try Out FreeBSD 10

Passing File Descriptors Over The X Protocol Socket

Intel: Samsung Clobbering Others With Tizen

Rekonq 2 Web Browser Enters Development For KDE

ACPI-Based System Device Hot-Plugging Framework

KDE's KWin Gears Up To Advance At Faster Pace

FreeBSD On ARM Is Still In Severed State

DMA-BUF With V4L2 Is Still A Work In Progress

OMAP DDX Driver Sees Improvements

The Second DRM Pull For The Linux 3.7 Kernel

Arch Linux Moves Forward With Systemd

Phoronix Test Suite 4.2-Randaberg Hits First Stage

Linux Now Has Audio Run-Time Power Management

Linux 3.8 Kernel May Have Better Nouveau Re-Clocking

GNOME Launches GBeers Initiative

Unvanquished Pushes Its OpenGL 3 GLSL Renderer

Linux Support For HDMI CEC Still In Development

There's Still Interest In A Fedora Software Center

Mesa 9.0 Officially Released, Supports OpenGL 3.1

Running GStreamer Over VA-API On Wayland

A Significant Release Of DragonFlyBSD Coming Up

Nine Good Things About Mesa 9.0

VA-API Library 1.1 Supports Wayland, Raw DRM, ICS

LLVM 3.2 Gets A Release Plan For Mid-December

Fedora 19 Might Be A Prime Rib Or Crop Circle

Ubuntu Prompts For Donations When Downloading

KDE Desktop Won't Force You To Use LLVMpipe

Nine Reasons Mesa 9.0 Is Disappointing For End-Users

Auto-Determining Relevant Linux Benchmarks To Run

Btrfs Gets New Features In Linux 3.7

Firefox 16 Improves HTML5, Developer Experience

E17 Does A Desktop Shootout, The Winner Is....

Wayland/Weston 1.0 Is Going To Happen Next Week

Linux Kernel Gets Hot-Data Tracking

How Ubuntu Intel Graphics Changed In One Month

LLVM's Polly Keeps Optimizing, Plays With Pluto

FreeBSD 9.1 Planned For Release At Month's End

Microsoft Is Still Working On Hyper-V Linux Drivers

AMD Turbo Core Performance Under Linux

Linux Developers Still Reject NVIDIA Using DMA-BUF

Linux Foundation Comes Up With SecureBoot Plan

AddressSanitizer Being Ported To GCC Trunk

ioDoom3 - Open-Source id Tech 4 - Is Dormant

AMD Drops Steamroller "bdver3" Compiler Support

Trinity KDE 3.5 Desktop Fork Sees New Release

Linaro Introduces "Boottime" For Linux Kernel

Boosting The Performance-Per-Watt Of GPUs

GPU Driver Updates To Come Quicker To Ubuntu

Error Recovery Support In The Wayland Client

Ubuntu To Consider Ridding GNOME Fallback Code

Btrfs-Progs Sees A Pile Of New Changes

Features Being Brewed For KDE 4.10

Linux 3.7 + Mesa 9.1-devel Running On Ubuntu 12.10

An Attempt To Push Ubuntu As A Gaming Platform

Wine 1.5.15 Fully Supports Layered Windows

Ubuntu TV To Get More Objectives In Ubuntu 13.04

Ubuntu 13.04 To Look At XZ-Compressed Packages

DragonFlyBSD Improves Performance Against Linux

Patches For OpenMP Support In LLVM's Clang

A New E17 Snapshot Before The Big Announcement

Linux Desktops Described In Terms Of Beer

One Week To LinuxDays In Prague

Intel's Linux Driver Continues To Be Most Popular

Linux 3.7-rc1 Kernel Released With Many Features

Mageia 3 Gets Its Second Alpha Release

Intel X.Org Driver Gets A Number Of Core Bug-Fixes

KDE Plasma Active Three Boosts The Performance

NVIDIA's CUDA 5 Boasts Interesting New Features

Update On The GOG Game Service For Linux

GNU Unified Parallel C Still Aiming For GCC 4.8

Benchmarking The Ubuntu "Low-Jitter" Linux Kernel

NVIDIA 310.14: OpenGL 4.3, Threaded Optimizations

GCC Approves AArch64, ARM 64-bit Compiler Port

Zenwalk Continues Banging The BFS Scheduler

Waffle 1.1 Gets EGL + GBM, Android Toppings

Ubuntu TV Still Being Ported To Unity 3D

Signed Kernel Modules Support For Linux 3.7

VMware Works On Mainlining More Linux Kernel Code

Wayland/Weston 0.99 Is Out, 1.0 Next Monday

Fedora 18 Is Now One Month Behind Schedule

The X API Is About 15 Times Bigger Than Wayland

Fedora 19 Continues With Unique Names

NetBSD 6.0 Released Bringing Major Changes

GCC 4.8 To Handle More C++11, Initial C++1y Support

Fedora 19 Might Replace Rsyslogd With Journald

Intel To Hide Early Hardware Support By Default

Ubuntu 13.04 Is Codenamed The "Raring Ringtail"

LLVM Turns To Phabricator As New Review Option

New Features Coming Up For The GCC 4.8 Compiler

Bickering Continues About NVIDIA Using DMA-BUF

Ubuntu 12.10 Is Ready To Enter The Zoo

NVIDIA 304.60 Driver Fixes Bugs

Intel On Haswell Under Linux: "We've Screwed Up"

Initial ARMv8 Support For 32-bit GCC Port

X.Org Foundation Revises Its Purpose

Intel Mesa To Force On S3TC, Floating-Point Textures

Tests Continue From The 5-Watt Ubuntu ARM Server

LinuxDays, Gentoo, SUSE Prague Is This Weekend

Nouveau DRM Commits Supporting Z Compression

Canonical To Develop Some Ubuntu Features In Private

China Makes A Java Version Of Core LLVM

Unigine Engine Does Real-Time Global Illumination

Linus Torvalds Still Rejects KVM Tool From Kernel

ETC2 Texture Compression For Intel Is Happening

Doom 3 BFG Approved For GPL/Open-Source

AMD Trinity APU Performance-Per-Watt On Linux

Reading The Linux Graphics Driver How-To Book

Ubuntu Ported To Google Nexus 7

GLX-Dock 3.1 Brings Better Unity Integration

Linux 3.7-rc2 Kernel Piles On The Fixes

Intel Linux Driver Still Working To Address Tearing

id Software Has No Plans For Doom 3 BFG On Linux

Wayland Continues To Excite Linux Users

Initial F2FS File-System Results Are Impressive

Gentoo Developers, Users Look At Gaming Future

Not All Linux Users Want To Toke On LLVMpipe

OpenSUSE ARMs Up For A Low-Power Battle

Auto-Driving Benchmarks With PTS 4.2 Milestone 2

LinuxDays: An Open-Source Event Of Disorganization

Local Register Allocator Merged Into GCC (LRA)

With Wayland 1.0, A Large TODO List Remains

Git 1.8.0 Gets New Features With Official Release

Samsung Set To Open-Source Parts Of The Exynos

Enlightenment 0.17 Release Is Just Days Away

Intel Keeps Pushing Haswell Code For Linux

Mono 3.0 Released With A Ton Of Improvements

AMD Catalyst 12.10 For Linux Surfaces

Wayland 1.0 Officially Released

Systemd 195 Brings "Cool New Features"

Valve To Speak Next Week At Ubuntu Summit

How To Port Linux To Your ARM Hardware Device

Haswell Video Acceleration Code Published

AArch64 Called For Merging To GCC Trunk

More Linux Benchmarks Of The AMD FX Vishera

Green Island: A New Qt-Based Wayland Compositor

KDevelop 4.4: Not Much Is New With The IDE

Greg KH Updates USBView For GTK3, DebugFS

Ho-Hum: Yes, Team Fortress 2 Is Coming To Linux

TI Linux Developers Continue Work On The OMAP5

Ubuntu To Work On Rapid Hardware Enablement

AMD Catalyst 12.11 Beta Linux Driver Released

EXT4 Data Corruption Bug Hits Stable Linux Kernels

Nouveau X.Org Driver Gets Fixed Up

Raspberry Pi Gets Fully Open-Source Graphics Stack

DirectFB Continues To Gain New Features

A Proposal To Fix The Full-Screen Linux Window Mess

Raspberry Pi GPU Driver Turns Out To Be Crap

ARM Freedreno Driver Begins Work On Gallium3D

Talk Of "EXT5" File-System; Should EXT4 Be Frozen?

KVM Virtualization Support For ARM

Atomic Mode-Setting Still Being Enriched

Parallella: Low-Cost Linux Multi-Core Computing

Motif 2.3.4 On The LGPL License

LLVM Gets An Automatic Loop Vectorizer

The First GNOME 3.8 Development Release

Wine 1.5.16 Pulls In New Mono Package

Apply To Be Part Of The Valve Linux Beta

The Most Interesting Features Of The Linux 3.7 Kernel

How Well Is AMD CnQ Working For You On Linux?

New Linux Benchmarks For Stressing Tux

Benchmarking LLVM's Automatic Loop Vectorizer

Features On The Horizon For The Linux 3.8 Kernel

Ubuntu Looks To An SDK, Improved App Development

Calxeda ARM Multi-Core Scaling Linux Performance

Another Round Of AMD Linux Benchmarks

The Wayland Linux Live CD Gets Updated

Open-Source Flash Player Continues To Advance

A Linux User's Perspective Of Microsoft Windows 8

Valve Talks Linux Gaming At The Ubuntu Summit

AMD Loses Some Linux Kernel Developers

GCC 4.8 Nearing End Of Stage One Development

FOSDEM 2013 Dev Rooms Announced

OpenSUSE For ARM Is Almost Ready

Ubuntu Sees Need To Improve Unity's Performance

Ubuntu To Eventually Have Its Own SDK

Ubuntu Developers Realize Need For Non-3D Desktop

Linux 3.7-rc3: Some Of You Need To Change Your Names

Ubuntu Looks To Improve Its Windows Installer

Ubuntu Needs To Improve OpenGL Drivers For Gaming

Widgets Are Coming To The Unity Desktop

Wine-Based CrossOver Software To Be Free Tomorrow

Ubuntu Plans To Stick To "Stable GNOME"

Exciting This Month: Wayland, EXT4 & AMD

The EXT4 Corruption Bug Is Fixed

Going Over The Graphics Execution Manager

Ubuntu 13.04 To Target The Linux 3.8 Kernel

Fedora 18 Isn't Looking Too Good, Anaconda Problems

Ubuntu 13.04 Aims For 64-bit ARM Support (AArch64)

Ubuntu Wants More Games Running On OpenGL ES

R600g Driver Patch That Can 4x The Frame-Rate

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