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Phoronix Test Suite


July 2011 News Archives

Valve Makes The Source SDK Free Of Charge

Floating-Point Depth Buffers For Mesa

A New Linux Game Store Is Launching Next Week

NVIDIA Introduces 280 Linux Driver Series

Gawk 4.0 Is A Major New Release

Yet Another Open-Source Video Editor: Novacut

The Kernel Graphics Interface (KGI) Is Effectively Dead

Cedar Trail Coming Soon To Open GMA500 Driver

Plans For Phoronix Test Suite 3.4-Lillesand

Gallium3D XA State Tracker Merged To Master

GEM/KMS On FreeBSD Is Working, But Not Ready

A New Version Of Libvirt Brings Many Changes

Shed Skin: Another Way To Compile Python Code

Intel Does Some New Scene Graph, Ray-Tracing Code

WebCL: OpenCL For The Browser

DRM Changes Coming Up For Linux 3.1 Kernel

Linux 3.0-rc6 Kernel: Space Aliens & Drugs

Lightspark Flash Player Sees Some Improvements

AMD's New Open-Source Employees

HTC Is Buying Out S3 Graphics

MLAA For Mesa Is Ready For Testing

QED: A New, High Performance QEMU Disk Format

KDE SC 4.6.5 Monthly Update Arrives

Ubuntu 11.10 Alpha 2 Brings Thunderbird, LightDM

Plasma Active Is Slimming Down KDE's KWin

Apple Time Machine Come To Linux, Sort Of

AMD Pushes gDEBugger Away From Linux, Mac OS X

CERN Puts Out A New Open Hardware License

Wine 1.3.24 Continues Direct3D 9.0 Implementation

New VirtualBox Beta Has PCI Pass-Through Support

Mesa 7.11 Release Candidate 1 Arrives

A DRM Driver Appears For The i.MX51/53 SoCs IPU

Visualizing Linux Performance Data In New Ways

At Long Last, CentOS 6.0 ISOs Finally Surface

Mesa Gets OpenGL 3.0 Floating-Point Depth Buffers

XreaL Is Still Around, But Without Any Release

0 A.D. Alpha 6 Fortuna Presents Some Summer Fun

KDE Does Its Second 4.7 Release Candidate

Gallium3D Pipe-Video To Be Merged To Mesa Master

Linux 3.0-rc7 Kernel Released; One Last Hit?

Intel Driver Is Now Doing Triple-Bufferred Page-Flips

A Slew Of Patches For The Intel "GMA500" Driver

GLSL-To-TGSI For Mesa Is Still Not Merged

Ubisoft Is Playing With Linux & Xen Virtualization

The Launch Titles For The Gameolith Linux Store

VIA Kernel Mode-Setting Almost Handles LVDS

A Status Update On GNU Hurd: Java, Debian, Money

Compiz 0.9.5 Has Arrived

Mesa Gallium3D Pipe-Video Has Landed

Adobe Flash Player 11 For 64-Bit Linux Is Christened

Two Months To The X.Org Chicago Conference

VP8 Gallium3D Support In Mesa Is Being Worked On

The Next Ubuntu Developer Summit Announced

VirtualBox 4.1 Beta 3 Has More Fixes

Coming Up: Benchmarks Of GNU Hurd

NVIDIA 275.19 Linux Driver Published

What's New In The Land Of Wayland?

Missing Functionality From The Linux Graphics Drivers

Linux.Conf.Au 2012 Call For Papers

SystemD/Udev Multi-Seat Support For X.Org

NVIDIA Proposes Extending RandR

SUSE Formally Hands Off Mono Control To Xamarin

Phoronix Test Suite 3.4-Lillesand Milestone 1 Released

OnLive Is Hiring More Engineers For Linux Client

Apple Unleashes Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

VirtualBox 4.1 Goes Gold

CrossOver 10.1 Released, Games Version Updated Too

Mesa 7.11 Release Candidate 2 Is Here

Preparing For The Linux 3.1 Kernel

Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS Released

Oracle Just Bought Out Ksplice

Linux 3.0 Kernel Has Been Christened

XL Engine For Games Is Being Brought To Linux

Milestone 3 For openSUSE 12.1

What Do You Dislike or Hate About Ubuntu?

Improving KDE's Plasma Performance

Wine 1.3.25 Presents Rewritten Audio Support

GNOME & KDE Developers Go To Battle Over A Name

Phoronix Oslo Meet-Up Next Week

Linux 3.1 Kernel Gains A Wiimote HID Driver

Linux 3.0 Real-Time Kernel Released

New GTK+ Release Integrates Gail, Redoes File Chooser

Unigine OilRush Game Receives More Enhancements

NVIDIA Pushes Out Another 280.xx Beta Driver

Open-Source CPU Architecture Pulled Into Linux 3.1 Kernel

Double-Precision "Huge Worlds" In Unigine

Phoronix Meet-Up In Oslo Norway On 29 July

Mozilla Prepares Its Own Web-Based Operating System

CUPS 1.5.0 Released With Several New Features

Intel Looks To Bring Mesa SNB libEGL To Android

The DRM Pull For The Linux 3.1 Kernel

NVIDIA Releases A Batch Of Vintage Linux Drivers

Another Humble Indie Bundle Just Launched

Azure Replacing Cairo In Mozilla Firefox

Latest Bundle Already Pulls $100k; Here's A Contest

R300 Gallium3D Is Now Separate From Classic Driver

One Last Call To Make Novacut A Reality

The Desura Linux Game Client Is Soon To Be Ready

Phoronix Gathering This Friday In Aker Brygge

AMD Catalyst 11.7 Driver For Linux Brings...

KDE SC 4.7.0 Officially Released

Unigine Engine Support For OS X Becomes Official

GNOME Shell, Mutter Move One Step Forward

Humble Bundle Still Selling Strong - Crosses $650k

Java SE 7 Finally Sees The Light Of Day

Gallium3D XvMC For Nouveau Working, Again

Intel Prepares Its 2.16 DDX Feature Release

Red Eclipse 1.1 First Person Shooter Released

Phoronix Oslo Summer 2011 Meet-Up Recap

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