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Phoronix Test Suite


May 2011 News Archives

OpenBSD 4.9 Brings Various Improvements

What Would Be A Win For KWin In KDE

X.Org Developers Conference In Chicago

Broadcom Crystal HD Improvements Under Linux

Mono Developers Go Bye-Bye From Attachmate

Intel Continues Working On The Mesa GLSL Compiler

Linux 2.6.39-rc6 Kernel Released

OpenWF Working Group Offers Hand To Wayland

Linux Game Publishing Is Working On A New Port

KDE SC 4.6.3 Released

There's An X.Org Driver For Nested X Servers

Firefox 6 Should Sort Out Linux GPU Acceleration

GameTree Linux Is Finally Out There, Sort Of

Client Side Decorations For Wayland

Speeding Up The Linux Kernel With Your GPU

The Good Stuff At The Ubuntu Budapest Summit

GTK+ 3.2 Is Coming Along WIth New Features

The Oddest Game To Be Powered By Unigine

Facebook's HipHop Can Now Build Grimstad

NVIDIA Optimus Unofficially Comes To Linux

AMD R600 Gallium3D Driver Patch For AF

Don't Look For SystemD On Ubuntu Anytime Soon

What To Expect Of Unity 2D In Ubuntu 11.10

Just Announced: Qt 5 To Be Released Next Year

AMD To Support Coreboot On All Future CPUs

Should Ubuntu Still Be Distributed As A CD ISO?

Linux 2.6.39 Kernel Is Imminent

AMD Catalyst 11.5 Linux Driver Released

Intel Puts Out DDX Support For Ivy Bridge

Next-Gen Atom To Use PowerVR; Good Or Bad?

Microsoft Is Buying Out Skype

Wayland, X.Org For Ubuntu's Future

With Qt 5 Being Talked About, So Is KDE 5

Optimus Fun Merged For Linux 2.6.40 Kernel

Intel Releases OpenCL SDK For Linux

OpenGL ES Support For QEMU Emulator

Linaro Decides On Memory Management APIs

AMD's Hiring Open-Source Graphics Developers Still

Steel Storm: Burning Retribution Released

Btrfs Support For Ubuntu's Update Manager

Thunderbird As The Ubuntu E-Mail Client

Ubuntu 11.10 To Replace GDM With LightDM

Nouveau Gallium3D, LLVMpipe In Ubuntu 11.10?

OpenGL ES 2.0 Support For Compiz, KWin, Cairo

X Input 2.1 Not Coming Until X.Org Server 1.12

Ubuntu Software Center To Be More Like Steam

Kicking Around The Wayland Display Server

Wine 1.3.20 Has Arrived

VMware's Gallium3D Driver For Virtualization

AMD Already Adds On Two Open-Source Developers

GNU GRUB 1.99 Released; So Close To Version 2.0

Keith Takes Over Maintainership Of Intel DRM

LinuxTag 2011: More Wayland, Ubuntu Pickles

Gallium3D VDPAU On Radeon Starts Working

Miguel de Icaza Starts New Company To Drive Mono

Ubuntu Studio Doesn't Like Unity Or GNOME Shell

Finally, Intel G45 VA-API Support Is Available

Adobe Flash Player Linux x86_64 Update Coming

The Linux Kernel Is Still On A Power Binge

Transforming GNOME Into A Linux-Only Project?

Phoronix Test Suite 3.2-Grimstad Milestone 3

When Open-Source Graphics Drivers Break

Ubuntu 11.10 Release Schedule Published

Linux 2.6.39 Kernel Released With New Features & Bugs

Intel Releases MeeGo 1.2 With Netbook UX

Intel Pushes Ivy Bridge Code Into Mesa Master

Good News For John Bridgman Et Al

AMD Radeon KMS Gets Some DP Improvements

What's Coming Up For GNOME 3.2?

NVIDIA Gets Happy, Puts Out Two New Blobs

A Tiny Wayland Compositor Emulates Four Displays

MeeGo 1.2 Boots Nearly Twice As Fast As Fedora, Ubuntu

MeeGo Tablet UX Can Already Run On Wayland?

0 A.D. Receives New Shader-Based Renderer Mode

What Else Is Going On At The MeeGo Conference

What Not To Expect From The Linux 2.6.40 Kernel

X Server 1.11 Breaks The Video Driver ABI

Linus Talks Of Linux 2.8 Or Linux 3.0; Ending Linux 2.6

The End Of The Road For Linux 2.6 Looks Likely

The DRM Pull For The Gardenshed (Linux 3.0) Kernel

Fedora 15 Lovelock Has Been Released

Linux 3.0 Kernel May Remove Some Old Cruft

Having Linux Support For Your Hardware At Launch

Unigine OilRush Moves A Bit Further Along

AMD Radeon HD "Cayman" Finally Moves On With Acceleration

The Light Begins To Shine On Qt 4.8

Hip Hip Hurrah, Nouveau Frees Up The Fermi Microcode

PathScale Gives FreeBSD, NetBSD A New C++ Runtime

Linux 2.6.40/3.0 Kernel Has New Microsoft Kinect Driver

KDE SC 4.7 Hits Beta With Some Fun Changes

Northern Islands & Fermi Busted On Open-Source

New ATI/AMD X.Org Driver Released (6.14.2)

VMware To Overhaul Their Virtual Graphics Driver

GNOME 3.0.2 Bug-Fix Release Arrives

CONTEST: Giving Away Unigine's New Real Time Strategy Game

CleanCache Merged Into The Linux Kernel

Wine 1.3.21 Does MSI Rollbacks, Fixes X Input 2

Is AMD Open-Sourcing Something Next Week?

The Underlying KWin Improvements In KDE 4.7

The First Image Of Desura Running On Linux

X.Org Server 1.10.2 Brings A Bunch Of Bug-Fixes

What Would You Like To See Next From Phoronix?

The Five Pillars Of Ubuntu Server 11.10

The Different Back-Ends To KDE's KWin

Say Hello To Linux 3.0; Linus Just Tagged 3.0-rc1

Free Giveaway Of Unigine's New Linux Game Continues

Problems With The GNOME Shell

The Key Features For Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric

PiTiVi Gets Ready With A New Release

How Ironic: AMD Pushes Open-Source Llano APU Support

The Linux 3.0 Kernel Will... Reboot Better?

Here's The AMD Llano Fusion Mesa/Gallium3D Code

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