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Phoronix Test Suite


April 2011 News Archives

What Would Be Disastrous For Linux, Open-Source

Questions For Ryan Gordon, The Linux Game Porter

Marek Files Patches For Floating-Point In Mesa Master

Wine 1.3.17 Does Vista File Dialogs

Portable C Compiler 1.0 Has Been Released

Last Call To Win Free Copies Of Unigine's Linux Game

Regressions In Catalyst, File-System Benchmarks

KWin Now Supports Suspended Compositing

Upcoming Phoronix Meetups: US & Europe

Fedora 16 Might Be A Beefy Miracle

A Hot-Replace Server For Wayland Is Proposed

libvirt 0.9.0 Released With Audit Support

Another Benefit To Wayland: Its Screensaver

KDE SC 4.6.2 Codename Is Dedicated To GNOME 3.0

Linux 2.6.39-rc2 Is Uncommonly Calm

GNOME 3.0 Released; LF Collaboration Summit Kicks Off

Several Linux Foundation Announcements

The SiS X.Org Driver Gets Some Improvements

Skype 2.2 Beta For Linux Released

Mesa 7.10.2 Stable Released

AMD Puts Out A Catalyst Hot-Fix For Linux

LLVM 2.9 Brings Enhancements, Plus Clang Enhancements

Broadway, GTK+ 3.x In The Web Browser, Progresses

Ubuntu 11.04 May Default To Classic GNOME Desktop

The Spiel About The Default Ubuntu 11.04 Desktop

Legal Threats Against MPlayer, Server To Disappear

Ubuntu Expels One Of Its Developers

A New Stable Release Of Wine: 1.2.3

Unigine Engine Continues On The Mobile Front

The KWin View On Mutter In GNOME 3.0

Intel Sandy Bridge Video Encode For Linux

Ryan Gordon's Thoughts On Open-Source Gaming

CentOS 5.6 Released; CentOS 6.0 Still M.I.A.

Here's The Intel SNB Video Encoder Code

KDE SC 4.8 May Move Screensaver To The Compositor

An Open-Source MMORPG Using The Unigine Engine

NTFS-3G Merges With NTFSprogs, Plus New Version

LLVM's Clang Now Successfully Builds Qt

Intel Now Says G45 VA-API Will Come In Q2

Linux 2.6.39-rc3 Released; It's Still Calm

Here's The Third Humble Indie Bundle

Fedora 16 Will Be Verne, Not A Beefy Miracle

30 Patches To Intel's Linux DRM Driver Published

Frozenbyte Bundle Already Rakes In $250k USD

Progress On The Unigine Dilogus Linux Game

NVIDIA Pre-Releases A New Linux Driver

xf86-video-intel 2.15 Driver Officially Released

Canonical To Launch Some Sort Of Ubuntu Developer Site

Bundle #3 Just Did $500k USD; Here's A Contest

Nine Years Later, NGINX 1.0 Server Released

Ubuntu 11.04 Beta 2 "Natty Narwhal" Released

Intel 2011Q1 Linux Graphics Package

Blender Becomes More Usable With 2.57 Release

Super! Patented Mesa Floating-Point Is Merged!

Ubuntu's Unity Still Crashes A Lot, Usability Problems

GIMP 2.7.2 Arrives, But Still Far From Belated GIMP 2.8

Looks Like Source-Engine Garry's Mod On Linux

What's Up With TransGaming's GameTree Linux?

Wine 1.3.18 Adds Support For XI2 Raw Mouse Events

X.Org Server 1.10.1 Released

Frozenbyte Bundle Crosses $600k, Still Free Copies

Audacity 1.3.13 Improves The Open Audio Scene

A Lightweight QEMU-Free Linux KVM Host Tool

Open-Source Web-Sites, Memories Of The Past

The Skia 2D Graphics Library From Google

Intel Mesa Gives Problems With KDE's KWin, Again

Linaro Aims To Unify Linux Memory Management

GIMP 2.8 May Not Come Until Late November

Finally It Comes: A KMS Driver For QEMU-KVM

AMD Open-Sources Tapper

Linux 2.6.39-rc4 Kernel Released; It's Less Quiet

Fedora Needs Your Help Testing GNOME 3.0

A Release Schedule, Features For GNOME 3.2

Humble Indie "Frozenbyte" Bundle 3 Slows Down

Fedora 15 Beta Released

NVIDIA Updates Its Legacy Binary Blob

Martin Takes His Mesa Issues To The List

Hitting The First Milestone For 3.2-Grimstad

The New R300 Register Allocator Is Still Being Developed

The Intel Mesa Driver Gets Closer To OpenGL 3.0

FSF's High-Priority Driver Project Doesn't Move

Yes, There Are Portal 2 Linux References

Concerns Come Over Linaro's Memory Manager Plans

AMD's Turks GPUs Work On Open-Source, Sort Of

Ubuntu 11.04 Doesn't Play With Nouveau Gallium3D

Frozenbyte Open-Sources Shadowgrounds Games

Uff Da! The Linux Power Bug Even More Mysterious

Tesseract: A New Way To Interactively Explore Open-Source

NVIDIA Tegra Is Not Targeted By Nouveau

KDM In KDE SC 4.7 To Play With GRUB2

The Linux Power Problem Is Widespread, Hits Desktops Too

DirectX Video Acceleration For MPlayer

First Came VGA Switcheroo, Now Comes ASUS Switcheroo

Introducing The R5 Game Engine

From The Phoronix Test Farm This Easter

Will NVIDIA Optimus Inevitably Come To Linux?

Linux Kernel Power Bug Now High Importance In Ubuntu

Wayland Can Now Use Gallium3D Software Rendering

Mesa, Wayland, X Will Get Some Summer Love

Exciting GSoC Projects For 2011

The Frozenbyte Bundle Hasn't Breached $1M USD

German RadeonHD Hacker To Start R600 Gallium3D VDPAU

How Hardware Companies Determine Their Linux Base

Intel Pushes Open-Source Support For Ivy Bridge

Linux 2.6.39-rc5 Kernel Released

DragonflyBSD 2.10 Improves Hardware Support

Attachmate Completes Its Novell Acquisition

AMD Puts Out Catalyst 11.4 With X Server 1.10 Support

ApiTrace 1.0 Released: A Great Way To Debug Graphics

Using Nouveau With Gallium3D Video Decoding

Ubuntu 11.04 Released

Patches For Better Re-Clocking In Nouveau

Phoronix Test Suite 3.2-Grimstad Milestone 2

Slackware 13.37 Released

A Mesa Branch Provides GLSL IR To TGSI Translator

What's Coming Up For Ubuntu 11.10 & The Summit

Systemd Is Now One Year Old; Why You Should Use It

Wine 1.3.19 Improves Direct3D 9 Support

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Latest Linux News
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  2. KDE's KWin On Wayland Begins Using Libinput
  3. Khronos Releases OpenVX 1.0 Specification
  4. Linux Kernel Working Towards GNU11/C11 Compatibility
  5. Ubuntu 15.04 Is Codenamed After A Monkey: Vivid Vervet
  6. Following GCC, Clang Looks To Default To C11
  7. Users/Developers Threatening Fork Of Debian GNU/Linux
  8. Linux 3.18-rc1 Released One Week Early With Many Changes
  9. The VC4 Gallium3D Driver Is Still Moving Along For The Raspberry Pi
  10. Direct3D 9 Support Might Land Within Mainline Mesa 3D Drivers
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