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21 May

Linux 4.7 CPUFreq Schedutil Testing vs. P-State

With the in-development Linux 4.7 kernel there is a new CPUFreq governor that leverages the kernel's scheduler utilization data in an attempt to make better decisions about adjusting the CPU's frequency / performance state. Here are some benchmarks of that new CPUFreq governor, Schedutil, compared to the other CPUFreq governors as well as the Intel P-State CPU frequency scaling driver.

21 May 12:11 PM EDT - Software - 18 Comments
Intel Is Getting Very Close With Its Last Extension For OpenGL 4.3

For Broadwell hardware and newer, this week marked the milestone of the Intel Mesa driver exposing OpenGL 4.2 support. However, they are only one extension away from OpenGL 4.3 compliance for the newer Intel graphics hardware and a new version of that patch-set was just posted.

21 May 09:09 AM EDT - Intel - robust_buffer_access_behavior - 12 Comments

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