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Phoronix Test Suite


December 2011 News Archives

Android 4.0 For x86 Is Now Available

CinePaint 1.0 For Linux Released

Phoronix Test Suite 3.6-Arendal Milestone 3

Intel Talks About Their GPU Drivers, Wayland, Etc

The Cause Of The Xen Linux Performance Issues

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Alpha 1 Released

LLVM 3.0 Release Brings Lots Of Compiler Fun

Wine 1.3.34 Supports Bytecode In JavaScript

QEMU 1.0 Officially Released With Many Features

Lightspark Open Flash Now Works On Windows

Genode 11.11 Released With Virtualization Options

Linux 3.2-rc4: Maybe It's Just Time For My Meds

Radeon Evergreen HDMI Audio Code Is Still M.I.A.

Three Days Left To The Humble Introversion

ASPM Kernel Power Fix Won't Land Until Linux 3.3

Community Beats AMD To New Radeon Audio Code

GIMP 2.8 Moves Close To An Early 2012 Release

Genode Aims To Produce A General Purpose OS

What's Going On In The Open-Source Doom 3 World

GNOME's Epiphany Experiences A Facelift

Radeon R100/R200 Mesa Driver Sees Attention

Intel Puts Out Its 2011 Holiday Linux Package

AMD Driver Support State For Radeon HD 7000 Series, Trinity

Opera 11.60 Web Browser Drops In New Features

Another Linus Rant About Linux DRM; Rejects Pull

A Look At Android's Graphics Rendering Pipeline

Humble Introversion Bundle Pulls In $778k USD

Frozenbyte Delays Trine 2 For Linux Into 2012

Racing To Finish X.Org Multi-Touch Support

KDE Ships Early Christmas Gifts

New Radeon HDMI Audio Patches Published

A New Linux Frame-Buffer Driver Appears For Intel

Nouveau Fermi Power Management Is A W.I.P.

New/Updated Tests; Last Chance To Test Arendal

Radeon HD 7000 Series Will Bring New 3D Driver

Wayland Has Working Screensaver Support

Prost! 2012 X.Org Developers' Summit In Bavaria!

FreeBSD 9.0 May Just Be One Week Away

X.Org 7.7 Katamari Coming With X.Org Server 1.12 In March

MATE (GNOME 2 Fork) For The Fedora Desktop?

Will OpenGL 3.0 Still Land In Mesa This Year?

HP Open-Sources webOS & Enyo App Framework

In Road To OpenCL, R600g LLVM Back-End Arrives

Linux 3.2-rc5: Santa Doesn't Like Linus Cursing

CentOS 6.1 Finally Released, Still Playing Catch-Up

RC6 To Be Flipped On For Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge

Intel Linux Devs Begins Looking At 3D Monitors

KahelOS: An Easy-To-Use Version Of Arch Linux

First Release Of Open-Source Blu-Ray Library

Building The Linux Kernel In 60 Seconds

FFmpeg Moves Closer To 1.0 Release

Qt 5 Preps For Multi-Touch, Input Improvements

UFS vs. ZFS File-System Performance On FreeBSD 9.0

AMD Announces Its IL Code Generator For OpenCL

FreeBSD 9.0 vs. Oracle Linux Server 6.1 Benchmarks

Intel Core i7 3960X Sandy-E Takes Big Dive On Linux

New Features Approved For Fedora 17

Ubuntu TB Decides On Future Of Non-PAE Kernel

Phoronix Test Suite 3.6-Arendal Released

Phoronix Holiday News

Intel's Glamor Architecture Is Becoming Glamorous

Humble Indie Bundle 4 Just Started

Proposed: 3D Audio / OpenAL For The Qt Tool-Kit

AMD Catalyst 11.12 For Linux Is A Mixed Bag

Wayland: GBM Changes, Triple Buffering Support

GIMP 2.7.4 Has UI Fixes, Readies For 2.8 Release

NVIDIA Open-Sources Its CUDA Compiler

Plasma Active Two Brings Many Improvements

Humble Bundle #4 Rakes In $1M USD In One Day

XBMC Project Implements AMD XvBA Interface

A KDE Front-End To LightDM, Qt Bindings

X.Org Multi-Touch Support Finally Set To Land

LLVM/Clang Developer Videos Worth Watching

Blender 2.61 Released With Cycles Render Engine

Qt 4.8 Draws In Platform Abstraction, New WebKit

Intel SNA Acceleration Performance On Ironlake

Clutter/Cogl Running On Wayland Master

RC6 Is Now Flipped On For Intel SNB, IVB Hardware

Wine 1.3.35 Lands DIB Improvements & More

X.Org Server 1.11.3 Officially Releasd

Linux 3.2-rc6: People Are Gaming My Release

Multi-Touch Patches Already Come To Wayland

Razor-Qt: A New Qt-Based Desktop Environment

A Second Snapshot Of X.Org Server 1.12

The Direct3D 10/11 State Tracker Is Still Around

Oracle Solaris 11 Kernel Source-Code Leaked

Nouveau Commits: Fermi Reclocking, PM, MXM, Etc

Quickly Emerging Wayland Support For Chrome OS

Fedora 17 Will Feature Multi-Touch Excitement

GTK+ 3.3.6 Updates The Wayland Support

Concept Work: Doing WebGL In Clutter's WebKit

Mozilla Firefox 9.0 Is Ready For The Holidays

Phasing Out SysVInit In openSUSE Raises Concerns

Emscripten: Bang Out JavaScript From LLVM Bitcode

How-To: Run Your Qt Apps On Wayland Right Now

Haiku OS Looks Towards Mainline Mesa Support

Wow, CentOS 6.2 Is Now Available

A Second Release Of GNOME Boxes Is Boxed Up

Cinnamon: Making The GNOME Shell Like GNOME2

VMware Merges "vmwgfx_branch" To Master

A Real Effort To Mainline Android Changes In Linux Kernel

Intel Hits "Almost There" GL 3.0 Support In Mesa

CoreBreach On Linux Is Ready, May Go Open-Source

AMD Radeon HD 7970 On Linux

X Multi-Touch: Pointer Emulation, Getting Events

KDE Delivers 4.8 Release Candidate

Santa Raids VIA Tech For Open-Source Presents

X.Org Server GPU Hot-Plugging Moves Along

X Input 2.2 Is Merged, But RandR 1.4 Is Still M.I.A.

Some Mobile GPU Documentation To End The Year

What's Up With The S3 Graphics Linux Driver?

A Christmas Update Of Phoronix Test Suite 3.6

Humble Indie Bundle #4 Cracks Two Million Dollars

AMD Radeon HD 7970 Open-Source Linux Update

Semaphores Continue Biting Intel Linux Users

Linux 3.2-rc7: A Present From Linus Torvalds

GLX_ARB_create_context, X.Org 1.12 Closing, Mesa 8.0 To Be Cut

0 A.D. Alpha 8 Game Brings Significant Changes

Qt 5 For Your Web Applications In The Browser

Holiday Gift: OpenGL Radeon Performance Goes Up

Happy Holidays To Phoronix Readers

The X.Org Stack For Ubuntu 12.04 To Enter Staging

New Mesa Uniform Buffer Object Patches Posted

Wargus - Open-Source Warcraft II On Linux

LLVM 3.1 Will Enhance AVX & Bring AVX2 Support

Anything Up With OpenMoko These Days?

GNOME 3.3.3 Heats Things Up For GNOME 3.4

POHMELFS: A New But Old Distributed Linux File-System

X.Org Server 1.12 RC1 Released With X Input 2.2

Unigine's Powering Another Game, Engine Enhanced

Humble Indie Bundle #4 Ends With $2.3M USD

Intel Flip-Flops Again: RC6 Disabled For Linux 3.2

X.Org EVoC Work On Gallium3D OpenCL

How-To: Find The Mesa Performance Regressions

Poulsbo Looks Better On Ubuntu 12.04, But Still Ugly

Calculate (Gentoo-Based) Linux 11.12 Released

Alien Arena 7.53 Brings Many Improvements

The Most Popular Linux Stories Of 2011

Wayland Gets Full-Screen Mode-Setting Support

The Most Popular Phoronix Stories Of 2011

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