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Phoronix Test Suite


November 2011 News Archives

AMD Catalyst 11.12 Will Be Even Better

A Guide To Hacking With EGL & KMS

Ubuntu Moves Towards More Docs, A Stable API

Doom 3 Source Code Is About Ready To Go

OpenBSD 5.0 Released With Many Improvements

Mono, Banshee Will Still Be Loved In Ubuntu 12.04

Trinity Does New Release To Let KDE 3.5 Live Om

LXC Linux Containers To Be Better With Pangolin

Mesa 7.12, Linux 3.2 Likely For Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Ubuntu 12.04: Initrds, Qt 5, DKMS & More

ATI X.Org Driver Sees Significant Update

KDE 4.7.3 Is Here WIth More Fixes

Ubuntu: Power Consumption, KVM, Mozilla, Etc

Plans For Ubuntu On Phones Are Laid

Collabora Demos An HTML5 Video Editor

Ubuntu Plans To Make It Easier To Hookup With Users

Experimental Code Published For Virtual CRTCs

Intel GMA500 "Poulsbo" To Move Out Of Staging

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Tries For A Wayland Preview

GNOME Shell Now Works With Software Rendering!

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS To Target 750MB Image

Finally! Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Will Recommend 64-bit

Fedora Keynote: The Biggest Enemy Is Yourself

Wine 1.3.32 Furthers The DIB Engine, BiDi

Ubuntu Acknowledges Boot Speed Problem

Ubuntu Must Love The Fedora 17 Beefy Miracle

X.Org Server 1.11.2 Released

Linux, Open-Source Affected In AMD Cutbacks?

Samsung Keeps Working On Its Linux DRM

GNOME Shell Works Without GPU Driver Support

Btrfs Brings "Pretty Beefy" Changes In Linux 3.2

FUDCon India 2011 Coverage From Pune

New Milestone For Phoronix Test Suite 3.6-Arendal

GCC 4.7 Enters Stage 3, Ready By March Or April

Linux 3.2-rc1 Shouldn't Be "Hugely Scary"

Red Hat Releases Fedora 16 "Verne"

Mozilla Firefox 8.0 In The Wild

KDE Plasma 4.8 Boosts Speed, Power Management

What FreeBSD Achieved In Q3'2011

The Wayland Engineering Team At Intel

An OpenChrome VIA Driver Status Update

Oracle Solaris 11 Is Finally Released

Concerns Over No PAE Kernel In Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

LLVM/Clang Performance On Intel Sandy Bridge

More Games Added To Humble Voxatron Offering

Open64 5.0 Compiler Released w/ New Features

NetworkManager Manages Some Enhancements

Desura Game Client Is Looking To Go Open-Source

S3TC Now Golden For Linux & Open-Source?

Glamor Acceleration For The Intel X.Org Driver

More Linux Kernel Patches To Mimic Windows

Unigine Rolls Out Schemer, Skinner & Scratch

A Change For Glamor X.Org Acceleration

Did Hell Freeze Over? Intel Mesa Does GLSL 1.30!

Phoronix Is On Google+, Plus Other Information

The Increasing Size Of The Linux Kernel

126 Changes To The Intel Driver + New VA Back-End

Replacing The Mac OS X XQuartz DDX In X.Org

X.Org, Wayland, Open Gaming At FOSDEM 2012

A New MMORPG On The Linux-Friendly Unigine

QEMU 1.0 Is Coming Quite Soon

Intel Sandy Bridge On The Linux 3.2 Kernel

Humble Voxatron Bundle Stops Short Of A Million

AMD Linux KVM Virtualization Benchmarks

AMD Catalyst 11.11 Brings Critical Linux Changes

Linux 3.2-rc2 Kernel Doesn't Bring Too Much Churn

Khronos Releases OpenCL 1.2 Specification

New Comments By Ryan Gordon On Linux Gaming, Drivers

There's A Patent Issue With Open-Source Doom 3

Apple Delays Release Of LLVM 3.0

Work Towards OpenGL 3.0 In Mesa, Glamor, PM

A New Commercial Game For Linux That's Not An FPS

Intel Officially Puts Out 2.17 X.Org Driver

Radeon HD 7000 Series Linux Driver Support

Desura's Public Linux Client Is Here With 65+ Games

Enlightenment E17 Running On Wayland

FreeBSD 9.0 RC2 Arrives Late, Pushes Back Final

openSUSE 12.1 Boot Performance

Mesa 7.11.1 Released

Carmack's Reverse In Doom 3 Has Work-Around

Red Hat Does Public Beta Of RHEV 3.0

Bringing The PackageKit Interface To Ubuntu

XreaL-ified Enemy Territory Sees Release

Wine 1.3.33 Has A New Gecko

A Journal Comes To systemd

Steel Storm 2 Game Coming For Linux

Forced Throttling/Scheduling For Intel Graphics

HiZ Goes On For Intel Sandy Bridge Mesa

Coming Soon: Project Anzwix

Mutter, GTK+ Advance For GNOME 3.4

NVIDIA Releases 290.10 Linux Graphics Driver

An X.Org Server 1.12 Snapshot Arrives

A Screensaver Interface Comes To Wayland

Unigine OilRush Release Date Is Set

It's Already Time For A New Humble Indie Bundle

Doom 3 Source Code Published Under The GPL

Welcoming The ioDoom3 Project

KDE On Wayland For KDE SC 4.8, 4.9?

Lightworks Video Editor For Linux Is Delayed

Precise vBlank Timestamps For The Nouveau Driver

Linus Issues A Thanksgiving Day Linux Kernel

The Intel Poulsbo Open Driver TODO/Support List

GNOME, KDE Put Out Major Development Releases

Virtual CRTCs Are Brought Up Again

Windows Port Of GTK+3 Is Improving

Kernel Mode-Setting Driver Comes To VirtualBox

Debating A Software Center For Fedora

GNUstep Objective-C Runtime 1.6 Released

Linux Mint 12 Released

Work On DRM PRIME Is Back Underway

Ubuntu On TVs Gets Discussed

X.Org Server 1.12 Will Likely Have X Input 2.2

Clutter 1.10 Tool-Kit Begins To Take Shape

Mageia 2 Alpha Takes Flight With New Features

AMD's Paying For Some Open-Source OpenCL Love

What's Exciting About LLVM 3.0 & The New Clang

The Gallium3D Intel 965 Driver Gets Dropped

Accelerated Compositing, Better Video In WebKit

Xen Virtualization Comes To ARM Cortex A15

The Gallium3D Cell Driver Gets Dropped Too

Intel RC6 Power Savings Can Go Deeper

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