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Phoronix Test Suite


October 2011 News Archives

Samsung Exynos4 DRM Driver To Be Merged Soon

openSUSE 12.1 Reaches Beta

NVIDIA 285.05.09 Linux Driver Pre-Release

Adobe Flash Player 11 Is Now Officially Out

Fedora 16 Beta Arrives With Continued Work

Merging In The GNU D Language Compiler To GCC

There's A Linux 3.1-rc9 Kernel Release

Getting OpenGL Transform Feedback For Gallium3D

Discussing The LLVM IR Shortcomings

Unigine Corp Tries To Lure Indie Game Developers

Rage Linux Port Is Not Likely Until 2012

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Is The "Precise Pangolin"

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2 Beta Arrives

F17 Might Be The Beefy Miracle To The Precise Pangolin

Details On Intel Ivy Bridge Triple Monitor Support

It's Not All Roses For The Latest Humble Bundle

Oracle Plans To Bring DTrace To Linux

A New Unigine Engine Demo Coming: Valley

Mesa: Fixed Function Programs Generating GLSL

How To Become A Free Software Developer

Nouveau Working Towards Better MXM, Optimus

Shader Optimizations For The AMD R600g Driver

OpenIndiana With Intel Sandy Bridge?

Intel i915 Gallium3D Driver Continues Advancing

Free Software Foundation Calls PDF Done

KDE Releases Plasma Active One User Experience

Motherboards With Broken ASPM On Linux

FreeBSD 9.0 Is Now Planned For November

Evolution Mail Client To See Significant Changes

Intel's Brewing A New Linux Driver Release Cycle

Wine 1.3.30 Has New DirectSound & More

Fedora 17 Has A Tasty Codename: Beefy Miracle

GNU fdisk 2.0 Has Been Rewritten

KDE Releases New Version Of ownCloud

The VirtualBox Kernel Driver Is Tainted Crap

Sabayon 7 Brings The Experimental Fusion Kernel

The Wine Project Was Compromised

Subversion 1.7 Brings Major Feature Changes

NGINX Goes Commercial, Raises $3M USD

AMD Releases FX-Series Bulldozer Desktop CPUs

DRM Improvements Coming Up For Linux 3.2 Kernel

Fedora To Implement Security Changes

Unigine OilRush On Linux Nears Gold

Humble Synapse Bundle Ends With $1.1M USD

Linaro Introduces Buffer Sharing Mechanism

Opera 12 Brings GPU Acceleration, Other Features

Ubuntu 11.10 "Oneiric Ocelot" Enters The Wild

The Linux GPU Driver Limitations For Opera 12

Caveats In The Ubuntu 11.10 Graphics Stack

Alien Arena 7.52 Brings Significant Game Updates

LLVM 3.0 Branches Today, D Likely Not Till GCC 4.8

LibreOffice Coming To iOS, Android & The Web

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Opens Up, UDS Is Coming Soon

First Linux Benchmarks Of AMD FX-8150 Bulldozer

KDE Rekonq Browser Picks Up Many Features

R500 Texture Semaphores Merged To Master

TI Prepares Its Open DRM/KMS OMAP Driver

The Sad State Of FSF's High Priority Projects

Drafting Plans For X12, The X11 Successor

More AMD FX-4100, FX-8150 Bulldozer Linux Details

R300 Graphics Improvements For KDE's KWin

Pushing Reiser4 Is "Not Of High Priority"

Postal III On Linux Is Kaput For Now

Participate In The 2011 GNOME User Survey

Open LLVM-Based Portable OpenCL Announced

Benchmarks From Wine 1.3.21 To Wine 1.3.30

Linux 3.1 Kernel Development Drags On With RC10

It's Easy To Guess What Angers GNOME Users

KVM 2011 Forum Presentations Now Online

Gigabyte's ASPM Motherboard Fix: Use Windows

The Farstream A/V Conferencing Framework

Blender 2.60 Final Is Ready With Many Changes

MeeGo Community Investigates Tizen Alternatives

LIBCLC: An OpenCL C Library Implementation

XBMC-Focused OpenELEC 1.0 Released

Another Open-Source OpenCL Project Pops Up

DragonflyBSD Sees Huge Multi-Core Speed Boosts

Classic Radeon Drivers Are On Their Deathbed

The First Milestone Of Phoronix Test Suite "Arendal"

GNOME 3.2.1 Brings A Bunch Of Bug Fixes

MIPS Puts Out An Alternate LLVM/Clang Driver

The Qt Project Is Now Live

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Desktop To Be Supported Longer

Wine Pumps Out 1.3.31 Release

LLVM/Clang Can Build LibreOffice

What's New In The Land Of Plymouth?

NVIDIA Puts Out 290 Linux Driver Series Beta

First Phase Of X.Org GPU Hot-Plugging Works

Linux 3.2 Kernel May Be Of A Worrying Size

FreeBSD 9.0 Has Weekend Release Candidate

NVIDIA's OpenGL Shader Disk Cache For Linux

Details On The AMD Linux Graphics Driver Ported To Windows

Intel Publishes New Wayland Documents

The Belated Linux 3.1 Kernel Is Released

The New Linux Hardware, Software Playground

openSUSE 12.1 Release Candidate Arrives

Ubuntu Software Center Offers Books, Magazines

The Staging Merge For Linux 3.2 Kernel Is Huge

UDS-P: Automated Testing, Benchmarking, Wayland

GLX TFP Now Works For LLVMpipe Driver

The Wine 1.4 Release Criteria

Linux Foundation Backs Long-Term Support Kernels

Adobe Flash 11.2 Beta Brings New Linux Work

Killing DRM Graphics Cruft With Fire

Unigine Announces Plans For Expansion

The State Of OpenGL 3.0 Support In Mesa

Intel SNB RC6 On Linux 3.1 Is Both Good & Bad

Skype Publishes New Linux APIs w/ Video Support

GCC 4.6.2 Compiler Released

NVIDIA Publishes Linux Patches For Tegra 3

HP Is Going To Keep Its PC Business

The First Development Release For GNOME 3.4

The DRM Pull Request For Linux 3.2 Kernel

Skype Goes After Reverse-Engineering

What's Missing From The Mesa Drivers

Farewell To The Classic R300/R600 Mesa Drivers

Linux 3.2 Is Still Looking To Be Power Hungry

Fedora 16 Release Candidate 1 Arrives Late

Prep Work For Open-Source Radeon Compute, UVD

What's Popular In The Linux World This Year

It May Be A While For WebM In Adobe's Flash

Particle Code Platform May Go Open-Source

VA-API Update Brings Minor Enhancements

Popular Linux Video Transcoder Gets Updated

Coverage From The Qt Developer Days In Munich

xf86-video-intel 2.17 Release Candidate

Open64 5.0 Compiler Release Is Coming Up

MPEG4 Part 2 In Gallium3D VDPAU State Tracker

AMD Catalyst 11.10 Linux Driver Released

Making A Flicker-Free Boot For The Intel DRM

Linux Hybrid Graphics Will Be A Mess For A While

Another Single-Game Humble Bundle Deal Launches

Ubuntu On Stuff, KVM On ARM A15, GLPROXY

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