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Phoronix Test Suite


May 2010 News Archives

Here's The First Screenshot Of The Linux Steam Client

Tracking The Performance Of Ubuntu 10.10

MythTV 0.23 Release Candidate 3 Hits The Web

Fedora 14 Might Be Called Fytnargin

OpenSUSE Says Farewell To RadeonHD Driver

X.Org Server 1.8.1 Gets Into Shape With RC2

Totem Gains New Features For GNOME 3.0

Other Highlights For GNOME 2.31.1

LLVMpipe Doesn't Yet Like The GNOME Shell

Intel Z6xx Moorestown Graphics Still Disappoint

KDE Software Compilation 4.4.3 Arrives

Ubuntu 10.10 To Not Use GNOME Shell By Default

EXT4 File-System Looks To Do Well Against NTFS

Phoronix Test Suite 2.6 "Lyngen" Beta 2 Is Here

Investigating The Steam Linux Client Continues

What Were Novell's Original Goals With RadeonHD?

Ryzom MMORPG Released As Free Software

VirtualBox Continues To Gain Under Oracle

Alien Arena 2010 Has Arrived With Changes

DRI2 Sync & Swap For ATI Finally Comes About

Wine 1.1.44 Brings All Sorts Of Changes

Noticing A Problem With Ad Loading?

Preparing To Let Go Of GTK+ 2.x For GTK+ 3.0

ATI Gets Dynamic Power Management & Profiles Too

Those Digging Into Steam On Linux Make More Progress

At This Rate, Don't Be Surprised If You See Steam Soon

Linux 2.6.34 Kernel Is Likely On Its Last RC

Canonical Has An "Ubuntu Light" Spin For OEMs

Bringing The R600 Gallium3D Driver Up To Speed

Open-Source GStreamer VA-API Plug-In Support

Ubuntu Working Towards A Rootless X Server

Thank God, Fedora 14 Is Not Fytnargin

The First GTK+ 3.0 Test Release

MeeGo Using Btrfs As Default File-System

Four Indie Games Going Open-Source!

Red Hat Talks About Nouveau, Open-Source Drivers

MythTV 0.23 Released; MythTV 0.24 Plans Documented

X.Org Server 1.8.1 Released To The Wild

Fedora 13 Suffers Last Minute Delay Of One Week

Ubuntu Has Plans For Btrfs In 2011, 2012

Pidgin 2.7.0 Instant Messenger Released

The X.Org, Mesa Plans For Ubuntu 10.10

With Ubuntu 10.10 It May Be Easier To Run Wayland

Wine 1.2 Planned For Release In June

Phoronix Test Suite 2.6 "Lyngen" Beta 3

Haiku OS Makes Way With Second Alpha

Btrfs May Be The Default File-System In Ubuntu 10.10

CentOS 5.5 Finally Released

Help Out Compiz By Testing Their 0.9 Version

LLVM Replaces libstdc++ Library With libc++

Linux 2.6.34 Kernel Released! Time For 2.6.35

LM_Sensors Finally Gets Better Intel CPU Support

Epic Games Provides No Hope For UT3 On Linux

Early Release Schedules For Ubuntu 11.04, 11.10, 12.04 LTS

Arch Linux 2010.05 Media Released

The Lightspark Flash Player Reaches Beta

Unigine Heaven Update Coming With OpenGL Tessellation

Oracle Releases VM VirtualBox 3.2 Software

The First DRM Pull Request For Linux 2.6.35 Kernel

SUSE Linux Is Hooking Up With Btrfs Too

Gallium3D Anti-Aliasing (MSAA) Is Going In

Google Opens Up VP8, Launches New Container Format

Intel Core 2, Core i7 Optimizations For GCC 4.6

The State Of The X.Org Server 1.9 Release

AROS (The Free AmigaOS) Gets With Gallium3D

Wine 1.2 Reaches Release Candidate State

NVIDIA 256 Beta Linux Driver Released

Phoronix @ LinuxTag 2010

LLVMpipe May Be A Bit Closer To Running GNOME Shell

Clang Gets Boosted By The Boost Libraries

Clutter Advances In-Step With GNOME 3.0

VIA's Linux Dreams Are Not Materializing

Unigine Heaven 2.1 Brings OpenGL 4.0 Support

Intel X.Org 2.12 Driver To Render Text/Glyphs Faster

Fedora 13 Is Set To Premiere Today

Canonical Pushes Skype Into Ubuntu Repository

How VIA Could Have Not Screwed Its Linux Chances

Valve's Linux Play May Lead More Games To Follow Suit

Google's Chrome Leaves Beta On Linux

Mutter 2.31.2 Brings Performance, Theme Enhancements

GNOME Shell 2.31.2 Brings Exciting Changes Too

X Input 2 Support Goes Into GTK+ 3.0

openSUSE 11.3 Pulls In New Kernel & More

Intel, Nokia's MeeGo Linux Hits Version 1.0

KDE SC 4.5 Enters Beta

Catalyst 10.5 For Linux Is Out: Nothing Exciting

Open ATI R600/700 Driver Gains Tiling Support

Voltage Tweaking Comes To R600+ GPUs On Linux

Radeon "R600g" Gallium3D Driver Merged To Master

GNOME 2.31.2 Released w/ Plenty Of New Code

PowerMizer Is Not Likely The Problem In 256.xx Issue

Wine 1.2 Release Candidate 2

FreeBSD 8.1 Enters Beta; Final Coming In July

NVIDIA Issues 256.29 Linux Beta Driver

MPlayer 1.0 RC3 Finally Arrives

Linux 2.6.35 Kernel Reaches RC1 State

GCC Can Now Be Worked On In C++

Intel's X.Org Driver Runs Even Faster Now

Tracking Trends In Linux Software / Hardware

ATI Evergreen Mesa Code Coming Soon

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