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HiSense Chromebook Benchmarks When Running Ubuntu Linux

Ealier this year the HiSense Chromebook was released at Walmart in the US, a 11.6-inch quad-core ARM notebook priced at just $149 USD and running ChromeOS. But how well does it run Ubuntu Linux?
25 Minutes Ago - Hardware - HiSense Chromebook - Add A Comment

Mandriva Linux Was Allegedly Brought Down By Employee Lawsuits

While the popularity of Mandriva (formerly Mandrake) has been fading in recent years, it turns out the CEO of Mandriva is blaming employee lawsuits and the France legal system on the company's demise.
3 Hours Ago - Operating Systems - Mandriva Employees - 7 Comments

GNOME 3.17.2 Is Released As The Latest Look Towards GNOME 3.18

The latest development release in the road to GNOME 3.18 is now available.
5 Hours Ago - GNOME - GNOME 3.18 - Add A Comment

Phoronix Turns 11 Years Old Next Week: How Should We Celebrate?

Phoronix.com is turning eleven years old next week! Help plan some exciting content for the Phoronix birthday. Last year was a 60+ graphics card comparison under Linux with open-source drivers, but how can this year be even better?
9 Hours Ago - Phoronix - Happy Birthday - 9 Comments

Ubuntu Community Council Reaffirms Its Decision Against Kubuntu's Leader

Earlier this week a huge fiasco began over the Ubuntu Community Council removing Jonathan Riddell from any leadership position relating to Ubuntu for one year. The Kubuntu Community Council came out in support of Jonathan as have many others from the community, but today the Ubuntu Community Council issued a lengthy statement where they re-affirm they will be sticking by their original decision.
10 Hours Ago - Ubuntu - Statement - 29 Comments

Btrfs RAID 0/1/5/6/10 Five-Disk Benchmarks On Linux 4.1

Earlier this month I posted some Btrfs RAID 0/1 benchmarks on Linux 4.1 as a prelude to some larger Btrfs RAID benchmarks. Today the rest of those results are available with using five disks and testing Btrfs on this newest version of the Linux kernel while testing the RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, and 10 levels.
10 Hours Ago - Storage - 6 Comments

Future Plans For Changing Fedora's Installer

Over the last couple weeks there has been an "Anaconda Wishlist" thread occurring on Fedora's desktop mailing list. The thread, and the associated Workstation Working Group meeting, are directed at the future of the Fedora Anaconda Installer.
11 Hours Ago - Fedora - Fedora Anaconda Installer - 8 Comments

Confusion Mounts Over Wayland's Actual License

It turns out, Wayland's code license may have been slightly incorrect all these years and doesn't comply with the FSF / open-source definition.
11 Hours Ago - Wayland - MIT? - 14 Comments

GNOME's Mutter Now Supports Drag-n-Drop To/From Wayland & X11

This week's GNOME 3.18 development update for the Mutter window manager brought X11 / Wayland clipboard interoperation so that the clipboard contents can be shared across Wayland and X11/X.Org clients. With the latest Git code, there's now drag-and-drop interoperation.
09:51 AM EDT - GNOME - GNOME DnD X11/Wayland - 9 Comments

Wine 1.7.44 Works On More 64-bit ARM Support

Wine 1.7.44 is out this morning to end out the month of May for the Wine development community.
09:44 AM EDT - WINE - Wine 1.7.44 - 4 Comments

28 May

Phoronix Test Suite 5.8 Milestone 5 Brings Near Final "Belev" Experience

The fifth development release of Phoronix Test Suite 5.8 is now available for testing ahead of next week's planned official release of Phoronix Test Suite 5.8-Belev.
09:36 PM EDT - Phoronix - Phoronix Test Suite 5.8 - Add A Comment

For AMD Users, Linux 4.2 Will Bring The New AMDGPU Driver & VCE1 For Radeon

Alex Deucher of AMD has filed his main pull request today for the Radeon DRM driver updates to be integrated in the upcoming Linux 4.2 kernel.
06:09 PM EDT - AMD - Linux 4.2 Radeon DRM Pull - 22 Comments

Atomic Mode-Setting Still Baking For Samsung's Exynos DRM Driver

Developers working on the open-source Exynos DRM driver for supporting the display block found on Samsung's Exynos ARM SoCs are up to their 9th version of patches for providing atomic mode-setting support.
05:55 PM EDT - Hardware - Atomic Mode-Setting - Add A Comment

Ubuntu Phone Update This Month Brings Many Improvements

This month's Ubuntu Phone Update sent over-the-air is bringing a number of new features and improvements for Ubuntu smartphone users over the next few days.
05:39 PM EDT - Ubuntu - Ubuntu Phone May OTA Update - Add A Comment

Fedora's "Fedup" To Be Replaced In Fedora 23

Fedup right now is the command for handling in-place Fedora upgrades from release-to-release and it's been around since Fedora 17. However, with the Fedora 23 release due out in late 2015, that utility will likely be replaced with a new version to handle upgrading to new releases.
03:11 PM EDT - Fedora - Fedora Upgrader - 14 Comments

Android M Should Bring Greater Performance & Efficiency

Google officially unveiled Android M today from their I/O 2015 conference today.
03:00 PM EDT - Google - Google Android M - 4 Comments

AMD Teases Upcoming Radeon "Fiji" GPU Launch

Today AMD posted a new video entitled "It's Coming..." to tease their upcoming graphics processor launch.
01:17 PM EDT - AMD - Radeon Fiji - 29 Comments

Dell Makes An Ubuntu Installation Guide, Suggests Users Try It Out

Dell's latest forray with Ubuntu Linux is recommending users on Twitter try out the open-source operating system.
11:20 AM EDT - Hardware - Dell OS - 6 Comments

Running Linux On The Intel Compute Stick

The Intel Compute Stick has begun shipping, a tiny device that plugs into any HDMI TV or monitor and turns it into a fully-functioning computer. This low-power PC ships with Windows 8.1 or Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, though at the moment the Windows version is first to market with the Ubuntu Compute Stick not widely shipping until June. I have an Intel Compute Stick at Phoronix for testing.
10:21 AM EDT - Intel - Intel Compute Stick Linux - 8 Comments

AMD Launches The A10-7870K "Godavari" APU

To no surprise, this morning AMD officially announced the AMD A10-7870K "Godavari" as the new high-end APU.
09:05 AM EDT - AMD - AMD Godavari - 17 Comments

Linux 4.1 Kernel Benchmarks With An Intel Core i7 IVB System

Yesterday I ran some fresh tests of Intel Ivy Bridge on the latest Mesa Git code to see if the performance has changed much recently for the slightly-older generation of Intel HD Graphics. Today I've done some similar tests in kernel-space with the Linux 4.1 kernel.
08:46 AM EDT - Intel - Linux 4.1 Ivy Bridge - Add A Comment

Genode OS 15.05 Brings New Drivers, Architecture Improvements

The release of the Genode OS 15.05 Operating System Framework is now available and it's quite a sizable release.
08:13 AM EDT - Operating Systems - Genode OS 15.05 - 2 Comments

Debian 8.1 Jessie Is Being Released Next Weekend

Debian 8.1 is planned for release on next Saturday.
08:03 AM EDT - Debian - Debian 8.1 - 1 Comment

27 May

At Least Two Ubuntu Phone Announcements Expected In June

Canonical will be kicking off June by making some announcements with their partners for new Ubuntu Phones in Europe.
03:30 PM EDT - Ubuntu - Ubuntu Phone - 7 Comments

Russia's Baikal Chips End Up Going For A MIPS CPU

Last year was news about Russia wanting to design its own processors to be less reliant upon Intel and AMD. The initial "Baikal" processor was expected to be based on ARMv8 but it turns out now that it's a MIPS design.
12:46 PM EDT - Hardware - Baikal MIPS - 28 Comments

Mesa Git OpenGL Tests With Intel Ivy Bridge Graphics

Most often these days when running Intel Linux graphics tests at Phoronix it's with Haswell, Broadwell, or Bay Trail hardware. However, in being curious if there's any performance improvements for slightly older hardware with Mesa 10.6 or Mesa 10.7-devel Git, I've run some fresh Ivy Bridge numbers.
09:43 AM EDT - Intel - Mesa Git - Add A Comment

Blender 2.75 Allows For AMD OpenCL Support

A test build of Blender 2.75 was released this past week and it will be of interest to a lot of open-source designers and artists.
09:05 AM EDT - Free Software - Blender 2.75 Testing - 8 Comments

GNOME's Mutter 3.17.2 Adds X11/Wayland Clipboard Interoperation

GNOME's Mutter window manager was updated to v3.17.2 today as the latest development version in the road to GNOME 3.18.
08:53 AM EDT - GNOME - GNOME 3.18 - 8 Comments

Wayland 1.8 RC2 Arrives Along With New Weston Compositor Release

Wayland 1.7.93 and Weston 1.7.93 are now available, a.k.a. the second release candidates to Wayland 1.8.
08:45 AM EDT - Wayland - Wayland/Weston 1.8 RC2 - Add A Comment

26 May

LLVM 3.7 Is Planned For A Late August Release

Hans Wennborg of Google has laid out plans for releasing LLVM 3.7 at the end of August.
11:11 PM EDT - Compiler - LLVM 3.7 - Add A Comment

The OpenGL ES 3.1 Foundation Is Being Laid In Mesa

Intel developers in particular have been trying to wrap-up OpenGL ES 3.1 support within Mesa. That work is getting closer to finally being realized.
08:08 PM EDT - Mesa - OpenGL ES 3.1 - 5 Comments

There Are 140k Benchmark Results So Far On LinuxBenchmarking.com

Yesterday data access to LinuxBenchmarking.com was opened, the public results viewer to the immense amount of test data -- primarily the Linux kernel, LLVM Clang, and GCC -- collected on a daily basis within the new server room. Here's some numbers behind it.
03:03 PM EDT - Hardware - Linux Benchmarking - 7 Comments

LLVM 3.6.1 Brings R600 & MIPS Fixes

The first point release to the LLVM 3.6 compiler stack is now available.
01:57 PM EDT - Compiler - LLVM 3.6.1 - 3 Comments

Friction Building Around An Ubuntu Community Council Decision

The longtime leader of Kubuntu, Jonathan Riddell, appears to be out of any leadership position relating to Ubuntu for at least twelve months. This decision has caused some to criticize the Ubuntu Community Council for their decision made in relative private -- a decision that was also backed by Mark Shuttleworth.
11:57 AM EDT - Ubuntu - Community Council - 73 Comments

Bye Bye Mandriva, She's Being Liquidated

While there hasn't been much interest in Mandriva in a few years with derivatives like OpenMandriva and Mageia taking much of the spotlight, Mandriva as a company is now being liquidated.
11:16 AM EDT - Operating Systems - Mandriva - 21 Comments

Fedora 22 Is Now Available

Today's Fedora 22 day!
09:55 AM EDT - Fedora - Fedora 22 - 29 Comments

Red Hat Has Another Developer Now Working On Nouveau

Red Hat is letting another one of their developers focus on improvements to Nouveau, the open-source NVIDIA Linux graphics driver.
09:06 AM EDT - Nouveau - Hans On Nouveau - 20 Comments

Scribus 1.5 Released, Ported To Qt 5 With Big UI Overhaul Coming

A few days ago the Scribus team quietly tagged Scribus 1.5.0 in SVN. This release is a preview / testing release, but it provides an interest look at the next stable release: 1.6.0. No release date or schedule is known for 1.6.0. For those uninformed, Scribus is an open-source desktop publishing suite.
09:00 AM EDT - Desktop - Scribus 1.5 - 1 Comment

Mesa May Soon Enable OpenGL ES 1.x/2.x By Default

While many Linux desktops using the open-source Mesa graphics drivers are shipping with OpenGL ES 1.x/2.x support, this mobile/embedded version of OpenGL isn't enabled by default within Mesa.
08:51 AM EDT - Mesa - OpenGL ES + EGL DRM - 2 Comments

Qt 4.8.7 Released - Marks The End Of Qt4

While Qt 5 has so many compelling advantages over Qt4, for those still running the older version of the Norwegian toolkit, version 4.8.7 of Qt4 is now available and it ships with tons of changes.
08:11 AM EDT - Qt - Qt 4.8.7 - Add A Comment

25 May

Yet Another OpenGL 4.5 Extension Is Nearing Completion In Mesa

While Mesa still is only officially at OpenGL 3.3 compliance, a lot of OpenGL 4.x extensions continue to be worked on by open-source developers interested in advancing the free software graphics drivers.
10:00 PM EDT - Mesa - ARB_cull_distance - 24 Comments

Xfce's Power Manager Is Finally Ported To GTK3

Version 1.5.0 of the Xfce4-Power-Manager was released today.
09:46 PM EDT - Desktop - GTK+ 3.x - Add A Comment

Opening The Gates To Our Daily Open-Source Linux Benchmark Results

For a few months now I've been talking about the LinuxBenchmarking.com initiative to provide daily benchmark results of the latest development Git/SVN code for various open-source projects in a fully-automated manner... Among the projects being tracked have been the Linux kernel, GCC, LLVM Clang, etc. There's dozens of systems at Phoronix Media in "the basement server room" doing nothing but running these upstream benchmarks day in and day out. The data flow is now open at LinuxBenchmarking.com.
05:05 PM EDT - Software - 12 Comments

The CompuLab Fitlet Is A Neat Little Linux PC With AMD SoC

Earlier this year CompuLab announced the Fitlet PC as a tiny, fanless, Linux-friendly PC. The Fitlets are finally starting to ship at scale and recently I received one of the AMD-powered Fitlets that's preloaded with Linux Mint. Here's a quick look at the Fitlet.
11:35 AM EDT - Hardware - CompuLab Fitlet - 7 Comments

AMD & Others Are Working On The LLVM SPIR-V Converter

AMD is among the companies working on adding a reader/writer for SPIR-V within LLVM.
08:38 AM EDT - Compiler - SPIRV Reader + Writer - Add A Comment

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