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Phoronix Test Suite


December 2010 News Archives

NVIDIA Quietly Uploads New Linux Driver

More Interesting Benchmarks Are On The Way

Supporting Old Hardware In X Gets Brought Up Again

Ryzom Game Gets A Native Linux Client

Adobe Flash 10.2 Brings Linux Video Acceleration

Linux Game Publishing Is Still M.I.A.

VLC With Phonon Back-End Is Now Ready For Use

Adobe's Flash Video Acceleration On Linux Uses VDPAU

Ubuntu 11.04 May Still Get Nouveau Gallium3D

X.Org Server 1.10 Merge Window Remains Open

Phoronix Test Suite 3.0 "Iveland" Alpha 3

X Input 2.1 Multi-Touch Getting Back On Track

Flash 10.2 On Intel Will Warm Your Lap, But Not Much More

KDE SC 4.5.4 Arrives For An Early Christmas

NVIDIA Tries To Put Fence Sync Into X Server 1.10

MythTV Developers Plan Xv, XvMC, OpenGL Changes

Ubuntu 11.04 "Natty Narwhal" Alpha 1 Released

Holiday Improvements To The Unigine Engine

Linaro 11.05 Alpha 1 Released

Wine 1.2.2 Brings Animated Cursors, Bug Fixes

Unity Desktop Possibly Coming To Fedora

Daily Linux Kernel Benchmarks For A Year

The Proposals For Unigine's Linux Game Competition

X.Org Server 1.9.3 May Come Next Week

RandR 1.4 Brings Per-CRTC Pixmaps; NVIDIA Support?

Xfce 4.8 Is A Step Closer To Release

Questions Arise Over NVIDIA's Fence Sync Support

NVIDIA's Working On A New Driver Architecture?

VirtualBox 4.0 Beta 1 Brings Major Changes

Intel, NVIDIA Hybrid GPU Switching On Linux Nears

Linux 2.6.37-rc5 Kernel Released

The First X.Org Server 1.10 Snapshot Brings Some Fun

Unigine OilRush Linux Game Delayed To March 2011

Bye-Bye Test Profiles & Suites; Hi OpenBenchmarking.org

Amarok 2.4 Beta 1 Brings A Basket Of Features

CodeWeavers Brings WoW Cataclysm To Linux

An Open ATI Driver Developer Brings 802.11n To B43

KDE's KOffice Forks Internally As The Calligra Suite

NVIDIA Comments On Its Linux Driver Architectue

GCC 4.5.2 Is Near With A Release Candidate

KDE Software Compilation 4.6 Beta 2

Linux Game Publishing Is Back Online

Improving Video Streaming With GTK+ 3D Surfaces

Another Humble Indie Bundle Is Coming

VirtualBox 4.0 Beta 2 Is Already Here

Miguel's Ambitious Plans For Mono, Moonlight

AMD's Linux Team Takes Another Blow

Wine 1.3.9 Brings An OpenCL 1.0 Library Wrapper

Intel's Sandy Bridge Driver Is Nearly Ready

AMD's Hiring Another Open-Source Driver Developer

HPL-GPU 1.0 Released For GPU Super Computing

Alien Arena 2011 Is Coming Next Week

Google Android Gingerbread Is Using EXT4

Good News Out Of Unigine's Linux Game Competition

XBMC 10 Is Imminent, XBMC 11 Is Already In Planning

Frozenbyte Is Wanting Some Linux Gamers

VirtualBox 4.0 OpenGL Gaming Performance

Unigine Announces The Three New Linux Games

Say Hello To The Catalyst Linux Driver Christmas Edition

X Server 1.9.3 Has Now Arrived

Alternative Games Is All About Linux Gaming

3.0-Iveland Gets Bullish On OpenBenchmarking.org

The Humble Indie Bundle #2 Has Arrived

Heroes of Newerth 2.0 Is Here Too

NVIDIA 260.19.26 Linux Driver Released

The FBI Paid OpenBSD Developers For Backdoors?

Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.0 Beta 3 Arrives Quickly

Lightspark 0.4.5 Flash Player Released

Linux At The 2011 Consumer Electronics Show

Oracle Releases MySQL 5.5 With Many Improvements

Oracle Open Office 3.3 Released Too

The Linux 2.6.37 Kernel Nears Completion

Opera 11 Web-Browser Released

Alien Arena 2011 Game Released

Here's Another New Linux Game, Using Unigine Too

For Those Hoping To See UT3 On Linux This Holiday...

Screenshots Of The New Unigine-Based Linux Game

Debian 6.0 Kernel Will Be Free Of Closed Firmware

OpenIndiana Build 148 Arrives

Lightspark Flash Goes To Linux PowerPC

Valve's Alien Swarm Game For Linux?

X.Org Multi-Touch Nears Completion

Oracle Ends The Week With VirtualBox 4 Beta 4

VIA Fails With KMS/3D, But Has Yet Another X Driver

Humble Bundle #2 Breaches $900k, On Way To $1M USD

Holiday Surprise: What's On My Linux Gaming Desktop?

XBMC 10.0 Officially Released

Texas Instruments Puts Out A New Open-Source Driver

Humble Indie Bundle #2 Just Made One Million Bucks

Clutter Picks Up An EvDev Input Back-End, Helps Wayland

Zero Ballistics 2.0 For Linux Finally Released

Here's A Video Of Unigine OilRush On Linux

Attachmate Talks About SUSE, openSUSE Support

Oh Hey, X.Org 7.6 Is Finally Released For Christmas!

Linux 2.6.37-rc7 Kernel Released

A New Linux Game Update For The Holidays

Embedded GPUs On Linux Remain A Great Big Mess

Humble Indie Bundle #2 Tops $1.3M, Adds More Titles

GTK+3 Now Uses X Input 2 By Default, New Back-End Caps

Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.0 Has Arrived

GnuCash 2.4.0 Accountng Software Released

Mandriva Linux 2010.2 Released

KDE SC 4.6 Release Candidate 1 Makes It Out

A Xonotic Preview Release Comes For Christmas

A Christmas Eve Wine Release (v1.3.10)

What To Look Forward To In 2011

Humble Indie Bundle #2 Rakes In $1.8 Million USD

Iveland Alpha 5 Works To Prepare OpenBenchmarking.org

A New Open-Source AMD OverDrive Utility For Linux

Just How Big Is OpenBenchmarking.org?

The 3Dfx KMS Developer Now Working On VIA TTM

The Fourth Version Of X.Org Multi-Touch Support

Linux 2.6.37-rc8 Kernel Ends Out The Year

GIMP 2.8 Is Struggling To Make It Out The Door

GTK+ 3.0 On Mac OS X Is Moving Along

A New Video Highlighting Unigine's OilRush Game

KOffice 2.3.0 Office Suite Released

Happy New Year! A Big Linux GPU Comparison!

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