23 November

The Best $90 Spent For My Home-Made Server Room

Earlier today I wrote about how reusing the heat from the 60+ system Linux benchmarking server room can heat a home in the winter. The free heat is nice, but it came with a bit of noise; however, thanks to purchasing one product for less than $100 USD the noise level has been significantly reduced.

23 November 08:02 PM EST - Hardware - Duct Silencing - 3 Comments
Running Linux Benchmarks Constantly Is Enough To Heat A Home In The Winter

Earlier this month I wrote about using a Tjernlund 530CFM fan for ventilation of the warm air from the basement computer/server room for Linux benchmarking into my office and the rest of the house for warm air in the winter. After some tweaks last week, I'm quite content with the design and is sufficiently heating the rest of the house so far this winter.

23 November 08:42 AM EST - Phoronix - Free Heat - 19 Comments

22 November

Software Updates For The NVIDIA Jetson TX1

Just under one week ago I wrote at length about the NVIDIA Jetson TX1 development board performance. It's a phenomenal ARM development board and quite powerful thanks to the Tegra X1 SoC with the Maxwell GPU and Cortex-A57 processor cores. My only gripes with the Jetson TX1 were around some issues with setting up the software as noted in the article, but it turns out there's already been some improvements in that front.

22 November 08:57 AM EST - NVIDIA - Jetson TX1 Software - 1 Comment
AMDGPU 1.0 DDX Driver Released

In addition to the recent Radeon X.Org DDX stable update, Michel Dänzer of AMD had a few days ago put out AMDGPU v1.0.0 as the DDX driver's first declared release.

22 November 08:33 AM EST - AMD - xf86-video-amdgpu 1.0 - 14 Comments

21 November

Mesa 11.1-RC1 Released

As a follow up to this morning's article about The Next Mesa Release Doesn't Have Any Major OpenGL Breakthrough, Mesa 11.1 has now been branched and the first release candidate has been sent off.

21 November 10:03 AM EST - Mesa - Mesa 11.1 - Add A Comment

20 November

EXT_shader_samples_identical Lands In Mesa

Ian Romanick has landed support for the GL_EXT_shader_samples_identical extension within Mesa. This is a new OpenGL extension worked on by this member of Intel's Open-Source Technology Center team.

20 November 10:11 PM EST - Mesa - GL_EXT_shader_samples_identical - 9 Comments

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