Clear Linux With Mesa 13 Is A Strong Match For Intel Linux Performance

When benchmarking Intel's Clear Linux distribution earlier this year we found its Intel graphics performance to be quite good and slightly faster than other Linux distributions even when Clear was using an older version of Mesa. Now with Clear Linux having switched to Mesa 13, I decided to run some fresh Intel OpenGL benchmarks on it compared to other distributions.

103 Minutes Ago - Operating Systems - 4 Comments
PTS: PHP 7.1 vs. PHP 7.0 vs. HHVM Benchmarks

With today's PHP 7.1 release, performance isn't highlighted as much as language improvements to this first major update to PHP7, but I decided to run some PHP 7.1, PHP 7.0, PHP 5.6, PHP 5.5, and HHVM benchmarks of our open-source Phoronix Test Suite code-base.

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1 December

AMD "DAL" Being Renamed To "DC"

AMD's big display abstraction layer (DAL) code-base that's used by AMDGPU-PRO but not yet mainlined in the Linux kernel for providing HDMI 2.0, future FreeSync/Adaptive-Sync, HDMI/DP audio, and other modern display features is DAL no more.

1 December 03:44 PM EST - AMD - Renaming - 32 Comments
Apple's 2016 MacBook Pro & Linux Don't Mix

Last month I shared that Linux tests of the 2016 MacBook Pro would be coming and now I've finally managed to complete a few, but I highly encourage you not to get the new MacBook Pro if you plan on using anything other than macOS as the experience is a wreck. This is one laptop I don't mind seeing returned!

1 December 02:08 PM EST - Computers - 33 Comments
DRMFS Pseudo File-System Proposed

Intel developers are proposing the introduction of a new pseudo file-system intended as a better fit for Direct Rendering Manager drivers rather than the mix of sysfs/debugfs usage currently used.

1 December 05:59 AM EST - Linux Kernel - DRMFS - 5 Comments

30 November

Qt Creator 4.2 RC1 Released

The Qt Company today issued the first release candidate for the Qt Creator 4.2 integrated development environment release.

30 November 09:12 AM EST - Qt - Qt Creator 4.2 - 5 Comments

29 November

28 November

Ubuntu Prepping Its 16.04 "Rolling HWE Kernel"

Similar to past Ubuntu LTS (Long Term Support) releases, Ubuntu 16.04.2 and beyond will feature hardware enablement kernels back-ported from newer Ubuntu releases in order to allow new hardware to work on these older LTS releases, but now the Xenial Xerus is switching to a concept of a "rolling HWE kernel."

28 November 07:28 PM EST - Ubuntu - Ubuntu LTS Rolling Kernel - 17 Comments
More Darktable GPU/CPU Benchmarks - 27 Different Setups

This morning I posted a 20-way Darktable OpenCL comparison for this open-source digital photography workflow software that can make great use of GPUs. Those results were well-received and there were requests for more CPU data, so here are some Darktable benchmarks on more Linux boxes.

28 November 01:35 PM EST - Free Software - Darktable Benchmarking - 13 Comments
Mir/Ubuntu Developer Talks Up Mir Outside Of Unity 8

Most talk these days of Ubuntu's Unity 8 next-gen desktop experience and their Mir display server goes hand-in-hand since the change-over is planned in-step before Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, but there's a new Ubuntu Insights blog post up working to promote Mir as more than just tech for the Unity 8 desktop.

28 November 11:18 AM EST - Ubuntu - Mir Abstractions - 24 Comments
X-Plane 11 Beta Now Available, Demo Too

Laminar Research has released their first public beta of the massive X-Plane 11.0 flight simulator update. It's a huge update and expect some bugs at this stage, but should be a very exciting release.

28 November 06:07 AM EST - Linux Gaming - X-Plane 11.0 Beta - 47 Comments
20-Way NVIDIA/AMD GPU Darktable OpenCL Photography Performance

With the holiday season in full swing, whether you are just a casual photographer or professional, Darktable is easily one of the best photography workflow applications and it's free software! Darktable has offered OpenCL acceleration for providing faster performance on GPUs and with the imminent Darktable 2.2 release there is even better OpenCL results. For those curious about the OpenCL performance of Darktable, I've done some Darktable 2.2-RC1 benchmarks on a variety of NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon graphics cards under Ubuntu Linux.

28 November 12:09 AM EST - Software - 28 Comments

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