Ndiswrapper 1.60 Released

If you are a newcomer to Linux you may not even have an idea what Ndiswrapper is even though it was very much used a number of years ago, but nevertheless, Ndiswrapper 1.60 has been released.

14 Hours Ago - Hardware - Ndiswrapper - 9 Comments

2 May

Intel Decides To Let Go Of Broxton

Broxton was to be Intel's 2016 Atom SoC platform for phones and tablets. Broxton was to be using 14nm Goldmont CPU cores and Skylake graphics, but now it's no more.

2 May 09:14 AM EDT - Intel - No More Broxton - 47 Comments

1 May

DragonBox Pyra Goes Up For Pre-Order

It's been a while since last hearing anything about the DragonBox Pyra as an open-source gaming handheld system and successor to OpenPandora, but that changed this weekend with the launch of pre-orders for this Linux-powered device.

1 May 10:25 AM EDT - Gaming - DragonBox Pyra - 44 Comments

30 April

29 April

PTS Stress-Run Continues To Mature To Push Hardware/Software To Their Limits

One of the many less advertised features of the Phoronix Test Suite is the ability to re-purpose any available test profile not as a performance metric but simply as part of a stress tool for hammering your hardware or software for deficiencies. The phoronix-test-suite stress-run tool can run any number of the test profiles concurrently and in a random pattern for a defined length of time for fully stressing your system.

29 April 08:00 AM EDT - Phoronix Test Suite - Phoronix Test Suite - Add A Comment

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