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4 May

Steam Linux Usage Drops Below 1%

While we didn't expect any big gains for the Linux gaming market-share over the past month, it does come as a surprise there's a significant drop.
5 Hours Ago - Valve - Steam Linux 1% - 20 Comments

Many OpenGL ES 3.1 Commits Land In Mesa

While OpenGL 4.0+ support continues to be tackled for Mesa, finishing up OpenGL ES 3.1 support within Mesa seems to be a pressing priority for Intel.
5 Hours Ago - Standards - OpenGL ES 3.1

HHVM 3.7 Brings More Performance Improvements

Facebook today announced the public release of HHVM 3.7.0, the latest version of the HipHop Virtual Machine that powers their Hack language and PHP implementation.
6 Hours Ago - Compiler - HHVM 3.7.0

Experimental DragonFlyBSD Code Adds Broadwell Graphics

DragonFlyBSD developers continue porting over code from the Linux kernel's i915 DRM driver for supporting newer Intel graphics features on BSD. The latest work is for matching the DragonFlyBSD's ported Intel driver up through the code found in the Linux 3.14 kernel.
9 Hours Ago - BSD - DragonFlyBSD Intel DRM - 4 Comments

Virt-Manager 1.2.0 Brings OVMF/AAVMF Support For UEFI In VMs

Available today is virt-manager 1.2.0 for managing KVM, Xen, and LXC virtualization using libvirt.
9 Hours Ago - Virtualization - virt-manager 1.2

GeForce GTX 750 Series: Nouveau vs. NVIDIA Linux Driver Performance

With the forthcoming Linux 4.1 kernel there is finally out-of-the-box acceleration for the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 series on the Nouveau driver. With the Nouveau DRM/KMS driver able to self-generate the needed firmware/microcode to enable acceleration, it's quite easy to get running. However, the performance leaves a lot to be desired.
01:25 PM EDT - Display Drivers - 10 Comments

Interesting GSoC 2015 Projects: Wine D3DRM, GameStream, NaCL Fun

Besides the six new X.Org projects this summer, there's also a lot of other interesting projects being pursued over the next few months via Google's annual Summer of Code initiative.
11:00 AM EDT - Google - Google Summer of Code - 6 Comments

An Ubuntu Phone Will Ship This Year With The Converged Unity Experience

During Mark Shuttleworth's keynote this morning to kickoff the Ubuntu Online Summit for Ubuntu 15.10 (codenamed the Wily Werewolf) he also shed a few details about a new Ubuntu phone that is supposed to ship this year.
10:47 AM EDT - Ubuntu - New Ubuntu Phone - 2 Comments

Ubuntu 15.10 Is Codenamed The Wily Werewolf

As expected, the Ubuntu 15.10 codename was announced today during Mark Shuttleworth's virtual keynote for kicking off this week's Ubuntu Online Summit.
10:35 AM EDT - Ubuntu - Wily Werewolf - 11 Comments

Mono 4 Is Planned For Fedora 23

Aside from the other features proposed thus far for Fedora 23, the update of the popular Red Hat sponsored Linux distribution due out in late 2015, you can add Mono 4.0 to the list.
09:09 AM EDT - Fedora - Mono 4 - 14 Comments

Ubuntu 15.10's "W" Codename Being Revealed Soon

Mark Shuttleworth is hosting his virtual keynote today for Ubuntu 15.10 with the Ubuntu Online Summit happening this week.
09:01 AM EDT - Ubuntu - Shuttleworth Keynote - 16 Comments

The Six X.Org Summer GSoC Projects For 2015

The accepted projects for this year's Google Summer of Code have been revealed. The accepted X.Org projects are once again particularly interesting.
08:52 AM EDT - Google - X.Org GSoC 2015

3 May

Linux 4.1-RC2 Kernel Released

Coming right on time is the second release candidate to the Linux 4.1 kernel.
10:43 PM EDT - Linux Kernel - Linux 4.1

GNOME 3.17.1 Released

Javier Jardón announced the official release of GNOME 3.17.1 on Sunday, the development milestone leading up to GNOME 3.18.
06:11 PM EDT - GNOME - GNOME 3.17.1 - 35 Comments

2 May

A Lot Of Improvements Are Coming For Mir 0.13, Including Work Towards Libinput

We've known since March that Mir 0.13 would be a very large release and it's certainly panning out that way.
03:28 PM EDT - Ubuntu - Mir 0.13 - 23 Comments

Mobile Optimizations Coming For Phoronix

Following the rollout of the new Phoronix.com server and HTTPS support, mobile optimizations to the site are next on my lengthy TODO list.
12:27 PM EDT - Phoronix - Mobile Optimizations - 35 Comments

Wayland 1.8 Alpha Release Delayed

Bryce Harrington has delayed the Wayland/Weston 1.8 Alpha release by a few days.
10:02 AM EDT - Wayland - Wayland 1.8 - 3 Comments

Godot Game Engine 1.1 Up To RC State

One month after Godot 1.1 went into public beta, the release candidate of this open-source game engine is now available.
09:52 AM EDT - Gaming - Godot 1.1 - 1 Comment

ATI Rage128 Driver Now Has RandR Support

For anyone still using the ATI Rage 128 graphics card, there's been a rare update to the xf86-video-r128 X.Org driver.
09:07 AM EDT - X.Org - xf86-video-r128 - 24 Comments

Microsoft's Visual C++ Team Is Improving Clang For Windows

While LLVM's Clang has been supported on Windows for some time and there's been improvements made to the Clang Windows support over the years by various vendors, Microsoft is now working on Clang within Visual Studio.
08:44 AM EDT - Compiler - Visual C++ - 27 Comments

1 May

Kodi 15.0 Beta 1 Released

The first beta of "Isengard", a.k.a. Kodi 15.0, is now available for testing.
01:35 PM EDT - Multimedia - Isengard - 4 Comments

Lucid Sleep Support Is Being Worked On For The Upstream Linux Kernel

Chrome OS supports "Lucid Sleep", which is a mode of allowing the system to carry out various tasks while the system is in a low-power mode or even suspended, and similar to Microsoft InstantGo. This feature, which allows for tasks like checking of new emails or instant messages while the system is suspended, is being worked on for (hopeful) eventual upstreaming into the mainline Linux kernel.
10:12 AM EDT - Linux Kernel - Lucid Sleep - 16 Comments

PC-BSD Works Out Big Improvements For Its Lumina Desktop

PC-BSD developers have worked out some May Day releases of the first release candidate to PC-BSD 10.1.2 and they've also released a new version of their custom Lumina Desktop.
10:03 AM EDT - BSD - PC-BSD + Lumina - 3 Comments

Improvements On The Way For GNOME's Nautilus File Manager

GNOME 3.18 is shaping up to be another super exciting GNOME 3 update. Aside from GTK+ improvements, better Wayland support, and various other additions being worked on for GNOME 3.18, there's also significant improvements planned for the Nautilus file manager.
09:53 AM EDT - GNOME - Nautilus 3.18 - 25 Comments

Wine 1.7.42 Implements More Of Direct2D

Wine 1.7.42 was released this morning as the latest bi-weekly Wine development release.
09:37 AM EDT - WINE - Wine 1.7.42 - 6 Comments

Fedora 22 Beta Now Available For AArch64 & POWER

Last week Fedora 22 beta was released for the primary architectures while out now are the spins for the alternative architectures: 64-bit ARM (AArch64) and POWER.
08:54 AM EDT - Fedora - ARM 64-bit + IBM POWER

Mono 4.0 Makes Use Of Microsoft's Open-Source Code, C# 6.0

Mono 4.0.0 was finally released this week and comes at a time where Microsoft has been open-sourcing large parts of their .NET stack and natively bringing these components to Linux.
08:24 AM EDT - Free Software - Mono 4.0 - 23 Comments

OpenBSD 5.7 Released, Finally Brings USB 3.0 Support

OpenBSD developers are celebrating May Day by releasing OpenBSD 5.7, as previously planned.
08:11 AM EDT - BSD - OpenBSD 5.7

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