More Last Minute AMDGPU/Radeon Changes For Linux 4.8

There already have been the main pull requests for the AMDGPU/Radeon DRM drivers for DRM-Next that in turn will land in Linux 4.8 next week. However, today there's been a last-minute update of more open-source AMD driver changes for this next kernel release.

29 July 04:36 PM EDT - Radeon - Linux 4.8 - 8 Comments

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26 July

NVIDIA Is Building Its Next-Gen Falcon Controller Using RISC-V

For the past decade NVIDIA GPUs have shipped with a proprietary micro-controller they've called Falcon (also for Nouveau users you may recall it through "FUC" for the Falcon micro-controller), but a next-gen controller is being built now for future NVIDIA GPUs and it's going to utilize the RISC-V ISA.

26 July 12:34 PM EDT - NVIDIA - RISC-V ISA - 6 Comments
HDMI CEC Framework Finally Queued For Linux 4.8

Four years after Linux kernel work originally got underway for supporting HDMI CEC and after many patch revisions of the rebooted CEC effort over the past year, the Linux 4.8 media pull request is finally set to land this new framework.

26 July 08:20 AM EDT - Linux Kernel - HDMI CEC - 6 Comments

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