There's A Lot Of Exciting AMDGPU DRM Code Brewing For Eventual Catalyst Support

One of the big items still in the works as part of AMD's unified Linux driver strategy is that the Catalyst proprietary driver will be isolated to user-space and make use of the AMDGPU kernel DRM driver. Being publicly now in development in a few code branches are changes to the AMD DRM code for beginning to suit more of it to Catalyst's driver design.

12 Hours Ago - AMD - AMD GPU DRM DAL - 7 Comments
Intel Core i7 6700K Skylake Linux Benchmarks On Fedora 22, Debian & Ubuntu

Since August I've been delivering various Linux benchmarks of the Core i5 6600K "Skylake" processor, but unfortunately don't have access yet to a i7-6700K Linux box. Fortunately, thanks to the open-source Phoronix Test Suite benchmarking software and the collaborative cloud component, there are already numerous result files.

13 Hours Ago - Intel - Core i7 6700K - 1 Comment

2 October

StarTech 25U Open-Frame Rack Cabinet

If you are looking for an open-frame, four-post rack cabinet that's the perfect size for some home server/media equipment and doesn't run floor-to-ceiling, the 25U 4POSTRACK25U is a great fit. After having had great success with my 48U racks, I turned to the 25U rack for something smaller that can fit and look more normal outside of the server room.

2 October 02:50 PM EDT - Enclosures - 11 Comments
Some Steam Controller Pre-Orders Started Shipping

While Valve's Steam Controller isn't expected to formally launch until 10 November, at least some of those who pre-ordered this gaming controller early are now reportedly set to receive their device any day now.

2 October 10:26 AM EDT - Valve - Steam Controllers - 8 Comments
AMD Dismisses Another 5% Of Its Workforce

AMD hasn't gotten lucky financially speaking in quite a while and their latest measure to fend off further losses is by getting rid of another 5% of its staff, or about 500 people based on their current head count of just under 10,000 employees left.

2 October 09:12 AM EDT - AMD - 500 People Lose Their Jobs - 63 Comments

1 October

Xoreos 0.0.3 Is Another Step Towards Re-Implementing BioWare's Aurora Engine

It's been a while since last having anything to report on Xoreos, but this week they're out with a new release. For those out of the loop, Xoreos is an open-source re-implementation of BioWare's proprietary Aurora Engine. With Xoreos the aim is to make it possible to power Neverwinter Nights and similar games off this GPLv3+ engine while still relying upon the game's assets.

1 October 08:32 AM EDT - Gaming - Xoreos 0.0.3 - 1 Comment

30 September

An AVR Backend To LLVM Is Working Towards Being Mainlined

Earlier this month was an inquiry to upstream LLVM developers about including an Atmel AVR back-end in the mainline repository, which up to now has been developed out of tree. LLVM developers are now discussing this back-end and it's looking like it may be added once reviewed.

30 September 05:39 PM EDT - Compiler - LLVM AVR - Add A Comment

29 September

Finding An Affordable Heatsink For A High Wattage CPU In A 4U Chassis

For the past several months I've been using a Scythe Mugen Max heatsink on one of my Core i7 5960X Haswell-E systems. That heatsink has been working out great, but the only problem is that it's too big -- particularly if trying to fit it in a 4U chassis. In needing to cool this 140 Watt CPU while moving the system into a 4U rackmount chassis, I ended up trying out the much cheaper and smaller Freezer i11 from Arctic Cooling.

29 September 06:12 PM EDT - Peripherals - 11 Comments
Ubuntu To Make It Easier To Ship Micro-Release Updates, New Features Post-LTS

Generally Ubuntu Linux hasn't allowed new minor point releases of software to be sent down as stable release updates (SRUs) once the Ubuntu release ships, but there's been many exceptions, and now Ubuntu's Technical Board has agreed to make changes to make it easier to send down micro-release updates as well as offering new features to existing LTS (Long-Term Support) releases.

29 September 12:51 PM EDT - Ubuntu - Ubuntu Update Policy - 9 Comments
Some Linux Game Developers Don't Even Have Contacts At AMD

It's sad right now that we're going through a time where many new Linux game releases only work with NVIDIA graphics and flat out fail with AMD's Catalyst driver. While AMD is known to deliver game fixes several months late, making matters worse, it seems some game developers don't even know who to contact at AMD about Linux driver issues.

29 September 12:28 PM EDT - AMD - AMD Linux Gaming? - 98 Comments
Python 3.5 Planned For Fedora 24

Python 3.5 was released earlier this month with new functionality. Unfortunately, Python 3.5 is too late for Fedora 23 but is being planned for Fedora 24.

29 September 09:25 AM EDT - Fedora - Python 3.5 - 3 Comments
Alien Isolation Has Been Delayed For Linux

If you woke up this morning expecting to play Alien: Isolation with today being the expected release date for OS X and Linux, Feral Interactive has unfortunately had to push back the release.

29 September 09:13 AM EDT - Gaming - Alien Isolation Delay - 21 Comments

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