Linux 4.9 Is Showing A Performance Boost On More Systems

Earlier this week I posted some benchmarks of a Core i7 6800K Broadwell-E system seeing performance boosts under Linux 4.9 and it turns out it's looking more widespread than just affecting a niche system or two. When testing a more traditional Intel Haswell desktop, Linux 4.9 Git is seeing more wins over Linux 4.8 and 4.7 kernels.

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20 October

Mad Max Appears To Work Fine With RadeonSI Gallium3D

This morning's release of the Mad Max game for Linux lists only NVIDIA graphics as supported, but it does turn out at least for newer AMD GPUs using the RadeonSI Gallium3D driver things should work -- well, assuming you are using the latest open-source driver code.

20 October 08:38 AM EDT - Linux Gaming - Mad Max RadeonSI - 16 Comments

19 October

Fedora 26 Anaconda Installer Likely To Get Blivet-GUI

The Anaconda installer is never done evolving... The Anaconda installer will be updated, again, with Fedora 26 but hopefully won't see the major fallout during one of its earlier reworks when it was in very bad shape. This time around they are just looking to add Blivet-GUI.

19 October 11:26 AM EDT - Fedora - Fedora 26 Anaconda - 10 Comments
Mesa Hasn't Been Branched Yet Due To LLVM Issues

The Mesa 12.1/13.0 release dragged out a bit to allow the RADV Radeon Vulkan driver to be merged and then some Gallium3D Nine fixes, which have landed. The branching / feature freeze didn't happen last week though as planned, but Emil Velikov the release manager has now provided an update.

19 October 10:45 AM EDT - Mesa - Mesa Drags On - 7 Comments
Intel OpenGL vs. Vulkan Linux Benchmarks - Mesa Git + Linux 4.9

With having delivered a number of RADV Radeon Vulkan benchmarks recently, time to turn the tables to see how the Intel Vulkan driver stack is comparing to its i965 classic Mesa DRI driver. Dota 2 benchmarks up today under Ubuntu 16.10 while using Mesa 12.10-dev and Linux 4.9.

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18 October

Raspberry Pi Finally Well Supported By Fedora With 25 Beta

While Fedora has always supported ARM/AArch64 hardware well, they've missed out on the whole Raspberry Pi craze even as the ARMv7 hardware has been shipping for a while and there are plenty of Pi-focused Linux distributions out there. With Fedora 25, there's finally going to be good support for the Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 devices.

18 October 03:21 PM EDT - Fedora - Fedora 25 Pi - 22 Comments
Canonical Rolls Out Its Own Kernel Livepatching Service For Ubuntu

Canonical has formally moved forward with its enterprise kernel livepatching service, which it's making free to the Ubuntu community -- assuming you have three Ubuntu installations or less. Like the other approaches, this is about applying in real-time critical security fixes to the kernel without rebooting.

18 October 02:59 PM EDT - Ubuntu - Ubuntu Live Kernel Patches - 25 Comments
Wine-Staging 1.9.21 Improves Its Vulkan Wrapper

Re-basing to last week's Wine 1.9.21 release is a new version of Wine-Staging that incorporates various experimental/testing patches atop this code-base for running Windows binaries on Linux and other operating systems.

18 October 11:43 AM EDT - WINE - Wine-Staging 1.9.21 - 19 Comments
GTK Scene Kit Merged For GTK4

The GTK+ Scene Graph Kit (GSK) has landed in mainline GTK+ Git as the "spiritual successor to Clutter" and now providing a scene graph for this GNOME toolkit.

18 October 07:15 AM EDT - GNOME - GSK - 19 Comments

17 October

The Exciting Features Of The Linux 4.9 Kernel

This weekend was the release of Linux 4.9-rc1 to mark the end of the 4.9 kernel merge window. As such, here's our usual feature overview recapping all of the changes to Linux 4.9 that have us excited about the next version of this open-source kernel.

17 October 11:20 AM EDT - Software - 35 Comments

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