A Look At The Xeon Gold 6138 + Tyan GT24E-B7106 1U Linux Server Performance

Last week I began testing the Tyan GT24E-B7106, a 1U barebones server designed for Intel's new Xeon Scalable processors. I am still carrying out many benchmarks of the Tyan GT24E-B7106 paired with two of the Xeon Gold 6138 CPUs, but for those curious about the Linux performance potential of this server when slotting in 96GB of DDR4-2666 RDIMMs and these two CPUs that yield a combined total of 40 cores / 80 threads, here are some initial benchmarks.

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FP64 Support Revised For R600g Gallium3D Driver

While the Radeon HD 5000/6000 series were advertised as supporting up to OpenGL 4.4 and are supported that way by the Catalyst / Radeon Software proprietary driver, the Mesa R600g driver has only exposed OpenGL 3.3 (with the exception of the HD 5800 / 6900 series) due to lacking FP64 support. That emulated FP64 support is now stepping ahead for the R600g driver.

15 Hours Ago - Radeon - FP64 - 21 Comments
The DRM Changes To Find With The Linux 4.14 Kernel

With the Linux 4.13-rc6 kernel now being out for a few days, we're now past the timeframe for which DRM subsystem maintainer David Airlie allows new feature code to be staged in DRM-Next. Thus we have a pretty solid look at the highlights of the new Direct Rendering Manager features/changes coming for the Linux 4.14 kernel.

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22 August

Mozilla's Push For Super Fast CSS With Quantum/Stylo

Since the end of July Stylo has been available via Firefox Nightly as the Rust-written Servo CSS style system. For those curious about this modern CSS system and the broader effort as part of bringing Servo/Quantum components to Firefox, Mozilla has out an interesting blog post.

22 August 01:31 PM EDT - Mozilla - Quantum CSS - 42 Comments
ASRock AB350 Pro4: A Decent, Linux-Friendly Ryzen Motherboard For As Low As $69 USD

Two weeks back I picked up the ASRock AB350 Pro4 for a low-end AMD Ryzen motherboard for use with some of the Ryzen 3 CPUs and it's been working out well for those wanting a Ryzen Linux system and not looking to spend much money. With it working out well for my purposes and currently being on sale, I figured I'd pass along this quick recommendation for those wanting to assemble a budget Ryzen Linux system.

22 August 11:13 AM EDT - Motherboards - 21 Comments

21 August

The Passive Cooling Paradigm: Atlast Solutions Ultimate Fanless Core i7 7700T

For your Linux hardware interest this evening is a reader-contributed guest review of the Atlast Solutions Ultimate Fanless Core i7 7700T under Linux. Thanks to Luuk van der Duim for testing this fanless computer and sharing his results with us at Phoronix. Reader opinion pieces, Linux hardware reviews, and other article are happily accepted by contacting us.

21 August 09:00 PM EDT - Hardware - Atlast - 23 Comments

20 August

19 August

Intel Gets Back To Working On Their OpenGL Shader Cache

Prior to joining Valve to work on the Linux graphics stack where one of his first objectives was working on the Gallium3D/RadeonSI shader cache, Timothy Arceri had been working for Collabora where he was tidying up the Mesa on-disk shader cache with a focus on the Intel i965 OpenGL driver. That has yet to be merged with Intel support but now there are developers back to working on this support.

19 August 08:00 AM EDT - Intel - i965 Shader Cache - 1 Comment
Allwinner sun4i DRM Queues HDMI CEC Support For Linux 4.14

With this weekend marking the 4.13-rc6 kernel release, David Airlie will be cutting off new material accepted into DRM-Next for then merging during the Linux 4.14 kernel merge window. As such, DRM maintainers this weekend are busy submitting the last of their new feature material they hope to see in Linux 4.14.

19 August 07:37 AM EDT - Hardware - Linux 4.14 Allwinner - 2 Comments

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