Dolphin GameCube/Wii Emulator Lands Its Vulkan Backend

The past few months we've written a few times about the Dolphin Emulator working on a Vulkan back-end. Dolphin is an open-source project providing cross-platform emulation for Nintendo's GameCube and Wii games. That back-end has now been merged to the mainline code-base.

6 Hours Ago - Linux Gaming - Dolphin Vulkan - 5 Comments
We Might Never See A New OpenGL Version, At Least Not For A Long Time

During past Khronos press briefings about OpenGL/Vulkan and in other communications, while Vulkan is the organization's big graphics API focus, it was implied during these conversations that OpenGL would continue to march to its own beat and evolve as needed. While OpenGL continues to be significantly used by cross-platform graphics application/game developers, it turns out there might not be a new official version for a long time - if ever.

6 Hours Ago - Standards - New OpenGL Version? - 17 Comments
Experimental Unity Vulkan Demos For Linux

Some of the exciting news this week was Unity releasing their Vulkan renderer in preview form and this initial debut did contain Linux support. There are now some unofficial Unity demos built for Linux with the Vulkan renderer enabled.

7 Hours Ago - Linux Gaming - Unity Vulkan Linux Builds - 6 Comments

30 September

Early Benchmarks Of The Linux 4.9 DRM-Next Radeon/AMDGPU Drivers

While Linux 4.9 will not officially open for development until next week, the DRM-Next code is ready to roll with all major feature work having been committed by the different open-source Direct Rendering Manager drivers. In this article is some preliminary testing of this DRM-Next code as of 29 September when testing various AMD GPUs with the Radeon and AMDGPU DRM drivers.

30 September 12:00 PM EDT - Display Drivers - 5 Comments

29 September

DDR4 Memory Speed Tests With The Core i7 6800K On Ubuntu Linux

A few days ago I posted my first Core i7 6800K benchmarks under Ubuntu Linux compared to various other CPUs. Out of requests from some premium members, here are some straight-forward memory clocking tests of the i7-6800K on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with the Linux 4.8 kernel. Tests were done from dual-channel DDR4 up through quad-channel DDR4 at DDR4-3000MHz.

29 September 12:00 AM EDT - Memory - 8 Comments

28 September

OpenBSD Founder Calling For LLVM To Face A Cataclysm Over Its Re-Licensing

For over one year there's been talk of LLVM pursuing a mass relicensing from its University of Illinois/NCSA Open Source License, which is similar to the three-clause BSD license, to the Apache 2.0 license with explicit mention of GPLv2 compatibility. As mentioned in that aforelinked article, this re-licensing is moving ahead. OpenBSD leader Theo de Raadt is predicting this could cause a major problem and is in fact hoping for it.

28 September 08:02 PM EDT - Compiler - LLVM License Woes - 31 Comments
FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE Needs To Be Respun Due To Security Issues

The delayed FreeBSD 11.0 release just suffered another last-minute set-back. While "FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE images" were distributed to FTP mirrors and the official announcement expected today, these images need to be re-spun to contain some security fixes and thus pushing back the official release.

28 September 07:31 PM EDT - BSD - FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE - Add A Comment
A Deep Dive Into Vulkan's Validation Layers

The plugable validation layers concept is one of many great improvements with Vulkan over OpenGL. If you are new to Vulkan development or just haven't explored the validation layers yet, The Khronos Group and LunarG hosted a webinar this week concerning this area of the new high-performance graphics API.

28 September 06:56 AM EDT - Vulkan - Vulkan Validation Layers - 10 Comments

27 September

Mesa Preps For Landing The On-Disk Shader Cache

Just a few days ago was the fifth version of the proposed Mesa on-disk shader cache and it's looking like it may finally be ready for merging with some of the prep infrastructure work having landed today in mainline Mesa.

27 September 07:55 PM EDT - Mesa - Mesa On-Disk Cache - 18 Comments
Testing The BCache SSD Cache For HDDs On Linux 4.8

It has been over one year since last testing the mainline Linux kernel's BCache support for this block cache that allows solid-state drives to act as a cache for slower hard disk drives. Here are some fresh benchmarks of a SATA 3.0 SSD+HDD with BCache from the Linux 4.8 Git kernel.

27 September 02:56 PM EDT - Storage - 11 Comments
There Are Around 2,000 Steam Linux Games Available

There are about 2,000 Steam Linux games that are published and working (1,999 as of right now), granted a majority of them are indie games and only about a fifth of the games available for Steam on Windows or less than half of the number of games available for OS X.

27 September 10:36 AM EDT - Linux Gaming - Steam Linux 2K - 39 Comments
Boot 2 Gecko Being Stripped From Mozilla's Codebase

At the end of 2015 Mozilla effectively put an end to Firefox OS / Boot 2 Gecko by concluding things weren't working out for Mozilla Corp and their commercial partners to ship Firefox OS smartphones. All commercial development around it has since stopped and they are now preparing to strip B2G from the mozilla-central code-base.

27 September 08:37 AM EDT - Mozilla - B2G Stripping From Mozilla-Central - 17 Comments
KDE Kirigami 1.1 UI Framework Released

One month after Kirigami's first public release, KDE Kirigami 1.1 is now available as the newest stable of this user-interface framework designed for mobile and convergent applications in Qt.

27 September 07:25 AM EDT - KDE - Kirigami - 2 Comments

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