20 February

Fedora 27 Aiming To Drop Out Alpha Releases

In a similar effort to Ubuntu itself not issuing alpha/beta releases the past few years as they focused on the quality of their daily ISOs instead, Fedora developers have been discussing a similar maneuver of beginning to drop alpha releases from their schedule.

20 February 07:43 PM EST - Fedora - Fedora 27 No Alphas - 10 Comments
NetBSD Accomplishes Reproducible Builds

A lot of Linux distributions have been focusing on reproducible builds support in the past few years -- ensuring individuals can rebuild a bit-for-bit replica of the original source code. NetBSD has now accomplished their operating system can be built in a reproducible build fashion.

20 February 04:11 PM EST - BSD - NetBSD Reproducible Builds - 6 Comments

19 February

Qt 5.10 To Have Built-In Vulkan Support

With Qt 5.8 there was experimental Direct3D 12 support that left some disappointed the toolkit didn't opt for supporting Vulkan first as a cross-platform, high-performance graphics API. Fortunately, with Qt 5.10, there will be built-in Vulkan support.

19 February 08:00 AM EST - Qt - Qt 5.10 Vulkan - 28 Comments
Castle Game Engine 6.0 Released

Castle Game Engine is yet another open-source cross-platform game engine. What separates this game engine from others is that interestingly it's written in Object Pascal.

19 February 07:18 AM EST - Linux Gaming - Castle Game Engine - 7 Comments

18 February

17 February

What's Still Left TODO With The Intel ANV Vulkan Driver

With yesterday having marked one year since the release of Vulkan as well as one year since the ANV Vulkan driver code was open-sourced, here's a look at some of what's still left to be tackled by this open-source Vulkan Linux driver for HD/Iris Graphics.

17 February 08:14 AM EST - Vulkan - Intel Linux Vulkan - Add A Comment

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