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Power Supplies

Tagan BZ 900W

The last time we had looked at a Tagan power supply was last October when exploring the Tagan ITZ 1300W and comparing it to Thermaltake's ToughPower 1200W power supply. While most enthusiasts don't need power supplies in excess of 1,000 Watts, for those that do the ITZ 1300W did perform admirably but its voltage rails did fluctuate some, though it did have the "WOW" factor on its side thanks to the stunning paint job. Since then Tagan released a new power supply, which has a maximum power output of 900W, boasts six +12V rails, and is modular with LED indicators for each cable. This new power supply is the Tagan BZ 900W, and today we are reviewing it at Phoronix.
18 March 2008 - 2 Comments

Corsair TX750 750W

Corsair, a company known for its high-performance system memory since rising to enthusiast stardom in the late 90's, has been toying around with the power supply market since last year when introducing the Corsair HX series. After the successful introduction of the HX520 and HX620, Corsair went on to introduce the VX series with the VX450W and VX550W. In Corsair's latest move, they have now christened the TX power supply series with the TX650 and TX750. In this review we have the Corsair TX750 power supply for testing, which complies with the ATX12V 2.2 standard, sports Active PFC, and offers a single high-performance +12V rail.
25 November 2007 - 1 Comment

Tagan 1300W & Thermaltake 1200W

There used to be a time where 600W power supplies were considered overkill for all but the craziest of enthusiasts, modders, and overclockers. When the 850W PC Power & Cooling unit was released a long time ago, owners regarded it as a rare gem. It was both unaffordable and overly extravagant, and virtually no system was able to stress it to the limit. But now, we are finally in the kilowatt era. Today we have two members from the kilowatt club: the Tagan ITZ 1300W and the Thermaltake ToughPower 1200W. The ITZ line Tagan's newest flagship line of power supplies meant to carry Tagan into the industry spotlight. The last Tagan power supply we reviewed was the Tagan TurboJet 1100W. Its unusual packaging and high quality finish impressed us. However, while the performance was by no means lacking, we would have a hard time claiming it to be outstanding. We shall see if this unit steps up to the challenge. Aside from the 1500W behemoth that was recently released by Thermaltake, the ToughPower 1200W is their highest-end power supply. Thermaltake power supplies have always performed well. They have never been known to be the ultimate power supplies, but their performance has been better than many brands on the market. This unit is longer than the average power supply and features a huge 14cm fan.
12 October 2007 - 1 Comment

PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750W

When you say "good power supply" to newbies, most just look at the wattage and buy the biggest wattage power supply for the cheapest price. This is a costly mistake. Slightly more experienced users will look for brands like Antec, Thermaltake, Enermax, etc. These are very reliable and perform well enough for most users. However, seasoned enthusiasts and overclockers know that few companies match up to the name PC Power & Cooling. The quality of their units has been legendary and the units are highly coveted components. Earlier this year OCZ Technology, a leading memory manufacturer with products we frequently review here at Phoronix, had acquired PC Power & Cooling. One of the products to come out recently since then has been the PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750W power supply. The PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750W has a massive 60A single rail and four PCI-E connectors. It is ATI Crossfire certified and the Crossfire Edition refers to its bright red paint job.
17 August 2007

Mushkin HP-580AP Enhanced

During our natural sub-zero overclocking event this past winter we had chose to use the Mushkin HP-580AP power supply. The Intel processor was running 133% of its rated speed, and through the entire process the power supply was providing clean and stable voltages when monitoring the rails with multiple digital multimeters. However, now we are going back to look at this Mushkin power supply and provide some additional thoughts on this 580 Watt quad-rail modular PSU.
21 March 2007

SilverStone Olympia OP650 650W

With time we have seen computers go from a single GPU and processor to dual and quad core CPUs with a number of different options for multi-GPU systems. As we have shoved more and more into our systems, the power supplies have gone from a single +12V rail to multiple +12V rails. Dual +12V rails has been very common in recent years, while recently at Phoronix we had looked at a few quad +12V rail power supplies such as the SilverStone Zeus 750W and the OCZ GameXStream 700W. However, the more +12V rails does not necessarily make a better power supply. What we are looking at today is one of SilverStone's newest power supplies, which was recently on display at the Consumer Electronics Show. The SilverStone Olympia OP650 is a 650W power supply that supports both the current 6-pin PCI Express power connector as well as the new 8-pin version, and supports 54 Amps on its single +12V rail.
13 February 2007

Tagan TurboJet 1100W

While Tagan is not a center point with consumers for power supplies here in the United States when compared to Antec or SilverStone, they are working on improving their presence. The Tagan power supply that had caught our attention was the TurboJet TG1100-U95. This power supply provides 1100W of power and is geared for MultiGPU and multi-core systems. The Wattage may be high, but so is its price tag at $399 USD.
15 December 2006

Seasonic M12 700W

The last time we had a Seasonic power supply in our hands for testing was the Seasonic S12 330W back in April of 2005. Today we happen to have our hands on a new Seasonic power supply, the M12 700W. Are times still going well for Seasonic? We will see in this article as we fire up this modular power supply.
3 November 2006

Ultra Products X-Finity 500W ULT31843

It has been quite a while since we had anything from Ultra Products in our facilities for testing, but recently we decided to take them up on an offer to look at their X-Finity 500W power supply with dual 12V rails and active PFC. This power supply is also NVIDIA SLI Ready, offers a 135mm fan, and uses FlexForce cabling.
16 October 2006

NZXT Precise 650W

NZXT is known as a company of gamers that design creative and attractive cases for gamers. How well is NZXT able to forge a power supply? We shall find out as we throw the NZXT Precise 650W up on our workbench.
9 August 2006

41 power supplies articles published on Phoronix.
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