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Total War: WARHAMMER NVIDIA Linux Benchmarks

With Feral Interactive releasing Total War: WARHAMMER for Linux this morning, you are probably curious how well this Linux OpenGL game port will perform with your graphics card prior to spending $60 USD for the game. Up now are my NVIDIA GeForce benchmarks for Total War: WARHAMMER on Ubuntu Linux with nine different graphics cards. In the hours ahead will be the relevant AMD tests with this newest AAA Linux game as soon as I finish up that testing.

22 November 2016 - 11 Comments
AMDGPU+RadeonSI With Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, One Week Later

Last week marked the highly anticipated release of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided for Linux. At launch it only offered official support for NVIDIA GPUs on Linux with the AMD support being less than stellar. While the open-source Linux graphics driver Git code is quick to move along and adapt for new games, a new Phoronix Premium member requested some tests for seeing how the latest code is now working for this demanding AAA Linux game ported by Feral Interactive.

11 November 2016 - 52 Comments
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided NVIDIA Linux Benchmarks - 13-Way GPU Comparison

Just a few months after the Windows release of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, the Linux port to OpenGL carried out by Feral Interactive was released this morning. Here are many different GPU benchmarks of Deus Ex: Mankind Divded if you are wondering whether or not your system will perform well with this game under Linux, given that the requirements are stiffer than the Windows build. For this launch-day comparison are thirteen NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards tested. The AMD Radeon cards were left to rest this time around since the current open-source Mesa stack struggles currently for this game and is not officially supported yet by Feral.

3 November 2016 - 39 Comments
Windows 10 vs. Ubuntu 16.04 Graphics Performance With Radeon Software, AMDGPU-PRO, AMDGPU+RadeonSI

Yesterday I published some Windows 10 vs. Ubuntu 16.04 Linux gaming benchmarks using the GeForce GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 graphics cards. Those numbers were interesting with the NVIDIA proprietary driver but for benchmarking this weekend are Windows 10 results with Radeon Software compared to Ubuntu 16.04 running the new AMDGPU-PRO hybrid driver as well as the latest Git code for a pure open-source driver stack.

18 June 2016 - 69 Comments
Windows 10 vs. Ubuntu 16.04 Gaming With NVIDIA's GTX 1070 & GTX 1080

For your viewing pleasure this Friday is our largest Windows vs. Linux graphics/gaming performance comparison ever conducted at Phoronix in the past 12 years! With the brand new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 graphics cards, their performance was compared under Windows 10 Pro x64 and Ubuntu 16.04 x86_64 when using the very latest NVIDIA Corp drivers for each OS. A range of Steam gaming benchmarks and more were done, including some cross-platform Vulkan graphics benchmarks. Continue on for this interesting comparison.

17 June 2016 - 72 Comments
12-Way NVIDIA GeForce Comparison For F1 2015 On Linux

While the F1 2015 Formula One racing game was released for Windows last year, only yesterday was the Linux port released by Feral Interactive. Given the high requirements for F1 2015 on Linux with this OpenGL port, I decided to test this racing game on a range of NVIDIA graphics cards under Ubuntu Linux. Yep, only NVIDIA tests this round as the game doesn't work yet with the AMD Linux drivers.

27 May 2016 - 8 Comments
Dota 2 Vulkan vs. OpenGL Performance Redux

Earlier this week I published some Dota 2 Vulkan vs. OpenGL benchmarks with AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards under Linux. Since then I received some feedback from Valve with regards to Dota 2 on the Source 2 Engine testing along with a better demo to use for benchmarking and also using the latest Dota 2 Vulkan DLC updates. So here is a fresh look at the OpenGL vs. Vulkan performance for this popular Valve game on an assortment of NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards.

26 May 2016 - 44 Comments
NVIDIA vs. AMD OpenGL & Vulkan Benchmarks With Valve's Dota 2

Yesterday marked the public availability of Dota 2 with a Vulkan renderer after Valve had been showing it off for months. This is the second commercial Linux game (after The Talos Principle) to sport a Vulkan renderer and thus we were quite excited to see how this Dota 2 Vulkan DLC is performing for both NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon graphics cards. Here are our initial Dota 2 benchmarks with Vulkan as well as OpenGL for reference when using the latest Linux graphics drivers on Ubuntu.

24 May 2016 - 60 Comments
Tomb Raider Benchmarks On Linux With NVIDIA Graphics

With Feral Interactive releasing Tomb Raider for Linux, three years after the premiere of the Windows port, many have been wondering about the Linux performance particularly with regards to the graphics driver situation. Here are our initial benchmarks of Feral's port of Tomb Raider on Ubuntu Linux with using NVIDIA graphics. More tests to follow.

27 April 2016 - 70 Comments
Early OpenGL vs. Vulkan Linux Benchmarks With Talos Principle

Now that with a workaround it's possible getting Talos Principle playing fine on Linux with the Vulkan renderer, here are the first OpenGL vs. Vulkan benchmarks atop Ubuntu and tests done with the NVIDIA beta driver on a few graphics cards as well as attempted trying an Intel Skylake system with the open-source Mesa Vulkan/Anvil code.

19 February 2016 - 49 Comments
Review of XCOM 2 On Linux; Welcome Back, Commander

Coming three and a half years after the release of XCOM: Enemy Unknown (EU), and two and a half years after the release of Enemy Within (EW), Firaxis welcomes back The Commanders of the world with a bit of a slap in the face: you lost the war.

9 February 2016 - 18 Comments
Medieval II: Total War On Linux, Plays Fine With RadeonSI

Debuting in 2006, Medieval II: Total War, and its Kingdoms expansion, were the final Total War game to use the second version of the Total War Engine. It is also, arguably, the last game in a generation for the series. The follow-up to this game was Empire: Total War (also available on Linux), which changed the game engine, user-interface, as well as several of the gameplay mechanics-- such as adding naval battles.

28 January 2016 - 15 Comments
My Experiences with Wasteland 2: Director's Cut On Linux

Eric Griffith, our former summer intern, is back this weekend writing about his experiences with enjoying Wasteland 2: Director's Cut on Linux. He's been gaming on the open-source drivers with Fedora 23. While he enjoys the game, some problems were encountered on Linux that he found it worthwhile writing about even though this title is already a few months old.

16 January 2016 - 17 Comments
How AMD's Open-Source GPU Driver Performance Evolved In 2015: Big Wins

One of the most requested end-of-year articles by Phoronix Premium readers was to compare the performance of AMD graphics cards at the end of 2014 on the open-source driver compared to how they compete these days with the very latest open-source driver code. Well, as one of our Christmas 2015 articles, here's this comparison with a few different Radeon GPUs.

25 December 2015 - 8 Comments
Total War: Attila Performs Miserably On Linux

Shortly after today's release of GRID Autosport for Linux, The Creative Assembly finally released the Linux port of Total War: Attila. With running the GRID Autosport benchmarks on a number of cards, I also tossed in this strategy game for running some initial Linux benchmarks of this game with both AMD and NVIDIA graphics.

10 December 2015 - 24 Comments
NVIDIA vs. AMD Linux Performance For GRID Autosport

In the hours since Feral Interactive released the Linux version of GRID Autosport today, I've been trying out this racing game on a variety of AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards atop Ubuntu Linux. Here are my initial results for GRID Autosport under Linux with seven different graphics cards.

10 December 2015 - 61 Comments
Vendetta Curse of Raven's Cry Is Another Sad Linux Game Port

Last week marked the release of Vendetta: Curse of Raven's Cry that was greeted by a Linux release on the same day as the OS X and Windows game release. Given that there were reports of a command-line driven benchmarking mode, I decided to try out the game. However, in total I spent just ten minutes inside the game.

25 November 2015 - 15 Comments
Intel Broadwell/Skylake Graphics Performance For Steam Linux Gaming

Complementing yesterday's Are The Open-Source Graphics Drivers Good Enough For Steam Linux Gaming? article is a look at the Steam Linux gaming performance for three different Intel Linux systems running Ubuntu 15.10 and firing up the latest Steam client. This is the last of the planned series that began one week ago with the a 22-way comparison of NVIDIA/AMD GPUs on SteamOS.

30 October 2015 - 15 Comments
Are The Open-Source Graphics Drivers Good Enough For Steam Linux Gaming?

Over the past week on Phoronix have been several featured articles looking at the performance of SteamOS with the proprietary AMD/NVIDIA graphics drivers: 22-Way Comparison Of NVIDIA/AMD Graphics Cards On SteamOS, 4K AMD/NVIDIA High-End GPU Comparison On SteamOS, and Is SteamOS Any Faster Than Ubuntu 15.10 Linux? One of the frequent questions that have come up since then is how the open-source driver performance compares to that of the binary blobs on SteamOS, so here are some of those benchmarks.

29 October 2015 - 53 Comments
NVIDIA Benchmarks Of NWI's Insurgency FPS Game On Linux

With yesterday's Insurgency first-person-shooter game update, SteamOS and Linux are now officially supported after it became available in beta earlier this month. Insurgency is an interesting FPS powered by Valve's Source Engine. Here are some benchmarks of this game under Linux.

28 October 2015 - 10 Comments
Is SteamOS Any Faster Than Ubuntu 15.10 Linux?

Over the past few days have been a number of SteamOS Linux gaming benchmarks, namely published so far are the 22-Way Comparison Of NVIDIA & AMD Graphics Cards On SteamOS For Steam Linux Gaming and 4K AMD/NVIDIA High-End GPU Comparison On SteamOS Linux. When seeing all of those SteamOS results, you may have started wondering: is SteamOS any faster/slower than say Ubuntu Linux? In this article are some benchmarks comparing SteamOS to Ubuntu 15.10.

27 October 2015 - 21 Comments
4K AMD/NVIDIA High-End GPU Comparison On SteamOS Linux

Continuing on from Friday's article that was a 22-way comparison of AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards on SteamOS for Steam Linux gaming, which tested the hardware at the common TV resolution of 1080p, here are results for the higher-end Radeon and GeForce graphics cards at 4K.

26 October 2015 - 41 Comments
22-Way Comparison Of NVIDIA & AMD Graphics Cards On SteamOS For Steam Linux Gaming

With Steam Machines set to begin shipping next month and SteamOS beginning to interest more gamers as an alternative to Windows for building a living room gaming PC, in this article I've carried out a twenty-two graphics card comparison with various NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon GPUs while testing them on the Debian Linux-based SteamOS 2.0 "Brewmaster" operating system using a variety of Steam Linux games.

23 October 2015 - 110 Comments

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