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NVIDIA Q4-2005 Driver Performance

With the public release of the NVIDIA Linux 1.0-8XXX display drivers now coming toward the end of October, we felt it was time to offer another driver comparison of all the drivers released in roughly the past year, as we haven't done any mass comparisons since early 2005.

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NVIDIA 1.0-8XXX Series Preview

By now, you would almost need to be living underneath a rock to not have heard about the upcoming NVIDIA Rel80 GeForce display drivers. Although a majority of this preliminary information has been Microsoft Windows centric, today we'll be sharing with you some of the features that should be on the horizon for Linux users and the 1.0-8XXX drivers, one of which feature is the long awaited SLI support.

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NVClock v0.8 BETA Preview

For the last couple of months we've been providing fairly in-depth and frequent updates in regards to NVIDIA's driver performance as well as overclocking abilities. It wasn't until recently that NVIDIA began supporting CoolBits under Linux, prior to this the only alternative was video BIOS editing or NVClock. Even though there hasn't been a major update to NVClock in over two years, earlier today the crew over at Linux Hardware released the 0.8 Beta. Today, we'll be offering up a quick preview of this latest build.

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An Interview with Jeryuan Yan (XGI Tech)

Recently, we had time to speak with the BD (Business Development) manager of XGI Technology. In this interview, we found the precise status of the current generation XGI Linux and Windows display drivers along with their future. Among other things, we learned that XGI Tech will finally be supporting the Linux 2.6 kernel in September of 2005. Join us for these exclusive details.

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NVIDIA 1.0-7667 Display Drivers

Today is yet another magical day for NVIDIA as they unleashed their new GeForce 7800 GTX VPU. We will be bringing numerous reviews on the different 7800 GTX cards shortly, but today, we are having a look at NVIDIA's newest Linux driver set: 1.0-7667. These Linux drivers do support the GeForce 7800 GTX and offer several other fixes for Linux users.

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The State of XGI Linux Display Drivers

Over the last couple of months, we've quite extensively examined the latest Linux display drivers from both ATI and NVIDIA. We have even published two articles about Linux NVIDIA overclocking with both NVClock and CoolBits. Today, we will be continuing this never ending driver coverage as we see just how well XGI Technology fares when it comes to their Volari Linux display drivers as we attempt to run a Volari V3XT and V8 under Linux.

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ATI Linux Display Driver v8.14.13

For months now at Phoronix we have been ranting about poor ATI Linux performance, as they simply haven't offered comparable drivers to that of NVIDIA's. However, today we may finally be able to change our stance regarding ATI's fglrx drivers, as they have released an all-new driver set (8.14.13) in addition to their monthly Windows Catalyst (5.6) release. Among other things, these new Linux drivers contain a much-improved installer.

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NVIDIA CoolBits For Linux Guide

In addition to OpenGL 2.0 and additional Xinerama support, the CoolBits feature has finally been added to NVIDIA's Linux Display Drivers. For those unfamiliar, CoolBits is an overclocking utility for NVIDIA based cards. Support for CoolBits has been built into the Windows NVIDIA drivers for quite some time, only requiring a small registry tweak in order to enable the control window. However, CoolBits has finally made its way to Linux! In this short guide we'll share with you how to enable CoolBits in the latest NVIDIA 1.0-7664 drivers along with our successes and failures we experienced using this new feature on a few of our machines.

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NVIDIA Linux Display Driver Performance Analyzed

For Windows users, with almost every new graphics driver release, whether it is ATI's CATALYST or NVIDIA's Forceware, a small boost in performance is generally noticeable to gamers. Does this same philosophy hold true with Linux NVIDIA users? At Phoronix we're trying out all of NVIDIA's Linux graphics drivers from the past year to see just how well these drivers have been tuned over time.

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