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NVIDIA CoolBits For Linux Guide

In addition to OpenGL 2.0 and additional Xinerama support, the CoolBits feature has finally been added to NVIDIA's Linux Display Drivers. For those unfamiliar, CoolBits is an overclocking utility for NVIDIA based cards. Support for CoolBits has been built into the Windows NVIDIA drivers for quite some time, only requiring a small registry tweak in order to enable the control window. However, CoolBits has finally made its way to Linux! In this short guide we'll share with you how to enable CoolBits in the latest NVIDIA 1.0-7664 drivers along with our successes and failures we experienced using this new feature on a few of our machines.

4 June 2005 - Add A Comment
NVIDIA Linux Display Driver Performance Analyzed

For Windows users, with almost every new graphics driver release, whether it is ATI's CATALYST or NVIDIA's Forceware, a small boost in performance is generally noticeable to gamers. Does this same philosophy hold true with Linux NVIDIA users? At Phoronix we're trying out all of NVIDIA's Linux graphics drivers from the past year to see just how well these drivers have been tuned over time.

23 May 2005 - Add A Comment

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