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Thread: AMD Athlon 5350 Steam In home streaming?

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    Default AMD Athlon 5350 Steam In home streaming?

    Has anyone tried the AMD Athlon 5350 for steam in home streaming? Did it work well?


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    I wanted to but i have a problem with AMD drivers. Can't make them work properly so no Steam for now.... IF anyone want to help ->
    Imho - streaming should work pretty well...

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    I have the same CPU and the only game I tried to stream so far was Closure. The intro, menu, etc. looked smooth, but clicking the menu items did nothing, so I just ended up installing it locally and it worked. No idea if the issue was with the game, with Steam, the oss radeon driver, Ubuntu, my desktop machine, or whatever... Lots of moving parts, so I didn't bother trying to find out where the issue was. I haven't tried any other game since, so I can't really comment any further.

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